Monday, January 3, 2011

my makeup products

Sorry dudes! Can't see many of you having an interest in this post. Some of you have requested I do a makeup post. I am going to show you some of my favorite products this year that I use.

*note: I only wear makeup about once a week. I am pretty lazy and usually too cold or sleepy in the mornings to care about my face. However, I do love makeup and collecting  products for the girly times.

Mascara :
For big, black lashes I use Cargo: TexasLash $20
For cheek blush/bronzer: I use Benefit Duo Bronzer. Blends well and looks like natural sun-kissed cheek bones.
For foundation: I use Smashbox High Definition with the Photo Finish Primer for long lasting, smooth foundation

Eye shadow:... hmm that always depends on my mood. I generally like color shadow palettes ( from Urban Decay Book of Shadows) so I can mix & match. One can never go wrong with MAC eye shadow though. Their pigment quality is great. 

Eye Liners: Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Oil Slick (blackish) and Roach (burgundy). This stuff goes on smooth and lasts a long time. 
For pencil liner I use L'oreal Wear Infinite. It's smudgeproof.

Eyebrows: I fill in the gaps sometimes with Urban Decay Brow Box. It comes with a light and a dark powder powder, a slant tip brush, shaping wax, and a mirror! I love it. 

Concealer: Too Faced (thank you Natalie for turning me on to this stuff)  It slides right into your pocket for touch ups on the go. 
Lips: I don't really wear lipstick colors. I usually just use organic balms to keep them moisturized. Here is the one I have been using lately. Inspired Lips by Good Fortune
Sunscreen: This stuff is expensive, but my dermatologist recommended it and I must say, it's done wonders for my skin! I use the 60 SPF daily. 
La Roche Posay


  1. Karoline, Camilla and SiljeJanuary 3, 2011 at 12:42 PM

    Hey Jenna! We love you so much, you are so pretty. Awesome blog! Way to go girl! Say hi to Josh from us :] we love him too <3

  2. Karoline, Camilla and SiljeJanuary 3, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    Btw we are from Norway :)

  3. lol, now i feel lame about my simple drugstore eyeliner, mascara, and blush xD

  4. Hey girl, I have an entire box full of drugstore products that I use all of the time! They are good too! The above products are just my favorite for the moment! They last a long time so it's like an investment.

  5. I love mac make-up!:D
    Also for taking it all off, I'm not sure if you will get this out in the states, but I use simple cleansing eye make-up remover pads! They even take off waterproof mascara and lets face it, that stuff is sure hard to get off! haha.
    It's for sensitive skin so thats always a bonus!
    For moisturiser I just have to use Johnson's baby lotion! No joke! It makes your skin so soft!

    Sorry I just had to join in on the make-up talk! haha


  6. "I am pretty lazy and usually too cold or sleepy in the mornings to care about my face. "

    So you mean to say, you're all natural in your pictures, wow! you really are beautiful!
    I'm only fifteen but i'll kep these make-up tips in mind :)

  7. jenna that's awesome ...i love make up !
    can i ask u something?..What did/do you study in the university? just curiosity!
    Sorry my english is bad (i'm

  8. "I am pretty lazy and usually too cold or sleepy in the mornings to care about my face. "

    woah... same here.. :D
    either I'm going to be late for school, with make up.. or I'll be on time, without make up :(

    you always look awesome :D

  9. Jenna what's your favorite pencil eyeliner, because it is so so hard to find a good one?

    I love inspired lip balms.. the orange vanilla one stays in my pocket wherever I go! So obsessed..

  10. what about nail polishes? favourite colours?

  11. I swear "organic" is a reacuring theme in all posts!

  12. If you love colorful eye shadows, try "MAKE UP FOR EVER" their colors are really nice. It's available at sephora which I don't know if Nashville has a sephora but I definitely hope they do because that's where I plan on going to college...
    I normally use this brand, mac or urban decay also. Plus bare minerals mascara is reaallly good.

  13. Mila, I added to the post the pencil liner that I like to use for you!

    Anon, Nail polish: sally hansen's new salon manicure line ! the shape of the tip makes really smooth color. it dried quickly too..

    Megan B, I love Make Up Forever too.

    - Jenna (too lazy to sign in sorry)

  14. Hmm ok I shall try this one.. thankyou!
    You should do a hair post too.. your hair color is amazing.. Is it natural?

  15. Thanks for this post! its always hard for me to find a mascara that I love; I will check this one out :) I've been using loreal's collagen one and its amazing.

    and wow that urban decay brow box looks fantastic! I really think eyebrows can make or break a person haha I need this in my life! thanks a lot :)


  16. Thanks for the post! We kinda sound the same about wearing makeup maybe once a week..When I do wear it I love to have stuff that last a while. Must try the lip balm. :] Thanks again for this post!

  17. once you go mac you can never go back haha!
    and i love the benefit box powders.
    have you ever tried coralista by benefit? it's gorgeous!

  18. Hey Jenna,
    Well, honestly I'm not really like using makeup, but I do love makeup. I feel didin't confident to use makeup. I think I just wanna try natural makeup, could you give me some suggestions for natural makeup? Pleeeaaassseeee :P

    Sorry if my english is bad.
    -Avila :)

  19. What general face cleaner do you use? I've tried a quite a variety and finally settled on regular soap and water... everything else breaks my skin out horribly.

  20. Amber, have you tried Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser?

  21. Avila, have you used bare minerals? Their foundation products are so sheer you can barely see them. They make eye shadows in some great neutral shades as well. Also, if you're opting for a natural look, go with brown mascara instead of black

  22. K, I'll try! Thank you Jenna :D

  23. I haven't. Googling it now! I don't like soap because it dries out my skin but I have yet to find a face wash that doesn't irritate it terribly.

  24. Love reading Make up posts!
    Cannot agree with you more on mac eye shadow. It's amazing and the colour seems to lasts forever. I think I'll try that foundation you recommended, I have been in need for a good foundation for a while.

    P.S I think it's so awesome that you only wear make up once a week, I wish I had the confidence to do that!

  25. smudgeproof pencil liner? never been able to find one of those before lol
    urban decay eyeliner is the best though, good choice

  26. i love Urban Decay!
    I got the NYC Book of Secrets III for Christmas and it is amazing.
    Their colours are so strong.

  27. Coming from a cosmetologist, you have great taste in make up! I only use L'oreal for an eye liner, everything else smudges really easily, and just comes off really easily through out the day.

    Great tips. Gotta love posts like these.

  28. I think my mum uses the cargo mascara, looks really good! though i can't say i would buy any, think i will just probably steal hers!

  29. LOL I am one of those girls who doesn't own much makeup... BUT glad to hear that there are some people who don't bother to wear makeup all the time either!! I will wear it on weekends or when I am going out somewhere special, but other than that it's just clear beauty!! Thanks for the post though - I love to look at the different styles and products people use...

  30. Ooh Urban Decay eye shadow is the best! I'll have to look into the other stuff you suggested, I'm in need of a Sephora trip!

  31. oh aren't we having a girly moment!hahaha! It's like a worldwide sleepover! who is bringing what?
    haha kidding on:)
    thanks for the makeup tips! what about one for relationships?! lol

    frm scotland:Dxxx

  32. i love posts like these! and you're right mac - eye shadows are aweeesome, i plan on getting many more! i wish i was as pretty as you without any make-up. :)