Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last Tasmanian Tiger, Thylacine, 1933

(It is actually neither a tiger nor a wolf. )


  1. what...?
    oh my... it's actually cute hahah :)

  2. it looks strange... REALLY strange... and still it's somehow fascinating and cute... haha

  3. that looks scary! imagine seeing one of those at night :S

  4. It's actually pretty sad, the situation with the Tassie Tiger. There's a great book on it, written from the view of the Tiger, sort of like Elaine Mitchell's The Silver Brumby was written from the POV of the wild horses. I'll comment later and let you know what it's called - the title escapes me right now.

    As an Aussie, it makes me sad to admit that Australia has the highest rate of extinction in the world, but proud to say that I'm one of the thousands of scientists doing their darndest to slow that down.