Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have a twitter again! My friends convinced me. My twitter name is jennathecat. Josh has one too now since its easier for him to tweet updates rather than blog them. His name is joshfarro87. Let the twitter madness begin.

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  1. now we just need Zac back. we miss him a lot.
    you guys try to convince him. i loved the pics he posted and his random funny tweets.

  2. I support the first comment, help us to convince to Zac to open your twitter account please!!
    [Sorry for my bad english D:]
    Btw I love your blog, I give an idea of your personality and believe me I love It ^ ^
    you're cool...
    I'm more than delighted with bagheera, is so cute ♥
    Greetings from Colombia, and you're well ;)

  3. yayy. the Farro couple's got twitterr(: i shall follow :P

  4. following...both of you... :D
    now like the first comments said.. we need zac back :D please try to convince him :D
    I missed your tweets... please don't make your twitter private again... :(

  5. wow now that you broke up the band you leave your twitter on public. what a joke. btw - why did you have regrowth in your hair on your wedding day?
    you could of at least tried to look half decent on your special day love.

  6. Yay!! :)
    I second all of the comments above (except for the Anonymous one, of course, who btw, could gtfo... if you don't like Jenna, just don't enter to her blog, it makes no sense)

    Already following!! :)

  7. If you like Tim Burton you will definitely like this artist: - it's still under construction

  8. Haha!
    Dear anonymous who has issues with my hair on my wedding day,
    I had my hair done a few days before the wedding to the exact blonde look that I wanted. I think root showing is more natural looking than bleached to the scalp, in fact any decent stylist would agree. Thank you for studying my wedding photos so diligently though. I am impressed.
    The reason I am leaving my twitter on public now is because I thought the influx of hateful fans being rude would be lessen. It is people like you that make me want to change my mind.

  9. jenna, please don't! there are ignorant people, like this anonymous out there.. but there are also many people out there, liking you, thinking you are a nice person and being interested in you... those insulting you, are just people who should get a life... just.... ignore them :)

  10. it's easy (and pathetic) to say hateful things hiding behind a screen. i can imagine being hard to ignore it, but try to, because honestly cowards like those don't deserve any attention.

  11. Jenna, anyone who will put in effort to say something rude has no life. Don't even worry about the haterz. You are beautiful and blessed with a good life!

  12. it is such a shame that people who hate you, with no good reason, are so pathetic to actually follow your blog just to made rude, and obscene comments. obviously said anon is just jealous that you are beautiful, and people are so interested in you. it's easy to say hateful things with a keyboard, but i doubt that anon wouldn't have nerve to say it to your face.

    and to the anon, as a hair stylist myself, it looks far more natural with some roots showing rather then bleached to the scalp as jenna said. many other stylists will tell you that as well. unless you want to look like a fake bottle blonde, re-growth is the most natural look. i actually like the blonde with darker roots.

    to the point of your post, glad to see you on twitter jenna. i'm sure your tweets will be just as enjoyable as your blog!

  13. Speaking of your wedding day I saw pictures of it and you looked really pretty!!!!!!!!


  14. LMAOOOOO. firstly im not even following this blog i just came across it and had a laugh and btw if i saw her in real life i'd say the exact same thing to her face. i didn't actually think she'd reply haha but all im getting from her reply is 1) didn't deny she was part of the reason the band broke up and 2)wouldn't you think that fans would hate you more now?? :S i honestly didn't see a reason for them to hate you before when you were on private, but now im seeing why they would. anywaysssss have a good day. peace

  15. Anon you came across it too many times. If Josh wanted to spend more time with people he loves it's his right, do you blame his mother and father for a break up. They are part of his family too. Band life is not your life. How old are you 5? that you have nothing more interesting to do that live someone else's life.

  16. nicee! I hope you will follow me back one day! :))

  17. No i don't blame them at all. If that is true, then why not just say you want to spend more time with your family and wife then bringing up things that happened 7 years ago?. It doesn't make sense and it just starts more trouble. If he did come out and say his family was the reason he wanted to leave then good for him i would respect that. but to blame it for irrelevant things, i don't respect that. LOL im not living anyone elses life mate, just wanted questions answered after being mislead for a long time. so cool story bro. ;) you should get your info fixed.

  18. you're such a fame-digging whore. stop it already, you're making yourself look really stupid.

  19. Anon, I'm going to go ahead and clarify something here for you. I am far from the reason Josh left the band. In fact, had Josh and I not gotten married he would have left sooner. He thought having me on tour with him with alleviate his unhappiness on the road. It did for awhile but it eventually just became more clear that paramore was no longer the place he needed to be. I support him wholeheartedly wether he is in paramore or not. If I was a fame digging
    Whore as you say, wouldn't you think I'd want Josh to remain in the paramore spotlight as long as possible?

