Sunday, December 19, 2010

Paramore fans

I've been receiving some comments from fans about the recent post Hayley made on  Some you have shared some really sweet/encouraging things about Josh, and I have passed them on to him. Josh has been really sick the past few days. He wanted me to let you guys know that he will be releasing a post to you all in next couple of days once he gets to feeling better. This being the only way I have to reach you all, pass it on to others who don't follow my blog. I will post a link to his once it's ready.

Thank you.


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  2. i'm def passing this around..

  3. Thank you for this! It means alot to us. Looking forward to the post. I wish you, Josh and Zac the best

  4. Thank you very much for doing this. I appreciate it. Good luck Josh and Zac.
    Hope you feel better Josh

  5. You're super sweet for posting this.
    Thanks for updating everyone.
    I hope he feels better soon and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    Have a great time being a true married couple without all the touring and band stuff. You need and deserve it.

  6. Thank you so much for doing this for all of us. It does mean so much to us all. Please wish Josh and Zac the very best from me, I am praying for them. (:

  7. Thank you! hope hes well by christmas!! cant wait to see the post!

  8. God bless you and Josh!

  9. Thankyou for posting this.. please tell josh & zac that we fully support them in whatever they wish to do in the future :)

  10. thanks for letting us know
    can't wait to read what he has to say:)

  11. You're so sweet for posting this. I hate how everyone is blaming you for this. I hope Josh gets better. <3

  12. Hi jenna. please tell josh and zac that we'll always love them. thanks for posting this♥

  13. Please tell Josh and Zac that i wish them the very best. They added so much to Paramore and it means a lot to I, and so many people. I would much rather them be happy, and i also understand where they are coming from. Please tell them i will miss them, yet i am so thankful for everything they have done! Love, Bridget

  14. Is this really Jenna?
    If it is I'm really sorry if you're seeing posts about Josh and Zac leaving Paramore "because of you." Me, being able to see both sides, I just want to say that Paramore fans feel hurt by the move, but I think deep down we all realize that it's not your fault! I honestly hope you're not seeing the posts, they're kinda mean!
    Best of Luck to you and Josh, and keep your head up, because for every "parawhore" that doesn't understand, there's one that does!
    By the way I hope Josh feels better, being sick sucks!
    Love Maggie!

  15. thanks Jenna! you don't how much this means for us :)

  16. Thanks so much! I hope Josh feels better very soon. Hope him and Zac are well <3 Please tell him thank you for all he's done to Paramore; if it wasn't for him and Zac, there wouldn't be a Paramore. They've given so much for this band and I hope they do great doing whatever makes them happy. I also hope they still keep in touch with us and the rest of Paramore :) -Anna!

  17. thank you so much for this.
    he is what inspired me to become a musician, and his music brought out something in me that i never would have known existed.
    hopefully one day i can effect people through my own music the same way he has effected countless others.
    tell josh good luck :) and thanks again

  18. thank you so much for this Jenna.
    we´re all really sad to see Zac and Josh leave but i hope they can be happy.
    God bless you!

    ps. i already had gotten josh a book for when he came to argentina in february. i´ll give it to someone so he still gets it. its an amzing book i want him to read.

  19. Thanks for this post. Many blessings to you, Josh and Zac in whatever you guys do in the future. It's sad to see the negative comments some have made but just so you know there are fans out there that wish you guys the best!

  20. thank you so much for updating us (: it means a lot.
    you and josh are really an inspiring couple, i hope you two will see all of God's abundance in your future together (: it stinks that you two have to deal with all of the buzz surrounding paramore, but know that the two of you are an outstanding model of Christian marriage and love to all of us (: His light shines bright inside both of you! <3

  21. Thank you so much, love.

    I don't blame him at all for leaving the band, it must have been just unbelievably difficult to tour around without you. As long as you two live an extremely happy life together and I get to give you two my blessing, I think it will all be for the best.

    Tell him to get well soon and that we all love him and support him. He's made an impact in our hearts with his music, the very least we can do is let him be happy with you for the rest of his life.

  22. Oh! thanks Jenna! You're so sweet ♥
    Thanks to write it for us :)We was worried for the news about that Zac and Josh are out from Paramore. I hope that Josh being better :)
    Blessings for you and Josh!

    Love, Camila!

  23. Thanks so much for letting us know about this. I hope Josh feels better soon and please wish him and Zac the best for their future and let them know they will be missed :)

  24. Hope he gets better soon :) Josh and Zac's departure makes me wish that I discovered Paramore earlier because 2-3 years was definitely not enough. But I wish you and the boys a happy future ahead.

  25. Jenna- never thought I'd say this. But thank you. You have a kind heart. Thank you.
    Oh and tell Josh and Zac we paramore fans support both of them and want them to be happy. :)

  26. I'll pray that Josh will get well soon and wish the best to the both of you. Definitely will miss seeing him as part of the band. =)

  27. @Anonymous who thinks jenna was cause of paramore's breakup

    Screw off, she was kind enough to share what's up and this is how you respond?

    You have no tact. In fact, you disgust me.

    By the way, thanks Jenna, we really appreciate the update. Ignore the trolls, they're just being pricks. You're like, the nicest parawife ever. :)

  28. Oh my.

    Jenna, please ignore the idiots blaming you, they're a disgrace to the human race and ought to fall into a hole to re-evaluate their lives.

    Love trumps all, and you really found it, girl. You GMH.

  29. thank you jenna for going out on a limb for us and for josh.

    although some people want to be negative there are also a lot of us who really appreciate it.


  30. Well, I'm just totally bummed that Josh and Zac are leaving. I mean they helped create Paramore in the first place and they will be deeply missed. I mean it was my dream to see Paramore live, to meet Hayley, Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Taylor. But my dreams will live on with Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor. I really hope Josh gets to feeling better it will take some time to get use to. We paramore fans are in a deep heartbreak now but we're supporting him no matter what. We Love The farro brothers and it pains to see them go like this but we love them and support them. Thank you for keeping us updated about Josh. Means a lot to many paramore fans. <3 You're a really nice, awesome person even though i've never met you in my life. I'm just sayin' you're cool :)

  31. Hey... err... I don't know what I should say but... well, I'm praying a lot to Josh come back to paramore,. he's leaving so much behind, but, at the same time, he is opening so many other things to him... AAAAH, I really don't know what is my conclusion. I just want to wish to him a good life with you, seriously, even though sometimes I feel angry about it. I'm Sorry T-T. At last, do you have some news about Zac ? I mean... we love him too , and much. :/ xoxo

  32. It's sad how people point the finger at other people. There is such thing as change and this was one of them. People grow and want to do different things in life. It's obviously their own decision to leave the band and we should support that. People posting negative comments and blaming others such as Chad, Haley, Jenna etc is just pathetic. You're not them and you don't know the situation. So don't ASSUME things because when you ASSUME you make an A** out of you and me.

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  34. Thank you so much for posting this; it's very sweet of you, especially in light of all the negativity that's being aimed at you right now.

    Please tell Josh and Zac that we wish them nothing but the best, and that they will both be in my prayers and thoughts. Praying for Josh to get better soon, too.
    God bless you both; you deserve it!

  35. Love triumphs over all, and Jenna really found it. Jenna and josh forever, you two are amazing people.

  36. Jenna, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry i ever blamed you for any of this. You're such a beautiful person and you were so sweet to me even when i was a complete bitch to you. I'm sorry i said you ruined my life. You didn't. And i knew from the start that you had nothing to do with this situation. I just didn't want to believe it. I'm sorry for the rude Facebook messages i sent you. You were so sweet and kind back, that i felt guitly and now i hate myself for it.

