Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little vacation

Just a bit of an update. This past weekend we took a quick family trip to Gatlinburg, TN . It was our first joint family (Farro + Rice) experience. So much fun!! My brother in laws Jonathan and Zac accompanied my parents, sister, Josh, and I! We joked about it being called "boycation" because my dad and the boys were off riding scooters and motorcycles together for hours. Our cabin was incredible, minus the dead lady bug infestation! We were all bummed to leave. Although Gatlinburg is extremely redneck and full of hilarious attractions, the mountains are l beautiful and there is plenty to see and do.
Some photos:
Raiding some tacky motorcycle shops

About to ride

Trucker hat love

Me, brooke, mom

Group shot of the "kids"


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  1. love that last photo(: looks like ya'll had funn.

  2. seriously every time you or Josh upload photos of Tennessee understand why you love so much, is beautiful!
    gradually has become my dream, I have to get to know Tennessee ♥
    Definitely nothing like a family vacation, right? :)
    [From Colombia]

  3. hahaha nice pics!!
    I especially like the first and last one :)
    Jonathan's face in the first one makes me lol so much hahaaha
    and you all look super cute in the last photo!

  4. ohh you added more photos! then I gotta say I love the 6th pic! you look so cute!! <3

  5. awww you have such a beautiful and blessed family!
    love you <3

  6. hahaha the first pic

    i think we need more Farro boys in this world
    they're so cute and they all seem so sweet

  7. Where's Josh's piercing =(? xP