  20. @Anon You came up with that that she was the reason of broke up. you don't blame his family but you blame Jenna coz you can insult her on her own blog. Josh didn't bring up things that happened 7 years ago but things that LAST 7 years and they are surely not irrelevant for him coz Paramore was HIS band.
    Paramore didn't break up if you haven't noticed yet. They're still there so you can go and listen to their stuff or only old cds if Paramore doesn't exist for you anymore.

    Than You Jenna:)

  21. Jenna I think you're right, but don't care about the words that anonymous said..I think he's only sad 'cause he miss josh and zac. I think he's sad and angry, like most of paramore fans I guess (:

  22. I'm pretty sure anon IS a fame digging whore..If he/she would be married to someone famous he/she would be, like he/she thinks jenna is... I mean.. like we all can see he/she likes attention a lot... -.-
    and @anon... get a life... stop insulting people, who have a life... -.-

  23. Hmm. Interesting. Last time I checked this isn't a 'Paramore' blog, so if you want to talk about that band, maybe you should go find somewhere people aren't annoyed or exasperated by your comments. Coming to attack someone on their personal blog is pathetic, and sad. Claiming that people should get their info fixed when they are the one spewing wrong information.

    One thing I learned from the internet is don't feed the trolls or they just keep coming back. Just ignore the ignorance and idiocy of little girls who are just jealous that you have such a blessed life.

    Anyways. Jenna, I noticed that some of your older posts are about food. Do you cook at all? Or do you just rely on cooking skills of others like me? (:

  24. You're so sweet. You shouldn't have to deal with the hate :/ It's not fair.

  25. Dear Jenna, it think that it's so cool that you've got like everyone: a normal blog and a twitter-account.
    I don't get it why people threw their hate to you, it's not like you're in the band.. I'm not going to judge anyway, I haven't followed the whole hype about paramore ( I live in Europe, haha).
    Anyway, keep up the blogging stuff, I am going to follow you.
    Love, Laurein

  26. I really don't understand why people have to be sooo hateful. Why come on here and be negative to a person you know nothing about. Jenna I appreciate your blog and twitter. Please don't let these people affect you.

  27. yeah okay i respect what you just said but i think the way the whole issue was dealt with was wrong. i mean don't you think the fans have a right to feel betrayed? Josh pretty much said that the last 7 yrs have been fake when he was so many peoples heros but really behind the scenes it wasnt like that at all. and esp with josh stating how certain lines contradicted stuff from the bible, and don't get me wrong i am a christian but isn't lying to your fans and being fake considered as a sin too? he shouldve left from day 1 if that was the case. and then he says he dated hayley LOL like if you dislked her so much why even do that. and btw i wasn't the one who called you a fame digging whore.. i dont think that at all. you seem like a nice enough person. and kelsey you justt contradicted everything you said about not feeding trolls because there gonna come back with that comment you retard. but good try on trying to get jenna to reply to u. ok im out for real peace.

  28. Hi Jenna, please read this. But first, sorry for my english.

    I am 16 and I feel lost. I envy the people who have faith in something, I want to have that too. To search comfort and just to pray. Seeing you and Josh together makes me feel glad and warm inside. I admire your strong belief in God. How secure you are in yourselves.

    Somehow I have a hard time to believe in God. I do believe in something, I do not know what it is. Some higher power above us all. More than that I do not know.

    None of my family are really, really religious. My mum, as I, believe in some higher power. I think my dad is an atheist of some kind, not 100% but still. Whilst my sister is Christian. We moved to Sweden from a country in Asia when I was 5 or 6, and originally we are Muslims. But I feel so lost. It seems like every religion is the same, how are people supposed to know what to believe in?

    I think the only thing that is stopping me from believing in God is that, how can people prove that he exists? and how can people believe in someone who's existence can not be proved? I Do not sound like a believer. But I do have faith in something, not knowing what it is, makes me confused. And I do want to believe in God, but at the same time I feel so lost.

    Please help me somehow. Write an entry and post it if you have some ideas.

  29. X: I identify myself a lot with what you said. I'm Christian but I always think bout that. I feel pretty lost, too. And I'm also 16 hahaha
    "But I do have faith in something, not knowing what it is, makes me confused."

    I always think: it may exist as there's a lot of people who believe in Him and He seems to help them through life.
    And then I stop thinking about it because whenever I think about the Universe, God, religion and stuff like that, I end up really confused. :)

    ps. Gotta quote a Paramore song: "It's not faith if you use your eyes"

  30. @ X... the same here... I always consider myself as a mixture.. i mean I believe there's something... but I can't point my finger on it.. it's really confusing.. and it's really good to see other people feel the same... (other people beside my mother... she's the same.. believing in it, but not fully being sure about it)I think it depends on how you were raised.. I mean my mother's childhood was like that.. and since I'm in a family, of religious confusion, I'm not used to being fully religious... (I hope someone understands what I write, cause I'm not really sure if i understand it myself...)