    I wish you all the best and hope that Joshua feels better soon.

  37. @Anonymous

    You know what? You're so disgustingly pathetic, it's not even worth my time. Or Jenna's.

    Ignore the trolls, love, they just want attention.

    You two are amazingly lovely people, and while I'll miss the Farro bros, they need to spend some time with their family. :3

  38. I agree with everything Sandy said. As usual

  39. @Anonymous brazillan fan

    You're seriously creepy. O.O

  40. jenna, you are a truly sweet and genuine person, thanks for posting this! tell josh all of us paramore fans, though we will miss him and zac so dearly, we wish all of you nothing but the absolute best and we are so happy that josh is happier now! =)

  41. and @sandy don't be too quick to tell the brazilian down, not all of them have the best english, love.


  43. I'm not the same anon as up there. But i just wanted to say. I'm sorry I have been a bitch to you, even though you don't know who I am I just want you to read this so I can get it off my chest. I hate how I said I hated you, I don't know you and honestly you seem like a really nice person. Everyone has their reasons for doing things. And I just don't want to hate you anymore. You never did anything to me, heck you don't even know me, and i don't know you. I just came to apologize for saying mean things. I feel as if i'm punished now..... Hope josh gets better.
    Im going to miss the old paramore ..........
    Im going to miss hayley shouting "Hey Josh" in misery business.
    I am going to miss everything about the Farro brothers, especially since they're the ones who started it.
    So again, I'm sorry for being a bitch about something i didn't even know. And Tell josh we need him back in paramore, paramore is incomplete without
    JOSHUA NEIL FARRO <3 I love how he inspired me, and he doesn't even know me. Same goes for Zac.
    So again.. yes again.. im going to say i'm really sorry for being such a bitch. Hope i can be forgiven ....

  44. @Anonymous

    I'd rather not.

    Sorry for all this BS Jenna. D:

  45. Thanks Jenna! We all still support Farro brothers! Xoxo

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  47. Jenna, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this. As much as I love Josh & Zac I was beginning to question if they cared about their fans anymore. (that sounds a lot meaner than I intended, but I don't know how else to say it.) I didn't know why they didn't post the announcement and left it to Hayley, Taylor, & Jeremy. I understand now. I feel so blessed that I got a chance to see Josh and Zac a couple of times this year, and got to watch them perform one of their last shows earlier this month. Although I am sad that they are no longer in Paramore, I am happy to know that they are happy. YOU are happy, you get to see Josh more :) I feel selfish for being sad, I really shouldn't be, but I guess after years of listening to Paramore, you get kind of attached to each member, you know? One thing I never got to do was have the chance to meet Paramore, so I never got to thank Josh for inspiring me to write the music I write today. He was a huge factor and inspiration. But knowing you'll read this, it makes me happy, because you'll know that your husband, and your brother-in-law influence people in ways that I can't explain. They are truly remarkable people, heros. Best wishes to all of the Farro family. May God bless each you eternally. & Merry Christmas Jenna :)

    -kelsey robinson

  48. Jenna, thanks for being such a sweet girl! Tell Josh (and Zac for that matter) that we love them and respect any decisions that they make! Hopefully, we'll still hear from them from time to time! Thank you so much! And please thank them as well for their 6 year contributions to Paramore!

  49. @Anonymous

    Is Sandy your name too?!

  50. Jenna:

    It must be so hard for people to be blaming this on you. They're just idiots, they don't understand that you and Josh LOVE each other. It's not your fault nor will it ever be. Please ignore these idiots, I'm begging you, it hurts me inside when I think of you possibly taking them seriously.

    Sending much love,


  51. Jenna, you don't know how much this means to us. Thank you, sweetie. We'll be waiting.

    P.S. Your blog's cool.

  52. I'm not the same anon from up there, but Sandy- stop provoking them.

    Jenna, once again, thanks for posting this. It was a blessing to see Josh and Zac play live earlier this year and I wish it didn't have to end this way. I thought I'd be able to see them again in 2 years when the new album came out but I guess not. As long as they are happy, then I will support them, but it will definitely be hard to replace these two amazing members of the band. Wish you guys a great life ahead. :)

  53. Jenna please don't read annoying comments, some people are stupid.
    paramore fans appreciate you a lot and we want to say thank you for posting this.


  54. you know, I was dreaming of meeting them for so long. Especially Josh, cause he is my favourite guitarist ever... their music makes me feel better, make me think that all is possible. I'd play guitar for like eleven years and my favorite song to play is pressure. I understand and I wish for them to be happy, no matter what. Of course I'll miss them a lot and i think a lot of people will cause they are amazing.. i'm not the first to say that, I know but paramore will never be the same without them. I'll still dream of meeting them even if I know that it'll probably never happen and I just want them to know that I'll always love them even if i’m sad they’re leaving.

    I just want to say thank you jenna for showing this to josh, I realy apreciate this. sorry for my english haha I'm from quebec and I speek french

    Amelie Frenette Simard, Parafan forever <3

  55. Jenna, Thanks you're so cute. I love josh. I'm a big fan for paramore. I expect Josh get's better. (sorry my english no it's good) . i am really relieved . Goodbye and Kisses!

  56. Please ignore all the rude comments here.

    Thank you for this, and please tell Josh and Zac THANK YOU for the music you have given us. We will still support you no matter what

  57. thank you!! this means alot,please just ignore the people posting hate comments.there just being jerks. i hope josh gets better soon.

    thank you so much (:

  58. If Josh sees this, possibly?, I'd like to thank him. I'm 19 and have been listening and growing up with the band since 2006. Those years made me who I am now and Paramore was in the background of it every day. I could not thank him enough for giving my life a soundtrack. I'm getting married next year. It's nice to see you and Josh so happy. I am positive God has good things in store for you, Josh and Zach. And possibly Paramore. So, thank you. Good luck in all of your endeavors. Hopefully this isn't the last we'll hear from Josh or Zac. Thank you Josh, for everything. You'll have a wonderful life.


  59. ok ... it seems that an anonymous is damaging the "reputation" of Brazilians. Just wanted to explain that not all of us Brazilians are like that. Just some idiots who insist on saying shit and after they get angry about what other people say about us. Anyway.

  60. can you tell us what happend to Josh?? is sick of what?

  61. Thanks for your post Jenna
    i looking foward to this post :D
    Josh forever in my heart ♥

    I'll miss you !!

  62. Hey ! Is it true that Josh is joining to Fox Avenue ?

  63. Thank you so much for this! It means a lot to us. You are a really nice and sweet person.
    Please tell Josh and Zac that we support them in whatever they wish to do in the future!.
    Sorry for my bad English.
    Again thank you sooo much for this. We really appreciate it.
    I hope you feel better Josh!
    I wish you (Jenna, Josh and Zac) the best.
    Thank you Josh and Zac for everything! We'll miss you!


