Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm currently flying some terrifying amount of miles above the earth! Paid $5 for wifi just to write this blog, also to combat the boredom. We have been on so many planes lately. Even the final pages of my wonderful book (The Memory Keeper's Daughter) just seem like a drag at the moment. This quick little trip to Sacramento and Seattle was very "doable". Heading off for the weekend doesnt take the life out of you like long tours. Can't say I'm not thrilled to be an hour from landing in Nashville though! The shows went well.
Jesse McCartney (spelling?) was on the line-up in sacramento. I got a little bit confused and told Josh, " you know he lives near us, right". So, later on Josh said something to him about being from Tennessee, and he said "I'm from New York". Soooo I realized I had him mixed up with Aaron Carter ! I wonder if they get confused often? Hahah it's the "cart" in their names.
Not to mention proximity of age, look, and genre. Whoops!

Food report for the day: accidentally ate raw chicken last night at catering.
I was overcome with fear id get food poisoning. I didn't . TIP: taking activated charcoal capsules will spare you many a bad food misfortune on the toliet!
Made up for that with Haagen Daaz ice-cream this afternoon. Ain't no ice-cream better.

We met a sweet woman on the plane named Gail. She swapped seats with us so that Josh and I could sit together, noting she knew what it was like to be "young and in love". She has
been married for 42 years and has 9 grandchildren. That's what I like to hear! Rarely do couples make it past a few years these days. Thank you, Gail!


  1. I was at the Sacramento show I live here, didn't know you were on tour you should've came out & say hi to the crowd. :)

  2. again, love your blog:) -penny ohhh and i'd reallllly love your book!