Thursday, January 27, 2011

Representing one of my favorite bands today. The National.

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  1. The National is a cool band, nice taste of music :)

  2. I love your music taste...
    the national, death cab for cutie and paper route... wow.. they are all amazing... and so are you... :)

    p.s. this shirt is awesome! (I have the same one :D) and I love your jeans... :)

  3. Wow flat chested!! What are you 34 A in bra? My little sister has bigger boobs ans shes in 7th grade! Lmfao

  4. Whoaa, I like it. :'D
    My dad is going to their gig in february. (Belgium)

  5. Holy crap you have awesome taste in music!!! I saw The National live a few months ago and it was the best gig I've seen in a long while!!

  6. I said that my dad is going to see them and I'm gonna see them too in july.
    I love The National! <3