  64. Thank you! And, good luck farros!

  65. Hi, Jenna. I know that many of the fans told you that it's your fault and bla bla bla, but this was going to happen soon or later ! He seems like a man who will love to have a family, and if he is touring around the world.. that will make it really difficult. what I mean is i don't know if this is the reason why he is leaving Paramore, but he has to know that real Paramore fans will support him and Zac forever whatever the reasons are. If they are happy this way, we all are. I'm not gonna lie, in some way I'm sad too because they were a very important part of the band .
    I'm really sorry for my english. Argentinians loves you :) be happy

  66. Thank you so much for posting this! We wish Josh and Zac the best, and will ALWAYS love them and support them. You guys (especially you Jenna!) are amazing :)

  67. I've forgot something.. Will we ever ear the song "take me back" that Hayley and Josh were signing in 40 days of Riot?? I'm waiting for this song for very long and I hope that Josh will record it.

    and once again, thanks for this jenna, you don't know how much it's important for us. and i wish you and josh to be happy

    Amelie Frenette Simard, Parafan forever <3

  68. Any rude or disrespectful comments will be deleted.

  69. As sad as the news is that the boys have departed from paramore a band which many of us have grown to love over the years, i am pleased that josh and zac will be pursuing happiness as it is their life and none of us are in their shoes. I would personally like to thank them for their contribution to every single paramore fans life. their music and the example they set has been inspiring. I hope that the band has split on good terms and continues to stay in touch, friends are so important and true friends are hard to come by. lastly i would like to wish the boys and yourself the best of luck in the future thank you :)

  70. Thank you so much, Jenna! We appreciate it!!
    You're so lovely!
    It makes me feel kinda better knowing that Josh is still thinking of us <3 Thanks for posting this!
    I hope Joshie gets better soon!
    Let know Josh and Zac that i wish the best for them in the future and that i'll always support them in all the decisions they take, no matter what happens :D
    I also wish the best for you two! You guys are so cute as a couple! <3 God bless you guys!

    Greetings from Colombia :D

    Ps, don't give a f*ck about the hate comments. They're being idiots.

  71. Thanks, Jenna, por upload this. It means a lot for the fans. All the lucky in the world for him and Zac. We really love them. and I wish the best to them. Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Argentina. It's sad that Josh doesn't come here, but we still love him and his brother. Tell him that we'll always be thankful for their music and for being such a good person.

    Josh, always here ♥
    Kisses, and thanks again.

  72. maybe I'll see y'all around town some now! I've still yet to try Joe Naturals....pucketts is just sooo good! Hope you guys are doing good! Also, tell Josh to drink some African Nectar tea....very good when sick (or anytime) can get it at whole foods

  73. im happy for josh and i hope you two can enjoy time together and be happy. ive grown up with paramore, the day i heard the song brighter it saved me and since that day i've fallen in love with a wondeful band. i wish josh and zac the best.

    do you think josh will ever return? someday?

  74. I'm feeling really bad about Josh and Zac leaving the band... I think it's not going to be the same without them.
    Of course I wish the best for both of them, but it would help if they explain everything. We know what Hayley said, we just want to read it from Josh and Zac.
    Let them know that. @anotherYanna

  75. Hi! my name is Romina

    I just want to cry really but i support to the Farro's brothers in their desition, f*ck
    i'm so sad but... well for me Zac and Josh always will be the best Guitarrist and

    sorry for my bad english i'm from South America, Chile

    XO! and thanks for explain us this Jenna! u're the best, Josh is in good hands :]

  76. paramore never die, Josh, Taylor, Zac, Hayley and Jeremy forever ♥

  77. You're so cute. Thanks for this...
    Wish the best for Josh and Zac, from Brazil.
    And say that we already miss them,and we are sad to know that they will not play here. But that's ok, they weren't happy with Paramore anymore.

    Kisses from Brazil, sweetie(L)

  78. jenna, you are such a beautiful person and a sweetheart for all of this. i am so grateful that you posted this and are thinking about us paramore fans during this time. josh will be missed, but more than anything i just want him to be happy and although i don't know him personally, it's clear that you make him so much happier. thank you for that, and thank you for letting josh know that we are thinking about him. paramore has been my life for so long and josh will be missed, but i can't help but be so excited for your future together because i am sure that is what he really wants. love you both so much.

    xoxo emily

  79. Jenna, seriously, ignore all bad comments, we all know its not your fault anyhow. We really thank you for posting this, and we really hope that he will get well soon. Tell Josh, if you read this, that we'll have his back, we will always be there for him, no matter what he chooses to do.

    All the best,

  80. PLEASE READ!!!

    Hi Jenna,
    Sorry to bother you again. This is Caroline, Josh has introduced me to you twice and I got you two gift cards before, and we've tweeted each other before, too (@carolinex3). Josh has been such a sweet guy to me, giving me advice on my life and always looking out for me. Could you PLEASE tell him to look at this post I dedicated to him? I just really need to know that he understands the extent that he's helped me and my life and how thankful I am for all that he's done for me. It would me so much if you would PLEASE pass this on to him, I really need him to know the extent he has impacted my life.

    It would mean so much.

    Thank you so much and I am truly sorry if I am bothering you.


    PS Thanks for always being so sweet to me as well!

  81. when i heard about zac and josh leaving the band, i started crying. i was really shocked, like the most people. but of course, i respect their desicion, and i will keep supporting them.paramore AND the farros! i wish them all the luck in the world! and paramore are still the best band of all time for me!
    i really hope that josh is feeling better soon, and i am exited about his soon coming post!

    all the best, janina <3

  82. for what its worth. Thanks a lot for having the courage to even post anything about this. I can see so much hatred towards you for no reason.
    From a REAL paramore fan wish u and josh the best in your life. He will always be in our hearts as a great person and musician.

  83. Woah... I didn't know this was on here...
    Thanks again for posting this it really does mean a lot.

    I'm glad that he will be making a post soon, I was devestated when I found out. I never blamed you I blamed Josh lol...

    Um... I was pissed but I mean it'll pass, You guys seem like you're "Workin' it" as my los angeles family says... That sounds really dorky.

    Stay Christian! :) blessing will be bestowed, um...

    I hope he didn't leave because of a problem or argument... I guess in a way I hope he did leave because of you, that would be a begnign (sp?) reason.

    God bless you both, may you be showered with grace and mercy.

    And, of course, as is costumary (sp?, I need to learn how to spell...) here is my blog :)

    (I mention Paramore in that post... haha)

  84. dear god jenna i do love you.
    i don't get why us paramore fans blame you for him leaving, i love you for making him happy c:
    plus youre hot like
    hot damn
    just saying you know
    thank you.
    take care of yourself and josh.
    and keep us updated. its funny because i actually found your blogspot and im like oh this must be like a fuck-yeah-josh-farro blog then i realised its actually you.

  85. Thank You Jenna for doing this.
    Good luck Josh and Zac .
    We are gonna miss you on Paramore.

  86. Jenna, thank you thank you thank youuu sooooo much for letting all of us know..
    Well, I've been really worried and sad about the fact that he's leaving the band..
    I love paramore so much, and of course, Josh.
    I don't know if you're gonna read this or not, but I really hope you do.
    Please tell Josh and Zac, I respect their decision.
    It is sad, but if it's gonna make Josh happy, I can accept it..
    You're awesome, Jenna. Josh is lucky to have you, and you're lucky to have him too.
    I really can't wait to see the post that he's gonna post so, Josh, get well soon :)
    I've never met paramore, well, they won't come to my country.. Now I will never meet Josh unless he's back but.. I can't be selfish. At least paramore is still a band :)
    I've never adore anyone as much as I adore Josh even though I've never met him.
    Please tell Josh, parawhores will always love him no matter what. Parawhores will always support him. Josh is still a part of paramore. And nothing can ever change it. For me, he's one of the greatest guitarist out there <3 he's really talented and awesome :)

    I wish y'all the best, and I hope whatever you both plan to do in the future works out for you :)

  87. I am nothing but a selfish bitch, i obviouosly didnt care about your feelings. I guess Josh is your husband, whether i like it or not. And I am a bitch. Nothing but that. You seem like a sweet lady but your the not the lady. Not to me, it's funny how i can care sooooo much about five people who i dont know, who i've never met yet i have the courage to love them. And to stand up for them, even if i am a bitch about it. Forgive me for being team Joshley, and for cursing you out and wishing bad things to happen to you. I actoually think its somewhat funny but very very rude and disrespectful. I have no reason to hate you. Except your the reason; your the reason he doesnt feel right. But that must mean that he actoually loves you. I wanna throw up. For years it was joshley <3 then you and josh got married. I wanted to shoot a monkey in the balls. And im sorry. I'd marry that guy in a heartbeat if i could. But im always gonna wish that one day it'll be josh & hayley again.