  31. @X and Belen: there's this interview where Josh talks a bit about his faith
    i think it may be interesting for you to hear his answer to the last question :)

  32. Thank you for the link. It's nice to know that I'm not alone, thinking like this.

    But his answer on the last question made me sad. I do not want to believe that I chose not to have faith in God. It was not a choice If was not raised in to it. I want to believe in Him. But it is hard.

  33. thanks for the link! I had already seen that interview but didn't remember it... and plus I love Josh's interviews :)
    that link is now bookmarked in my computer ;)

    I have a lot of friends who don't believe in God and when we talk about it they deny Him and ask me how can I believe if, for example, "we all know He did not create the universe".
    I don't believe in creationism, I think what the Bible explains is just a metaphor, but still I believe He had something to do with the begining of the universe. To understand religion, how can God exist or not exist, is something difficult.
    What I see in my friends is that they chose the easy way, to just deny it as you can find happiness even without having faith. And then is when I think what you said, "I do not want to believe that I chose not to have faith in God"
    I don't want to choose the easy way. So I still have hope that someday I will understand this and I'll find real faith.

  34. @ X
    "It was not a choice If was not raised in to it. I want to believe in Him. But it is hard."

    exactly what I think...

  35. I think this amazing what this has turned into. People helping each other understand faith and something great, instead of hate and jealously. :)

  36. @AndyMac exactly was I was thinking about right now :)

  37. "It was not a choice If was not raised in to it" - Trust me, faith is a choice, whether you were raised in a religious family or not. It's something you either feel or you don't. You cannot force it on anyone, not even on yourself.
    For instance, I was raised in a Christian home, but that doesn't mean it's easier for me to believe in God. Sure, I might have had a starting point on which to build, but I've had my doubts and I'm still having them from time to time. Almost everyone struggles or has struggled with faith in their life, no matter what their religion is. That's just part of our human nature.

    When I was little I was told that God is like the wind: you can't see it, but you can feel it and you can see its effects. It's something that I started to see and really understand with time. Basically that's the main reason why I believe, because, even though I can't see God, I can feel His presence and I see what He does in my life and in the life of others.

    In the end I think that what matters the most is living a good life, being loving, kind, forgiving and respectful, whether or not you believe :)

  38. But I think it would be easier for me to see clearer if I was raised in to it. I had more faith when I was a child, but still confused, I prayed in 3 different languages to 3 different religions. EVERY night. Because I did not know which one too pray to. With time I somehow lost faith and hope, and since none of the members in my family are religious I did not find my hope again.

    I think it is very sad. Because I would love to find peace in life, have the same feeling as you believers. I want to feel safe. I can not do that when I'm lost. Sad but true. Maybe there is something wrong with me?

  39. One of my favourite Paramore songs. Here's my favourite quote from it. It seems to fit in my life pretty good now.

    "Where can I turn
    when I need something more?
    surrounded by uncertainty
    I'm so unsure
    Tell me why
    I feel so alone
    'cause I need to know
    to whom do I owe?"

  40. @X you just quoted one of my favourite (if not my favourite) lyrics out of all Paramore songs. I love every single word in that part.

  41. I love the words even more, considering that they simply describes my life.

  42. right... it IS really hard to believe in god if you're not raised into it... I mean... if you're in a not religious family your used to such a life and you can't really change it just like that.. (you don't have to be religious if you're family is or the other way around)
    I really try to believe in god and everything... but it's hard... I have to remind myself to it.. and yeah.. it's just.. I want to rely on something (like my faith)... and I just can't... I really would love to be really religious (especially in bad times, when you don't know what to do... I would love to just pray and be delighted... but also in good times... I want something to rely on..)
    yeah... as I said I can't really describe it...

  43. Yes. That's what I want to. Something to rely on.

  44. Hey Jenna - this is Chris. I just read an article in Rolling Stone about Paramore and, 20 minutes later, I somehow ended up here. More music and art - less makeup and crafts, and I might keep reading it ;)
    I'm a little embarrassed at the boredom it took to read through some of these comments, but I feel like I have something to say to these younger folks.

    There isn't anything to be afraid of. God or no God, you will find peace over the years - I know it sucks to hear, but you're just young. Live a life that owes itself to your curious, kind and adventuress nature - not your fears, anxieties, and comforts - and you will find peace in the deep understanding of life, humanity, compassion, creativity, and love - along with its essential counterparts, hate, destruction and disease. If you are religious, don't use it as a shield or a hiding place. Use it as a vessel.

    Here's a little metaphor. Imagine you're a rock climber.

