Saturday, May 7, 2011

2 more

Here are two more shots I like from our one year anniversary photoshoot with Brandon Chesbro. There are a couple more on Brandon's tumblr. I love how these turned out. They're taken in Alys Beach, FL.

wish my blonde hair wasnt coming in at the roots... lookin a little gray up there! 


  1. Such an amazing couple. Love the pictures and your dress too!

  2. these pictures are precious, jenna. love the one at the top too! great frames. i think you guys are one of the cutest couples i've ever seen.

  3. Hello!
    I have not seen the new look of your blog is really cool!
    You guys are such a cute couple, I support it 100%
    Love the pics :]

  4. most beautiful couple ever <3

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  6. Hey Jenna, I wanna tell you something... I know there are a lot of girls who tell you nasty things, they say that things 'cause they are JEALOUS because you are married with Josh, 'cause you are PRETTY, 'cause they think that josh and zac left paramore because you say something to them....
    Well, I think that's a stupid thing, they the can't say anything about you 'cause they don't know how you are!!

    I support YOU Jenna :)

    I hope you'll see my message :)

    (I'm sorry for my english :S)
    Love From Italy

    Lucy :)
    If you wanna write me, my twitter is @Na_fans I'll very happy :)