  88. Jenna,

    You'r a lucky girl, heck your the luckiest girl in the world. You get to wrap your arms around the boy that was once hayley william's lover. You get to write your name with farro at the end. You get to kiss the lips of the angel voiced josh farro. What, he must sing you to sleep or something? You don't understand my level of jealousy.
    He's the most amazing guy i've ever heard of.
    He's to good for ANYONE.
    He is paramore.
    And with him gone,
    im heart broken.
    I guess the reason I hate you is because your taking away the one thing i can truly depend on.

    It's been apart of life, for years.
    And i loveeeeee hayley, taylor, and jeremy!

    But they arent paramore, if josh & zac arent with them. With that said, i hope they consider coming back.

    I pray to the good lord for this Christmas miracle.
    For josh & zac back.

    Cause thats all i want for christmas.

    chelsea the bitchnez paramore.

    ~ pass it on

  89. I'm sorry you have to put up with all the negative comments on here but i hope you just ignore it cause you seem like an amazing person and you obviously make Josh happy :) I just wanted to wish Zac and Josh goodluck in whatever it is they're doing next!
    And also thanks for writing this Jenna :)

  90. Hey Josh! and Jenna :)

    Im not sure if you'll really remember me but i was the boy who got up on stage at the newcastle show on the 18th, I want to say that although there has been some negative comments, it doesnt matter because your doing what rights and makes you happy, Im gunna support you for as long as possible josh so you better keep all us paramore fans updated every now and then somehow :P

    You'll obviously be missed, but im happy you and Zac are happy, good luck for the future, i wish you all the best.

    Lots of love, your one of my heroes and idols now, and will be forever. Will miss you man. from Adam From Newcastle :)

  91. Thank you Jenna for this post. It really means a lot.

    On behalf of all Parawhores I just want to say that we are all extremely saddened by the fact that Josh and Zac are leaving Paramore. It is definitely going to be strange without them, but I am absolutely certain that Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy will continue to keep Paramore alive. I love Paramore beyond explanation and I will always be there for them just like they have always been there for me.
    I wish Josh and Zac the absolute very best in their futures, whatever they made hold. Yes, we will miss them but the fact they they are happy, makes us happy.
    Good luck with your future. You obviously care about Paramore and their fans and I'm so sorry for any negative comments that have been made by anyone.
    As for the future of Paramore, I have the most confidence that Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor will continue to make the most amazing and influential music that Paramore is so loved for.
    And finally, as for us Parawhores, yes we are broken, but we just have to keep remembering that somehow everything's going to fall right into place.

    I hope you have the time to read this, and possibly share with Hayley, Taylor, Jeremy, Josh and Zac as it would mean so much to myself, and all other Paramore fans.

    Once agian, good luck with everything,
    love always,

    All Parawhores ♥ xxx

  92. Thank you so much Jenna! Despite what some fans may say, I'm really happy that Josh have you because I only want his happiness no matter what he does. And I wish the same for Zac! We love them so much:)

  93. Jenna, I think your blog is amazing, that's why I follow and I follow you not anonymously, I just wanted to say that you'll always find rude and disrespectful comments, because some people are just WAY to immature to appreciate some things, but I just wanted to wish you and Josh, the very best always, because some people don't really know how to appreciate the good things when they have them, and you seem like a really nice person. God Bless always. <3 and keep going..

  94. Thank you so much for posting this:) please tell Josh I said feel better soon and paramore will never be the same without him us PARAWHORES:) will misss him but we wish him the best in whatever he decides to do and he should definaly go back to paramore. happy holidays to you both:)

    Dominique Vega

  95. Thank you, you're so sweet for posting this. :)
    I hope Josh feels better soon!
    I wish you & Josh and Zac the best! :)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both!


  96. Thank you so much for posting this, it means a lot to all of us, as fans. Finding out the Josh and Zac were going to be leaving Paramore has really been hard for us; it's going to be extremely different without them around. However, I want you to know that I completely respect their decision and will support them in whatever they decide to do in the future. If possible, could you let them know that although we'll miss them, we'll always keep them close to our hearts and I'll never forget all they've done for me, as a part of Paramore. Quite honestly, they're my heroes and idols: their music has saved me and helped me become the person I am today. I don't know what I would have done without it. So please please please can you let him know how thankful we are to have had 6 long years of his hard work, dedication and passion for music. I’m so grateful to have been given the chance to appreciate his talent for even that long and I feel blessed that I discovered Paramore’s music, when I was struggling.
    I wish you and Josh all the best for the future and truly hope that you enjoy your life together. Ignore any negative comments that are pointed in your direction, they're simply a product of jealousy and ignorance. I'm happy for both you and Josh because you seem to make each other happy and that's all that matters. Be sure to keep us updated and don't let Josh disappear off the face of the Earth! We care about him and want hear how you guys are doing from time to time! Have a great Christmas and happy New Year! Best of luck for your future together.


  98. Thank you jenna.I'm italian, and i've passed my week end crying about this mad situation.
    I'm an italian parawhore,and we are all wondering why,but probably we couldn't understand.
    Just so you know, we'll miss josh and zac, they'll always be a part of our hearts.And it's hard to look at the photos,or watch the videos whitout crying.I must admit that, i cannot believe it.Tell him we love him, and i'm so happy for you jenna, you're the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you.

  99. Honestly, at first I thought it was because of you. When I saw that josh and you got married, i was like "Paramore's end is soon" because i thought it would be difficult for him to be far from you. then, i've seen that he was still in the band! And now, I've know that josh AND zac left the band.. I still can't realize it. This band means the world to me! I cried 2 days! my parents don't want to understand, they don't understand how i can love 5 people i've never met and who don't know me. But those 5 persons, were here in worst moments of my live. And you know what ?! "joshfarro" was my password! You can't imagine how much I love them. But... He have his own life now. His happiness is before mine. Wish you the best for the future, you are both a sweet couple. God bless.

    Hope you'll read it.
    Merry christmas, happy new year.
    Ps: sorry, my english sucks.

  100. You are amazing! I truly wish you and Josh all the happiness in the world and the best of luck now and for the future.

    Tell Josh I hope he gets better soon, those Farro's truly changed my life and if you could, please pass on that I am so thankful for all the years they spent dedicating their time and talent to all us little people who fell in love with them and with Paramore. I will never forget that and I will never forget them. Paramore lives on!


  101. hey jenna, thank you so much for this! although it's sad that josh (and zac) is leaving, i wish you & them the best of luck and i'm looking foward to hearing from them.

    ps. don't listen to all the negative stuff swirling around. it sucks but random jerks on the internet really don't mean anything and those jerks really aren't the true fans.


  102. Josh
    vc nao pode sair
    qual vai ser o futuro da banda sem voçe
    e como a hayley vai achar um como voçe
    nao faça isso

  103. nao faça isso por favor pela hayley pelo seus fãs pelo jeremy e o taylor

  104. Jenna, you must ignore all rude comments because those people are just idiots.
    I think that you're strong, all this must be a little difficult to you, but you can handle it. YOU ARE THE BEST! :)
    i'm happy because I know Josh chose the best for his life, and yours.

