Monday, June 6, 2011

Zac's 21st birthday!

One of my amazing brothers Zac had his 21st birthday this Saturday. He wanted to have a 70's music dance party with his friends and family. It was so fun! Things got sweaty real quick considering how hot it is here and that the dance floor was outside. We had black lights and a strobe too which set the perfect vibe for going insane. Here are a few shots from that night. Ignore the sweat pools on everyone's clothes haha!
 carvel ice cream cake DUH
 cake time: JJ, zac, peter, jordan
 zac, aaron, peter, sadie, quinn
 having too much fun
 isabelle and her friends
 quinn in the back. zac and ana
 ana and jonathan
 jordan, zac, quinn, will, jonathan
 little drummer boy
brandon and zac!


  1. Jajajajjaja Funny, I am really happy because Zac had a great night as I see ;)
    I am really for him, really, I still admire him.
    He has sence of humor, he is similing all time, He has an amazing and AWWW :3 voice (how i love his voice *U*) and finally he play really good the drums! ;)
    Jenna, tell him "GREETS FROM PERÚ" :D 8D
    My name is Vanessa Gonzales xD Fromm Lima, I was waiting for him but... :(
    @envane (twitter)

  2. Zac's looking really, really good

  3. I am really ( happy) for him xD sorry

  4. HAPPPY BIRHTDAY ZAC!!!! (subsequently)

  5. wow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC. his birthday is marked on my calender. hahaha. looks like ya'll had fun. miss you Zac! lookin good! :)

  6. gosh he's getting really thin

  7. Looks like he had a good time!
    It's so weird to think he's so young but has gotten so far in life already!
    Please send him lots of love and luck in the future :)

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC!! 21?! Geesh it only feels like yesterday that I was wishing you a Happy 18th!! So glad to see that you had an awesome time!! Thanks to Jenna also for keeping us up to date with our favourite Farro brothers!!! Anyways - Haappy Birthday Zac <3...

  9. He seems soo happy!! thats make me smile :)Happy BDay Zac! have a good time...
    ps: he's really thin! Lol xooo R

  10. can you do another Q&A, or just answer these two questions?

    This is pure curiosity. Obviously you and Josh are quite religious, so I was wondering what your opinions on homosexuality are? Also, do you think people can be forgiven for certain sins(like pre-marital sex and extreme dishonesty) and "start fresh" or will they always have to live with those?

  11. pls say "Happy birthday to Zac from his fans" thank you :)

  12. Happy Birthday Zac! :)

  13. Answer more Q's please :)
    Where did you get the name Bagheera from?
    What were you like as a teenager?
    What was college like?
    Have you ever been skydiving?
    Do you have a pool at your home?
    What age did you get cats?
    How many cats do you have?

  14. Aw! Looks like everyone had such a fantastic time! Zac looks so happy, everyone looks so happy. I bet that cake was so good... i mean.. it's ice cream cake, ice cream cake is always good. ;3

  15. "@jennathecat The world is getting so gross"

    You wrote that right after NY passed the bill to allow gays the right to marry....So I'm guessing you're homophobic.

  16. you're a homophobic bitch, stop posting things on the internet

  17. About your comment on gay marriage....
    Just for you to think about, I know I can't change your beliefs with a few words..but anyway.
    If you had a child and he/she was gay, what would you do? would you accept he/she for who they were?
    if yes, why can't you accept gays in general? Love is love. I personally am straight, but your comment just made me think of what "homophobic?" people think when they choose to be that way. Would you look at your child and think "gross!" if he/she was gay?
    Just have a little think about it before calling these people gross.
    maybe, reply with your thoughts.

    I don't know if you know this but your sister (I don't want to put her name, but she's the youngest Farro) has a tumblr and her ask box is open to anonymous people. So far she's only received a few anon hate messages but her blog is steadily gaining followers, and as you know there's a lot of hateful people out there. Due to her age, and my recollection of that age, I know those things will get to her more, than say an adult. I she is well loved and taken care of. God Bless!

  19. Is it the lastest article you posted?
    keep bloging Jenna :) I love reading your posts cuz they are full of happiness.
    I saw your pictures on Intasgram,they are good :D

    see you soon!

  20. hello there :)
    my post has nothing to do with this blog..
    I was just watching a video with your wedding photos, and couldn't help but cry :')
    you, JF's seem to be wonderful persons inside and out. God bless you :))

    I'm following you on twitter and I check your tweets now and then-they always make me happy.
    so...I just wanted to give you my best wishes. for everything in your life

    lots of love to the farro/rice family,

  21. Keep blogging we love your blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. seeing isabelle reminds me of something. I dont know if you and rest of farros knows, but she has a formspring where pple ask her things like "why you're not friends with erica williams " , and what she answers is not nice. Ofc evrione can have their own opinion but that's really immature and pple strat to tell rude things to her, and because she's so young, i'm worried how can she handle with all those hate messages.

    This all farros quitting and innerdrama and rumours that hayley cheated josh with chad is just crazy and it would be aaaaamazing if evrithing could be just between farros and williams. Cause now , is Hayley getting hate.

    And ye, Isabelle also told that you and josh didin't have sex before, isn't that personal thing? if i was you, i woulnd't like if someone says things like that on public.

    Also Isabelle has told that hayley is little biatch. Also , i think that she tells lots of very personal things. So, if you see this, can you please tell Isabelle to stop,before things gets too rough.

    I never said my opinion bout farros leaving paramore and about things what happened after that. I hope you understand how horrible it was to a fan when there is two sides ,josh and zac and hayley,jerm and taylor, all pointing fingers to eachothers. I didn't know that to believe , and i still don't know. I have no idea who told lies.

    and i really don't know why i'm writing this to your blog hahahha anyways..

    1. Hey how do u know all that info I'm curious lol I need to know more

  23. You have what they call style. Keep it up!

  24. A suggestion!!!

    If Josh and Zac are still looking for a lead vocalist for their band look up YVONNE MARDER formerly of the band Renfue. She can sing and is very marketable (kinda looks like a dark haired version of Hayley Williams). Her band split up and I think would be awesome.

  25. Hey, I really love your blog, so I've passed on a blog award to you :) Take a look if you get a chance xx

  26. love your blog! :) but noticed you haven't been posting anything in a while? hope everything's okay!

  27. Just enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations to the birthday celebrant.

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  29. Happy Birthday to the celebrant, More health and power.