Thursday, April 14, 2011

Florida !!!

A little over two years ago Josh drove down to Florida on my spring break and surprised me! We had our first official date down here at this little vegetarian breakfast spot called Hibiscus. We decided to come back down here for our one year wedding anniversary and relive the memories. It's been such an awesome week. The weather has been great, so of course we are all sun burned. I have eaten Grouper every single night (can't get enough fresh seafood)! Oh, and Brandon Chesbro & Zac joined us which only added to the good times. We play this board game called Settlers of Catan every spare moment at the house. It's highly addictive. Josh and I packed the dirt-bike on the back of the truck and rode all over town on it. Brilliant idea! Here are some pics from the trip.

Stopped by sonic on the way down

Can't top the gulf

Shaved ice

My favorite record shop

Josh relaxing poolside

Sunset dinner date



Back of motorcycle


Did a photo shoot with brandon. Here is my best shot! ;)

Dapper date night

French toast at Hibiscus

Motor. Cycling.
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  1. Nice pics, glad you had a fun trip. You should really wear helmets on the motorcycle though!!! :S

  2. I thought you had forgotten about us!

    Adorable pics, as always :)

  3. You're very pretty Jenna :)

  4. Jenna finally uploaded! Yay!
    Really missed your blog :) And I think I agree with Jen, you should wear a helmet on the motorcycle, be careful ;)
    I don't think I have to say, but Josh is so handsome *sorry had to say lol*
    Anyway ... I love your hair is beautiful!

  5. You guys are a great couple!! :)

  6. Looks like a fantastic trip! I live in Florida so I get to enjoy this weather everyday :)Beautiful pictures btw.

  7. It sounds like the trip was amazing!!!!!!!! Hope you two (or four) had a great time!!!!!!!!

  8. Amazing pics! Wish you'll come back again to Florida ;)

  9. your clothes are soooo gorgeous!!

  10. I really love these pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! It looks like you guys had tons of fun!!! :D

    Would it be okay if I stole your wardrobe for just a day? ;)

    And wow... that's french toast?!

  11. Simply stunning!!! How do you edit your photos?

  12. Why is Zac Farro a racist?

  13. So lucky! I've never even been out of California. Looks like a blast! :)

  14. to the last anon: HUH????!!!!!

  15. awwh. this is sweet. glad you guys had a fun time! these pictures are gorgeous. i cannot believe it's been on year! goshh, time flies.
    i was actually just in Florida. i went to Festival Disney with my school's wind ensemble.

  16. where in florida did you guys go??