    Thanks for write this comment, all fans of Paramore will appreciate this.

    byee <3

  105. Eu estou realmente chateada com esse acontecimento na banda, acho que todos eles combinam um cou o outro, parece que eles são os "elementos chave", mas entendo, se isso foi a melhor coisa para eles então, boa sorte!
    Jenna, muito obrigado por transmitir a nós esta mensagem, desejo melhoras ao Josh.

    Uma fã do Brasil.

  106. Eu estou realmente chateada com esse acontecimento na banda, acho que todos eles combinam um com o outro, parece que eles são os "elementos chave", mas entendo, se isso foi a melhor coisa para eles então, boa sorte!
    Jenna, muito obrigado por transmitir a nós esta mensagem, desejo melhoras ao Josh.

    Uma fã do Brasil.

  107. Thanks Josh and Zac for everything..
    I'm just a Paramore fan from INDONESIA that will never ever Josh and Zac come as Paramore to INDONESIA.

    Now I'm just hope its just my dreaming, and hope someone wake me up..

    Once again many thanks to Josh and Zac, because of they (the best guitarist and drummer in the world) my life is so colorful..


    *sorry for my bad english

  108. Oh! Jena thanks you so much!
    It's so sweet to post that !
    I wish you the best for your life, to you and Josh and Zac!
    Farro's you will miss me. LOVE

    Camille,I'm French sorry for my english! ^^

  109. Thank you for this, means a lot.
    Looking foward to his post
    hope he will get better soon.

    thanks again!

  110. Thanks for posting this.

    I love your husband, and he and his brother may have their reasons to leave Paramore, but it's so sad for the fans. I recently got my tickets to their show in Venezuela, and it was so sad to read that Josh and Zac won't come

    Best wishes

  111. That really is so sweet. As much as it saddens me to see Josh leave, if it's what right for him at this point in time then I fully support him. I look forward to seeing his post. Best wishes for the both of you.

  112. we are really sad about what happened
    I thought I would see every 5 members here in Brazil :\
    but that's okay. change is good and I hope Josh and zac all happyness of the world, because you have to do only the things that you want to do.If you don't must be a burden. And life is not for that.

    But zac and josh could give brazil a goodbye :(
    you know. after will be over.
    thanks for the post Jenna! <3

  113. I wish you & Josh and Zac the best! and Jenna your blog is amazing.

  114. I'm going to say in Spanish and English ....... Josh you're my hero on guitar and no one can take that from me ... You're one of my inspirations to play guitar ....!!!! and I'm really sad, disappointed, annoyed by your disicion and zack ... but I'm also happy for you and seek your happiness.
    No one absolutely no one can replace them or to you or zack on PARAMORE .!!!! no one can compose and play guitar as you touch it and no one can play the drums in the form q zack touches .. for me you two are the greatest artists of this generation.

    Paramore will continue with until the end because I am a true fan of paramore, but believe me, paramore without you two is not Paramore ..!!!!! for me not: (

    And also upset that Paramore comes to Venezuela and do not come you two ... my dream to see paramore hara not fully realized without the two of you ...!!!! : (

    I WISH THE BEST OF LUCK TO YOU AND ZACK ..... because very soon I will see again ... because any musician !!!!! from experience away from home too long !!!... I love farro's brothers ... my heroes ...!!! I will never forget ..!!!! : (:)

    Jorge Marquez! from Venezuela

  115. te lo voy a decir en español y en ingles....... Josh tu eres mi heroe en la guitarra y nadie podra quitarme eso... tu eres unas de mis inspiraciones para tocar la guitarra....!!!! y en verdad estoy triste,decepcionado, molesto por tu disicion y la de zack... pero tambien estoy feliz por ustedes y que busquen su felicidad.
    Nadie absolutamente nadie podra remplazarlos ni a ti ni a zack en PARAMORE.!!!! nadie podra componer y tocar la guitarra como tu la tocas y nadie podra tocar la bateria de la form en q zack la toca .. que para mi ustedes dos son los mas grandes artistas de esta generacion.

    Seguire con Paramore hasta el final por que soy un verdadero fan de paramore, pero creanme, paramore sin ustedes dos no es Paramore..!!!!! para mi no :(

    Y tambien molesto por que Paramore viene a Venezuela y no vienen ustedes dos... mi sueño de ver a paramore no se hara completamente realidad sin ustedes dos...!!!! :(

    LES DESEO LA MEJOR DE LAS SUERTE A TI Y A ZACK..... porque se que los vere muy pronto otra vez... porque !!!!!por experiencia ningun musico se aleja demasiado tiempo de su hogar!!!... los quiero hermanos farro's ... mis heroes...!!! nunca los olvidare..!!!! :( :)

    Jorge Marquez !!! desde venezuela

    ps. im sorry but im polish and my english is pretty bad. i hope u understand.

  117. Thank you for posting this. It puts a lot of people at ease who have been anxious as to why he hasn't said anything so far.

    I hope he gets better soon. :)

    annnnnnnd, I wish you two all the luck in the world. It's about time you got to spend time with your husband without him flying off somewhere all the time. :]

  118. Best of luck to you, your husband and Zac. :)
    I'll keep Josh in my prayers, I hope he feels better soon.
    I'm sorry for any negative things people may say about the situation.
    Thank you for the update.

    10 And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

  119. Thank you Jenna! I hope the best for both of you. Send well wishes for Josh, please.

  120. Thnks a lot Jenna!!
    we really needed to know somthg about him

    I already miss him, I could never see him in a show :(

    tell him, here in uruguay we love him, and we wish he's returnig to music very soon!

    [by the way, sorry if i made some mistakes... i speak spanish haha]

  121. Thanks Jenna! I wish, Josh gets better! We love Josh! Sens well wisher to him!

    Paramore fans appreciate that.

  122. This really does mean a lot. I just wish he would have said he was leaving earlier, because it would have been nice to know that the last concert I went to was the last time I would see the original Paramore band performing together. I hope he feels better! God bless.

  123. My heart really broke up when i knew that Josh and Zac are not going to come to Chile... just make me cry and i still cry.. i didn't go on 2008 and now my dream just gone, really sucks...
    Hope Josh gets better. And that you be very happy together i'll always love this couple, jenna you're amazing, you make Josh's happyness, and i'm happy if him too.
    Love you guys.

  124. Thanks Jenna!

    I still cry when I think about Zac and Josh leaving Paramore, I was so excited to see them in Brazil again next year, but I'll support the decision if it's the best for them.

    Could you tell that I really love Zac and Josh and they will always be my inspiration?
    And I know a guy who looks like Josh's twin, he is so similar! Tell Josh that he has a twin in Brazil ok? haha

    Hope Josh get better soon!

    Love you, Josh and Zac.

  125. thanks jenna :)
    this means a lot to the parawhores (and me,too)
    a lot of people blame you,that josh left the band.don't listen to them, they are idiots.we don't know the reasons and for me this is ok,that's why i do not blame anyone.i prefer not to judge people that i don't know.
    i whish both of you good luck for the future and a merry chrismas (or as we say in germany:frohe weihnachten)

  126. and tell josh and zac that we'll will always love and them.

  127. I hope that Josh feels better soon. I wish you both (and Zac) all the best.

  128. Thank you for doing this post :). I wish all the best to Josh and Zac and I want to thank them for all the good things they brought in my life while they were in Paramore. I'm going to miss them a lot.
    And Jenna: don't pay attention to the haters or the "joshayley 4 ever", these people are just useless and idiots. I wish you all the best in your life too.

    Olivia, from Paris.

