Sunday, December 12, 2010


Good times in Orlando! The sun was shining when we arrived, which was a sight for sore eyes. We met up with our friend John Hembree, his wife Kristin, and Adam Weaver. Josh, Zac, and I ate with them last night, then went to John's parents gorgeous house and sat outside by the fire. It's so nice to be around someone's family on the road, even if it isn't my own. Next we all stopped by a house Adam was sitting. They had an amazing overactive english lab named Charlie. He refused to eat until you threw his frisbee at least 5 times! So when he's hungry, he goes to his toys to fetch rather than his bowl! This morning Zac, Josh and I took a cab to Whole Foods. The fare was $30 each way... You can now tell how serious I am about Whole Foods! Tonight the band is playing at House of Blues, which is one of the coolest venues for it's eclectic art work and paint all over the walls.


  1. wow you were there!? how awesome i was there also but to see the show haha:) it was awesome. well i think you are very pretty and im so happy for you and how ou are with Josh. Hes like pretty much perfect. Christian, beautiful and faithful. well i hope you get to read this and thanks for sharing oh btw i follow u on twitter haha! @pennylolaa i hope the best best for you guys God bless:)

  2. I was there and was great! I made a trip from Costa Rica for the weekend to see the band one of the best experiences ever!! Good Luck to Josh and Zac on everything, for sure to you to being so sweet!!