    I think religion, whether real or imaginary, is like a climbing rope. It's not there to pull you up the mountain. It's just there to support you and keep you from falling. You can choose to believe the rope is there. Or you can choose to believe it isn't there. Either way, you still have to climb that mountain. So just keep climbing and don't stop just to ask yourself whether the rope is really there or not, even if the climbing doesn't make sense. A rock climb doesn't make sense until you're at the top of the mountain, finally able to see the bigger picture. Same with life. If you quit too early, you'll be stuck in neutral - tired and sore on the side of a cliff. But as long as you keep climbing, you'll eventually end up in a better place. Whether that's finally understanding and embracing life for what it is, or going to heaven. Remember this if nothing else: fear is more natural than any organic wheatgrass smoothie could ever want to be. Breathe it in like air, blow it out, and continue to climb the mountain. Me? I believe in a rope, but have no idea what it looks like. Either way, I'd rather be climbing than sitting at the bottom, wasting life trying to prove there isn't one.

    We're humans - we like to grasp at things that are juuuust out of reach. It's how we keep moving forward. If you treat any part of religion or life as a destination and not a journey, you'll stop moving altogether and end up staring at life just a few feet off the ground, from the side of that mountain. That view isn't very impressive, is it? The air is kind of stale too. Keep climbing :)

    "everything you could ever want, or be, you already have, and are."(great movie)

  45. P.S. - whether for survival or religious reasons, people were put on this planet to help eachother. If you need something to rely on, find a person you can trust - whether a preacher, a friend, or a loved one - that really speaks to you, and stick by their side. Really, like right now. You won't find anything like that on a computer screen.

  46. jenna your gorgeous so ignore losers who write stupid things.
    wishing you all the best, mary from Sydney,Australia
    P.S: saw a couple of your wedding photos just recently and let me just sayy WOW. Hope i look as radiant and beautiful as you on my day.

  47. Hi Jenna.
    Do you actually have a formspring me? Or where do you answers questions? :)

  48. @Anon. That metaphor was really good. I never thought of it that way.

  49. Dear Jenna,
    Even though loads of people have been saying bad things to you bout breaking up the band, I somehow feel that you are SO innocent. It's not your fault that you & Josh are high school sweetheart and fell in love. It's also not Josh's (and Zac's) fault that they left the band - Josh probably would like to spend some more time with you and Zac.. God knows what he's up to but I still support the Farro's...

    I followed you & Josh (and Jonathan :D) the moment you posted this and I keep tweeting you and trying and trying to make you guys reply back to me but so far... :'( Bottom line, support you guys from The Sun to Pluto (and back)!
    BTW, my Twitter account is ShazaWaza309 :)

    <3 <3 <3

  50. Josh never wanted to communicate with fans when he had Paramore to ride on, now he needs the publicity he's got twitter. He'll never regain the fan base he had. The main reason for this is the overly religious element to his tweets. Do you know that on the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said religion was private and not to be screamed about. Also - why feel the need to shove it in everyones faces?
    Secondly, and most importantly, he is the single most hypocritical person ever. "If you havent got anything to say, dont say it" ...hmm. If only he had taken his own advice, bowed out of paramore, told everyone he wanted to be at home with his new wife and change his path. Paramore fans would of embraced that, loved him for it, (although still been a tad disapointed). But no, he felt the need to attempt to tear down everything he had built up.

    The worst one was 'People will say anything from behind a computer screen.' YEAH. Totally, Josh. You slammed the band, slammed Jeremy, and hated on Hayley like an unbeliveable amount. He was determined to completley discredit the band. AND HE DID ALL OF THIS BEHIND A COMPUTER SCREEN. When asked to come on 'last word' it was quoted that they were 'not ready to talk about it'. Exactly, he could say it all behind a computer screen, but wouldnt be a man and just talk about it.

    He'll never be as sucessful again. Hope he enjoyed his fame. In an attempt to tear down Paramore he has ruined himself. He should be ashamed of himself.

  51. Dude, whoever just said "Josh never wanted to communicate with fans when he...", could you say it somewhere else? Why here? Why at his wife's blog? This blog has NOTHING to do with Paramore. It is just a... blog. :P


  52. Josh is GAY, He is so fuckin' G A Y

  53. Josh is an asshole. im speaking nothing but the truth he is such a fuckin ASSHOLE. how the fuck can he be talking shit about Hayley Williams. like you said Paramore is Hayley Williams and everyone loves Hayley so fuck off. you were the gay guy always next to Hayley. the boring gay guy

  54. To the comment above, "Like you said Paramore is Hayley Williams..." So basically, you don't love Paramore, you love Hayley Williams, like most of the "fans".
    Pathetic, Josh is the one who wrote the music btw, if you didn't realize.

    Paramore should rename their band to "Hayley Williams and the Paramores" or something.