  129. Oh... you've been so nice passing on to him everything we wanted him to to know... I'll keep supporting Josh whatever the situation.

    I hope he feels ok soon...

  130. thanks for letting us know. I hope Josh gets better soon! i want Josh and Zac to be happy with whatever they do. Paramore won't be the same without them but it was their choice to leave so i'll be happy for them. I miss them so much already :(! Tell Josh that I love that he such an amazing musician and i support him.

  131. thanks for the post, Jenna!
    Zac and Josh will be missed. I'm little upset cause I won't see all the band in Brazil, but I wish all the hapiness :)


  132. I love Josh .I always support you in your new projects, I hope you feel better soon, your fans 1uno Number :D by belen

  133. miss you josh and zac this is awesome I am one of the fans of josh and I send many greetings and have success in the next things to do but anyway I will miss too much and paramore is not the same without the ...
    but so is jenna thanks for this! ♥
    I'm from chile ...
    I am very sorry and did not know josh does not see him play because when they would come with zac went seriously I felt very bad but success in everything;)

  134. sorry ... my name is belén soy la que escribio eso arriba...

  135. Thank you
    your so sweet for sharing this,
    tell Josh and Zac we surrport them the whole way with what ever they do, aslong as we still see them or they tweet or blog:)

    stay blessed Mrs.Farro

  136. Awh! That's so sweet!
    Thank you!
    I hope you and Josh have a great life together, and get to spend more time together!
    & I'm excited to see what Josh & Zac (and the rest of Paramore) are going to do with their future.
    :) xoxox

  137. Thank you Jenna. If you ever read this tell Josh that I wish him the best and that there is always a spot for him in my heart <3

  138. At first, I was really shocked that both Josh and Zac were leaving the band. I never knew they felt this way about playing. When the news first leaked, I honestly didn't like it... I was being selfish. I just wanted Paramore to be the same, and for them to make another album together. Seeing them live won't be the same.

    Now I realize that his involvement in the band has really been taking away from your life with him. You're his wife now, and you really do deserve more time with him. I guess I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, it's just hard for Paramore fans to accept this. You really deserve it!

    I hope you enjoy your 'new' life with Josh, and I hope things turn out to be even better. All the best. P.S., hope Josh feels better.

  139. First, my English sucks. Jenna, thank you, all the fans were waiting for news of Josh. Believe me, we are all sad too and I particularly do not understand more the meaning of Looking Up, before it was important to me. But nothing changes the love that fans feel for him and nurtured over the years. At least mine does not. He does not know me, but I feel that I know in the midst of this strange feeling of being a fan. Brazil will miss him at the shows next year, him and Zec. Misery business without Josh? That's hard to imagine. Josh, I love you. Sorry for the English x.x

    Com amor, Karla.

  140. Jenna thanks for that, it means a lot to us fans mainly because I know he was ill and that makes me sad to tell him we're Brazilian fans very sad for him and Zac will continue to love them more unconditionally.
    Jhuly with love.

  141. (Portuguese Brazil) \o/
    é praticamente a hayley é a culpada de tudo ¬¬'

    is practically hayley is the culprit of everything ¬ ¬ '

  142. (Portuguese Brazil)\o/
    Muito obrigado pelas notícias
    espero que tudo se acerte eles voltem para banda

    (English) ¬¬'
    Thank you for the news
    I hope everything will hit them back to band

  143. Hey Jenna.
    Thanks for letting us know. I'm gonna be honest, I was really upset when I heard about Josh and Zac leaving. But, [if you could pass the message on] I will support both of them with their bands or career choices if they stay in music. I've already heard Zac's new band - it's new, different and exciting. I think I'm one of few who like it. I'm not the only one who supports Josh and Zac now they've left Paramore. I know 100s of other fans through Tumblr who are going to keep supporting them [and Paramore].

    Thanks, Jenna c:

    - Jack [Ireland]

  144. The only thing we wanted was to see josh on 26 February 2011 in Chile, but that dream never will we comply and we are very sad.So that more than ciaba was a photo with josh but is never happen T_T U_U. Josh i hope you are better ;D forgiveness for insulting your wife we regret but that day all the fans were sad and angry. You always have in our hearts ^^ we want you♥ .

    I hope that you fence very well in your new band fate :( </3

    Forgiveness for my english haha xd

    `·. Forgiveness josh if you feel bad :C
    / \

  145. You're so sweet to post this Jenna, we all hope that the feel better, I really love, and always will be though, has left the band, Paramore will always be a band and we Paramore Fans will always him and his Zac brother in our hearts. thanks again for giving us the news, although we are still saddened by his departure from the band, but we wish to recover and feel much better (: We hope the response.

  146. My strength to brothers Farro, we all have to go through a difficult time in life, and we are able to overcome them! Hope us answers Yes, but before all follow your heart. Thanks to Paramore by still believe in the band. Love you all.
    We are Paramore!
    Of Brazil.

  147. Dear Mrs. Farro,
    all i can say is thank you so much for passing on our messages to josh & zac. the band will never be the same without them and they will be greatly missed! i hope that they both continue with music and i wish them the best of luck! please continue to keep us posted! if it isn't too much to ask, please thank josh for me. he's been an inspiration to me for the past few years and i will continue to look up to him. love you all and have a safe holiday!
    thank you jenna,
    -hannah ferrari

  148. thank you, jenna. this is really encouraging! i wish you two the absolute best :)

  149. Sorry for feeding the trolls. :( They get the better of my temper sometimes.

    Anywhos! Like I said, best of luck to you, Josh, and Zac. And thanks again for posting this. :)
    We appreciate the sentiment. :D

  150. also, i just read some of the comments on this post.. ridiculous. you are so gracious for allowing people into your lives, and the fact that people are taking advantage of that is stupid. ignore the 'haters', keep the faith, and we will see you around. :)

  151. we'll be missing them both..;(

  152. Jenna,
    I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to write this for all of us, it truly means a lot. Please ignore all the hate messages people are sending you. They're searching for someone to blame and unfortunately they've chosen you. Those people give the real paramore fans (note I didn't say "parawhore" because that word makes me cringe) a bad name. I also want to thank you for making Josh happy and I wish the both of you luck for the future. If it's not too much of a hassle I ask for you to please keep us updated every once in awhile on how you, Josh, and Zac are all doing. Thank you again.

    Josh and Zac,
    For 5 years the both of you have played an enormous role in my life. I will never forget the first time I heard "Emergency," my life changed that very moment and I had fallen in love with paramore. I've had the pleasure of meeting the both of you twice and both times you guys have been nothing less of complete gentlemen. You guys are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you so very much for treating us fans more like friends than strangers. Although I will admit I am extremely sad about your departure from the band (tears were definitely shed on Saturday) I wish nothing but luck and happiness for the both of your futures. Josh, I hope you and Jenna continue to love unconditionally, have faith, and continue to bring each other happiness daily. Zac, I also hope you continue to have faith and I wish nothing but happiness for you. Please keep us updated from time to time. We love you.

    God bless.

  153. dear jenna,
    is just you'r fault that josh left paramore.
    you suck!
    you disappointed me and romania paramore fan club

  154. Josh

    I do not know the real reason which led him to leave Paramore.

    But I do not care.

    You are my favorite guitarist. The best. Most
    charismatic and talented.

    I wish you luck and happiness, on behalf of all its
    Brazilian fans.

