Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love for cookies

Traditionally we decorate Christmas cookies every year. Well, as usual the holiday season was a pretty chaotic blur. Now that it is nearly February and things have slowed down, we decided to make Valentine's themed cookies. How can you go wrong with cheesy love stuff & hearts? We made the first batch gluten free so that I could partake in the sugar high!

They turned out beautiful and sappy.

Bagheera kept climbing into josh's lap to check out all the action. Typical Bag-man move.


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  1. The one with Bagheera in Josh's lap was hilarious :D
    It made me crack up. Bagheera's so adorable :]
    And those cookies look delicious!

  2. Bagheera looks like he wants some of that cookie so bad haha. its cute

  3. Oh very cute! Bagheera is so adorable!

  4. Maybe someday you can invite me for eating cookies? :)

  5. You guys are too adorable.

    Bagheera looks so well behaved. I can't have my kitten sitting in my lap with anything edible in front of her, not even for a second. She's always hungry, she'd try to eat anything in sight. I mean, she eats popcorns, too O_o

  6. aaww this is so cute!

    what did you use to decorate them?

    whenever I do cookies I let them with their original color... they're pretty boring, but still taste super good! haha

  7. schweet! those cookies look yummy. and that second picture of ya'll is cute. and Bagheera looks like he's sayin "GIMME SUMM!!" hahaha

  8. I'm sorry if this is personal, but do you have gluten sensitivity or celiac? It seemed so cool that there are actually gluten free cookies out there! My brother's just got diagnosed and the whole family is worried that we'll be left to eat nothing but corn chips and salsa for the rest of our lives.

    Anyway they look gorgeous! Bagheera is such a sweet cat- melted my heart!

  9. whenever my fam decorates cookies, it ends up looking like a bag of rainbow-frosting puked up. :/
    lovin' ur cooking skillage.

  10. Oh my goodness I can't decide which is cuter - Bagheera or you and Josh! <3 I love seeing you two so happy!

  11. Bagheera's so sweet!
    Gosh, I can't bake to save my life! The last time I *tried* to make cookies they came out thin and burnt.
    How I got a job at a cafe where I have to make food I'll never know.

    Anyway, happy (early) valentines day to you both :)

  12. LOL I completely forgot about the cookies and was side-tracked by Bagheera - omg that is the funniest and cutest photo of him ever!! Suprised he didn't eat anything - my cats do that and once they have the chance they go for the food!!