Friday, January 7, 2011


Why can't I upload photos to my blog from my phone? Someone tell me that it's possible! I need to share these pictures asap. I forget how beautiful this place is.

Today we snowmobiled through Yellowstone National Park.Ah, loving this trip and everyone who is on it! So much fun to be on an actual vacation!

Stay tuned for some pictures

Jenna Montana


  1. lol "Jenna Montana"
    Aw! I look forward to the photos, great that you're having such lovely vacation.
    I hope someday to know Montana, or the United States, must be beautiful with all that snow *-*
    I want pictures!
    Someone tells you how you can upload photos...and fast lol
    You continue to enjoy and have fun for me too;)
    Have nice day tomorrow.
    Greetings from Colombia. South America

  2. have you tried this app?

  3. cant wait for you and josh to see the paramore interview and for the reaction

  4. Last anon, move on man...or woman!;) It's a new year, it's a new beginning. They've moved on and I can guarantee you they want you too as well. No one has ever asked you to take sides, so don't. I didn't. I mean they're all "good" people (no ones good, no not one), but you know what I mean (I hope) Like paramore for their music and what they continue to do, and if you want to continue following the farros via their blogs or whatever they choose to do, support them with that, but just move on. Also don't worry about if they have hard feelings with each other. Things will work out the way God wants it to and it WILL be for the better. Just remember forgiveness is a good thing and both paramore, and the farros know this too. I mean Franklin IS a small town (minus like cool springs kinda)for the most part. They more than likely will work things out...with time. Finally don't hope for this thing to continue with a dramatic "response" as you're hoping for. Both parties don't want it to be that way. If you want to do anything pray for them (every one of them). It will be heard, trust me. So from this point on please no more comments on paramore. Jenna has asked you nicely. Let them enjoy their trip. So to be on topic, give her suggestions on ways to put pics on here with her phone. Let's see those pics! ;)

  5. LOL Jenna Montana XD

    want to see these pics!!...

    have a great time!!

  6. Your post made me cold. Have fun BE SAFE!

  7. 1. MONTANA! I'd love to visit Montana. It's high up there on my list if I ever make it across the Pacific to the US.

    2. Jenna Montana = lol! A+ ...

    3. Anon above? GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE. Sheesh.

    Have fun and Happy New Year!

    Lou xo

  8. Jenna, tries to make these my holidays happier, alias ta live in Brazil and increased boredom
    looking forward to photos:)