    We love you! (And also to Jenna)

    Octavio Rodriguez
    @ tahviorodz


  155. Thank you so much for this :)
    Please tell Josh that although he will be missed, everyone wishes him the very best for the future. He was super sweet when I met him in the UK last month, and he deserves to be happy. If he was no longer happy in Paramore, then I totally understand why he's chosen to leave (the same applies to Zac). I can honestly say they were some of the nicest people I've ever met.
    Also, I hope he gets better soon!

  156. I wish everyting be all right, but still don't understand why.

    I was wainting to see the whole band together here, in Brazil, and sunddely THIS happened.

    I don't even know what to feel about anymore.):

  157. Thank you Jenna for this, it means a lot to us in this situation. You're so sweet ♥
    I'm so sad I won't never meet Josh and Zac, I'm sure they're two very nice men :(
    Anyways, thanks again Jenna.

  158. Thanks for letting us know Jenna :)

    Could you please let Josh and Zac know that I wish them luck in whatever they do next and that i'm so grateful for everything that they have done for the band. They inspired me to take up the guitar and drums and they really have made a massive difference to my life, they will be missed :)

    Hope you both have a lovely Christmas, and I hope Josh feels better soon.

    Amy x x

  159. Well, there is more to life than being in a famous band, like sitting on you own back porch! You brothers are my fovorites & are always about the music. P.S. Hope you like the Jimmy Hat!

  160. Jenna, it that be hard to carry all this. some people do not understand that sometimes you have to make changes and take a side step to move forward. Hopefully this decision will be brings the right track for Josh and obviously for you too, many greetings and blessings to you.

    sorry for bad grammar but practically I don´t know nothing about English, With Love

    Conni, from Chile

  161. Thank you for letting us know this Jenna :) It was really nice of you! I'm upset about Josh & Zac leaving the band, but I wish them the complete best in the future :) I can't thank them both enough for everything they have done for the Paramore fans! :)
    Also, please ignore the people saying it's your fault! We all know how much Josh loves you and you seem like such a nice person :) We know this isn't your fault, so ignore those ignorant people saying it's because of you!♥
    I hope Josh feels better soon!
    Thanks again for telling us this :)
    Hope you & Josh have a great Christmas!


  162. thanks to you, a bunch of paramore fans feel a whole lot better about the situation. i felt terrible when i found out about zac and josh leaving paramore but this post along with a few other things gives me hope. it's hard to imagine them not being with the band anymore but i'm glad they are doing what they feel is best for them. :)

    and even though i don't know you, i can tell you're a really great person. i'm definitely looking to your future blog posts and josh's! don't let any of the jerks stop you from posting what you like. they're just a bunch of really ignorant people with nothing better to do and they really are not true paramore fans at all.

    i hope you all have a great christmas!

  163. Hi, thanks for letting us know!
    I'm sorry for all those rude comments you get. Just ignore them, they're definitely not worth worrying about.

    Wishing you and Josh the best, and also a very merry Christmas! x

  164. I'm sure this was never what we fans wanted, but Josh and Zac made their decision and ... it is there. We want you back, we are very sad. But there's nothing to do, I wish all the best of luck to you Josh and Zac. Know that we do not like when you were only in the band or for being part of it, we love you though. I hope you are aware of what they did. well, kisses.

  165. Please tell Josh that I was glad to see him one last time in sacramento on stage. His talent will take him far and whatever he and Zac choose to do, I'll support them. Much love.

  166. hahahah whats sweeet with this?

    to jenna: ITS ALL YOUR FAULT and u KNOW it...:) just telling the truth

    thanks for breaking the hearts of every paramore fans.... HAPPY now? now you got the fame! congrats!

  167. Thank you so much for taking the time to post on here about the situation. That was so nice of you!

    If Josh and Zac weren't happy with what they were doing, then in a way, I'm sort of glad they broke off from the band to pursue "happiness". You only have one life so you have to make sure to live it right. Hopefully us Parawhores will hear from them time-to-time, though.

    And tell Josh that I wish he feels better! It's terrible that he gets sick around the holidays!

    Anyways, I love reading your blog... it's so inspiring! I hope both of you have a very merry Christmas and good luck! :)

    P.S. Sorry if this got posted multiple times. I had an issue with uploading my comment.

  168. thank you so much for posting this! it means a lot to every parawhore out there...
    I love your blog... it made me a jenna-fan... :)
    at first when I heard about zac and josh leaving, I really didn't know what to do, because their music helped me through so much in such a short time... your blog helped me...
    It was awesome to see photos of them when they are at home.. it would be even more awesome if you keep it up :)
    hope they will find what makes them happy :)
    and hopefully josh feels better soon. It's kinda sad to be sick around the holidays...
    it's sad to see that so many people hating you without knowing you (here and when you twittered something...)
    I think your a beautiful and wonderful person...

    merry christmas to you and josh... and good luck whatever you decide to do ♥

  169. thank you so much for posting this. it means the world to us. i wish the best to you, josh and zac.

  170. Thanks Jenna, you're so sweet. Good luck for Josh! <3

  171. Thank you for posting this. I'm angry about those fans who say "aah I'm going to die, blah..." this is unfair. Josh and Zac are really great musicians and we'll miss them but we can't force them to stay if they're unhappy. We are real fans, when we say "It's alright, good luck, we love you guys and support you!" Real Paramore fans can imagine how hard this situation must be (sorry for my horrable english, I'm from germany) Of course it's sad. But live goes on. We want all of you to be happy. You're such a kind person, i think, and now, you and josh starting to build your own familiy. Thats awesome. :) Zac is really young, when they started, he was 14, right? He spend a half of his adolescence in the focus of the medias. They should be happy. And we, as fans, should thank them for everything they gave to us. I'm really mournfully that I'll never have the chance to see them live in this collocation after my heavy accident at their last germany concert in december 09. But live goes on. And so the show must go on.
    Better if 2 leaving now in peace, than the whole band splits into a fight.
    We just want all of paramore and their families and friends to be happy.
    We are so thankful what Josh and Zac gave to us during the last six years.

    Jenna, you're the best thing that could happen to our favourite guitarist! ;)
    Josh, get well soon, please, don't be grieve yourself. We all just want you and your brother to be happpy.

    No matter what:

    Good luck for the future, God bless you and guide you trough every mountain.
    Merry Christmas and a happy, peacefull year.

  172. TheParamoreFansNeedBrothersFarro


  173. melhoras Josh !!
    te adoro demais!!

  174. please guys, take a moment and send a message :

    ps : Jenna, stay strong, there are so many haters on earth...
    You don't have to justify yourself for being with an amazing man ;)

  175. I dont think Paramore will be the same without Zac and Josh :'(
    I can understand why they had to quit though, family time should come first.
    Though I do hope Josh and Zac will come back, I cant see it happening.

    Please tell them this:
    Thank you for your music, it has kept me strong and spoken where I couldn't find the words. Paramore have also made me think about God more.

