Thursday, December 16, 2010

Trinity church in Antarctica

I'ed the middle picture of this beautiful little church in Antarctica. I had to check with Google to make sure the picture wasn't photoshopped. It definitely exists...

 Trinity Church is a small Russian Orthodox church on King George Island near Russian Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica. It is the southernmost Eastern Orthodox church in the world and also is the evidence of great human architecture at the south pole. Built in 1990s, the church is a 15m-high wooden structure built in traditional Russian style. It can accommodate up to 30 worshipers at one time. The structure was built out of Siberian Pine by Altay carpenters, then dismantled, taken by truck to Kaliningrad and shipped to King George Island by the Russian supply ship. It was assembled by a group of 15 Russian science students. 


  1. Hey, can you post the link to your stumbleupon profile so i can follow you

  2. Jenna this is the only way for you to read this. I think :/ Today I read the announcement by Hayley Williams saying that Josh is leaving
    Paramore. Honestly my heart broke in two. Your husband was a man of great inspiration to me, he taught me that regardless the most important thing is to have Jesus in our hearts. I hope you can give this message to Josh, although his departure is very painful for their fans I'm sure that the Lord has big plans for his life.

    Constanza Reyes Vidal, Chile

  3. Jenna is the only way you read this I wanted to say that today I read an ad in I feel very bad zac josh and the band will swear that my heart broke into pieces as it was great and josh josh me iso jesus want more than they wanted josh is the ultimate jenna hope you're not to blame for that fence is zac josh.

    Melanie, Chile

  4. hey jenna,
    this is caroline, i've met you through josh twice. we tweeted each other once earlier this year too. im the girl who has gotten gift cards for you guys and stuff. i was just wondering if you could please give josh this link? josh has given me some great advice about life and just changed it in a lot of ways, and it would mean a lot if you would pass on to him:

    That's a post I made about/to him.


  5. Hi Jenna,

    Sorry to use your personal blog as a vessel for passing on messages to Josh. But this is the only way I know how.

    As much as I am saddened by the fact your husband and Zac are leaving Paramore, I wish them both futures doing something they can be truly happy with.

    Josh was the one person who inspired me to play guitar after watching The Final Riot. Seeing him play so flawlessly made me want to pick up a guitar and play exactly like him. So I owe that skill to him, and I hope he knows how much I looked up to him and his artistic capabilities. I admire his song writing talent very much as well, and that will be missed.

    Just wanted to let the Farro brothers know how much of an impact they have had on me and many other fans, and even though they may not be apart of Paramore anymore, they will not be forgotten.

    And Jenna - You have a lovely blog by the way haha.

  6. Caroline, I shared your blog link with Josh this morning. Thank you. We both appreciate your kindness and support. - Jenna

  7. Jenna ...i'm Vanessa from Chie and this is the only way you read this and tell to josh we love him so much and he will be in our hearts for ever and he is a inspiration for us !!!!
    Thank u i hope you tell this to him

    P.D: sorry my English!
    Your blog is amazing!:)

  8. Hi Jenna This is the only way to communicate with you, I hope that does not bother.Only wanted to say that josh was a great inspiration to me because I was the maximum playing the guitar and always sera but when yesterday hear that josh and zac were withdrawing from the band i felt very bad.The only thing that ise was to see videos of josh and i left some tears because josh was a great inspiration for me the only thing i wanted to make was playing the guitar. I hope that you can communicate this to josh <3. Thank you very much.

    Melanie, Chile

    PD: Sorry if I do not understand my English haha

  9. and here i am, adding to the list of Paramore fans who are using your blog to pass their messages on to Josh. sorry..i sincerely hope it doesn't annoy you too much. i would just like to let him know he will be immensely missed.

    i was in shock at the news he was leaving and i still am a little bit. i did not expect it, at all.
    i had the extreme pleasure of meeting him a few times and got to talk to him quite a bit. i'll never forget how incredibly nice and sweet he's been to me every time. i always listened to what he had to say with great interest, he's always seemed such an amazing guy to me, and i'm so sad that i don't know when/if i'll get to hear from him again.
    he didn't smile much, but when he did i knew it was real and it really warmed my heart. the last time i met him he was really funny and goofy and made me laugh a lot, i will always remember those moments with a big smile on my face.
    i know he didn't like the limelight and i know that fame freaked him out, but i also know he genuinely cared about us fans.

    Paramore will never be the same for me without him. his dedication for this band and the passion he put in everything he did will never be forgotten. his creativity and amazing talent cannot be wasted, i truly hope he'll carry on with music.

    goodbyes are always so hard. i'm sure this isn't easy for anyone and i'm sure Josh is taking his time, but i really really hope he is going to make an official statement himself as soon as he's ready. i just need to hear from him again one last time :(

    my last words are for you Jenna: you really seem like a sweet girl and i'm glad that someone like you is by Josh's side. keep on taking good care of him, i wish you both all the happiness in the world.

    oh my gosh, this is so long. sorry, but i couldn't really sum it up.

  10. JENNA SORRY FOR SPAMMING YOU! thanks for showing to josh. i really appreciate it more than words. thank you so much! i wish the best to both of you. thank you for your kindness.

  11. I actually went to that church!!! it is very beatiful and small!!!
    I have some pictures with the priest....