Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Homemade hair-clips

My friend Gracie and I were feeling crafty one day and decided to make our own hair pieces. It was very cheap & simple. We get compliments whenever we wear them. We got the supplies at Joanns.
- plain metal hair barrettes
- hot glue gun
-lace ribbon
-bird charm
 Most of these are self explanatory. Glue whatever you want to the clip. With the feathered ones, I added the largest feathers first to the back of a button, layering the smaller feathers on top. Then I glued the button to the clip. Voila, they were ready in about 20 minutes!


  1. Super cute Jenna.. My momma and I make hair accessories too! (Mainly for younger girls and babies) I never thought to make some more adult ones though. Great ideas, Thanks! Oh and check us out at Forget Me Knots on Facebook!

  2. So cute! But acessories is not for me... I do a lot of things with coffee filter, like this...

    This is easy to do. I have to try do someday.

    Love your blog (:

  3. I've been meaning to attempt making some hair clips/headbands... maybe that's how I'll spend my MLK day off. :) Yours turned out so cute!

  4. I usually don't like/wear hair clips... but those are really beautiful and cute :D

  5. woowowowow thats so cool! i never thought about doing that, really handy........

  6. These are pretty classy.
    I also make hair-clips, but I use felt and make rosebuds, flowers, bows and stuff like that. They turn out really cute.

  7. that's cool!!!!
    Jenna what do/did you study in college ???? somthing about fashion???? just asking:)

  8. Hey Jenna, I ove these and for my I.T. GCSE we are creating an event for upcycling, it would be of great help to me if I could use this idea for it. Many thanks, Paige.