    Thank you and good luck :'(

  176. Hi, my name is Alexander raykaard I'm 18 and I'm from Brazil call from a city Manaus, and want to talk about some things that I'm feeling now, I hope to reach the ears and eyes of josh. You do not even know where to start I'll miss Farro brothers, love each member, I think it was the worst news I've seen get that year of 2010, I read what you wrote on Paramore. net, I realized that something was really going on with Josh, do not smile on tour, did not move for anything, are going to do their part by being a member of the band, plus whatever I think if something really happened was after the wedding, not wanting to say that his marriage with Jenna, did something that is not good, more for the band was a huge impact, after which he changed a lot, delete your twitter, then Jenna, and then finally Zac Taylor, (alias was to be the week # HappyBdayTaylorYorkBr Taylor, ended up being more of Josh), I wonder to myself what really happened if it was not because of the near end of the band Riot during and after the end of Josh's Dating and Hayley, after the wedding of Josh and Jenna and I know it does not want to even play in the band until now do not understand if someone is reading this here, send that message pro Josh and Zac, then the disease of Hay Canyon, you were a TV show, can not remember which, the more I remember you said you did not want Paramore not end like other bands who split up for unknown reasons, that I remember, more may have been other words what you mean is that today I feel alone, I can not look in the mirror, I miss a hug, I miss love, miss tell someone I love, I miss being free, I miss running around, I feel lack of money to see you at shows, I miss clothes Paramore's style, I miss personal things that really would be happier if I were, the more that I did not miss a band that you are, Paramore is for me the first and only band I see you really love, I'll always look in a different way, I'll always want to see screaming hay Hey Josh, I'll always cry with the song My Heart and The Only Exception, I'll always want to see Josh Zac Jeremy Taylor and Hayley Together. So if it's true though, never forget the 06 years that you championed this band of hard times and sad that you had joined, to live moments that will be unique. When I saw the supposed rumor Josh out of the band I ended up in tears, not that I was the only person who would cry for someone who does not know more for being someone who does believe and have faith in people, the more I miss it because I know how important it is for me and everyone who loves Paramore, I can not have all the CDs, can not be anyone to them, because they know that you are the gems of millions people who would like this but the band was to end with this line, Brand New came eyes say that you really can be a band that brings happiness, not more known to the world, one that most everybody knows that the music will true feelings that we hear every day. You can fill the void of people who do not know what it feels. We'll miss them more hope that someday it passes through the heart of them and think that we really care about each one of you do not want to lose you for nothing, so if paramore continues, even though Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor in will support until the end of our lives.

    love you

    Hayley Williams Josh Farro Zac Farro Jeremy Davis Taylor York

  177. Thank you so much, Jenna :) tell Josh to get well soon :) xx.

  178. aqui é o mateus eu sou do brasil e todos ak estao emplorando para voce voltare o josh tambem
    por favor ,voltem

  179. Thanks for posting this Jenna... I was wandering if Josh would explain something and I'm glad he will. I will understand if he left Paramore for you, for a family because I know it means so much for him, who comes from a numerous family. Well, I cried so much because I love Paramore and it will change everything without Josh and Zac(even if now I'm pretty disappointed by him joining a new band after a week he left Paramore). I still support Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy but to me Paramore was, is and will always be formed by Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, Josh Farro, Taylor York and Zac Farro. Paramore forever in my heart. <3 Thank you for everything Josh. I love you songwriting, you voice(your screamo), your guitar style and I can't believe you left... But you did and I wish you to be happy. Bye

  180. Thank you for the information

  181. Hi Jenna(: thanks for posting this it means alot(: please look at my profile, i wrote some stuff that i want Josh and Zac to see and maybe you could pass it on..

  182. i hope josh can tell us a good reason why he & zac ♥ are leaving the band.. Because this is hurt SO much :'(
    PLEASE! ask josh if he remember when they 5 came to chile in 2008 & in the meet&greet before the concert, he dirty my red pants and for apologize with me, he draw a heart in it *-* PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAAAAAASE! ask that :(
    And sorry for my english :(

    Chile love's Josh & zac with all ur heart (L)!

  183. Thank you for posting this, very sweet of you. I'm devastated about Zac and Josh leaving Paramore, but I respect their decision. I will support them with whatever they intend to do in the future. Don't worry about the rude and disrespectful comments, if they actually did respect Josh and Zac's decision then they wouldn't be saying those things.
    I hope Zac, Josh, and yourself have a happy future. And also a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
    p.s. Zac and Josh, you'll always be my favourite and you'll always be a part of Paramore to me. Thank you for what you've been doing for the past 6 years, you are two amazing guys.

  184. Thank you Jenna for keeping us informed. It means a lot. I can't bear the haters anymore. I know it must be hard for you & Josh receiving those messages full of hatred. You did nothing wrong, you just fell in love with a man. People are so stupid some times. I feel sorry for that cause Paramore fans seem to be all dumb people when it's not the case. I can say Josh was really sad those years, and since he began seeing you, he became a lot more happy. You're the reason of his happiness and we could thank you for that :). Before, music made me happy, not anymore and you're the one who has managed to bring his smile back. So I don't think we should hate you. You seem to be a very sweet person and I understand if Josh has left the band to live his "real" life. Thank you for telling him the sweet things Paramore fans can say, and for posting this message for us despite the fact there are haters. You're too sweet that you still care about us. Thanks :) Wish you all the best.

  185. Thank you so much for posting this

    I'm really sad that they're leaving the band but I wish them all the luck for the future.It was really sweet of you to take the time to post this for all the fans to see and I deeply hope that you ignore ignorant comments. I hope Josh gets better and that Zac will continue to rock on :)
    I think that I can say on the behalf of all the fans that we're really thankful for their dedication and hard work with Paramore. They have done so much for us and it's hard to see them go but we will still support them.
    I also want to say that you seem like a really lovely person and thank you once again for posting this.

  186. Thanks for posting this Jenna ;)
    Even if I felt like crap and started crying like a litte girl when I read the anouncement I want to wish Josh and Zac the best on whatever they're going to do after Paramore. I know they just gotta do what makes them happy. Paramore fans wiil miss your presence in the band and obviously your amazing and unreplaceble talent. Another thing I gotta say is THANK YOU :)Farro brothers will be missed... You'll be unreplaceble in Paramore and in my heart. The only thing that makes me feel sad is that I always dreamt about meeting Josh and Zac one day, and now I'll never be able to do it :( I will also miss to hear Hayley say 'Hey Josh', 'My heart' screamo, the 'Pressure' flip,'1,2,3,4' in Misguided Ghosts and obviously YOU. I don't know the reasons that lead you to make this decision, but if it makes you happy I totally support you guys. Paramore fans will have you in our hearts forever. I love you two. Your talent will be missed :)
    Sai, Costa Rica :D

    ps. Thank you so much Jenna, you're really sweet

  187. It's really sad, but we're still going to support Josh and Zac in anything they wish to pursue. It's their lives after all, they should go after anything that makes them happy. But no matter what happens, they will always have that special place in our hearts. Thank you for this Jenna. This is really sweet of you. Josh is lucky to have an amazing woman like you by his side. :) God bless.

  188. Hum..
    With so many comments I think you probabily won't see mine, and if you do so, here it goes..

    Well, to be honest, I was (and i still am a little bit) upset when I knew about Josh and Zac, because Paramore just became a band when they met Hayley and all this 6 years they were on the band! We (Paramore fans) LOVE so much all the Paramore members! For me, all of them are like friends that I've never met! (Friends that write and play some awesome musics that can translate our fellings and, when we need, can heal us!)

    So, I want to let them know that whatever they'll do, I wish them all the happiness in the world and all the luck they need! =D

  189. Thanks, Jenna, for keeping us up to date with it. I appreciate it, and so do tonnes of other Paramore fans. I said it in the last post, but I'm gonna say it again - I'm gonna support Josh wherever he goes within music, and I'm gonna support Zac with Tunnel (I really like Hide Your Eyes...). I'm also gonna support Paramore. Josh, Zac and Paramore [as a trio] mean too much for me just to give up on them just because some members left. I'm gonna support Josh, Zac, Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor because I consider myself a loyal fan and I owe to much to them.

    Oh, I tell Josh I said "get well soon" c;

    Thanks c:

  190. thankyou so much jenna, you're the cutest :)
    please let josh and zac know that we will always love and support them.
    i hope you & josh have a happy future.
    love bec,
    p.s. have a happy christmas :)