Monday, November 22, 2010

First Blog Ever!

Hmm. Sitting here clicking things that seem to make the most sense. "New Post" looked appropriate for this first blog. Who knows what this is going to turn out like! Thanks for reading my blog. I will try to keep it worth your while. I suppose I will just post things that I find interesting or inspiring. That's the point right? Topics may include, but will not be limited to the following: art, cooking, Christianity, health, cats, music, personal journaling, photos, decor, humor, literature, traveling, nature, fashion, and... candles? Who's to know what'll pop up in my brain and pop onto this page, so stayed tuned. Let the wonderful blogging adventures commence!  gulp.


  1. I Love the name of your blog, just saying ;)

  2. hi Jenna(: I would like to say that you are realllyy pretty! and that you and Josh are meant for each other(: i just went through and read your whole blog (sorry if that sounds staulkerisshh haha) and i loved it and never got bored :D the kitten you are getting is cute(: i love cats, i have one and he's perty wild i'll say that! I hope you and Josh have the best in life and that God Bless you(: and please pass on to Josh that he will get better!! and that if you ever see Zac that i'll miss him!! that he was an awesome drummer(: and that i will miss Josh alot tooo!! he was a bomb guitar playerr! :D i reallyy hopee that you read this like if you get an email or someehinn. sayin that so and so commented on your blog posst. please read minee too! i only have one that ive written though.. haha. i also have tumblr. do you have onee?? cuz then imma follow you on that too! Josh is so freakin handsomee omg!! haha so is Zac(: they are both pretty beast(: sorry if i sound like a preschooler im 13 haha. well im gonna go.. hope you get this! May God bless you and Josh(: bye!

  3. Hey, thought i would let you know that you background picture might be one of the cutest things ive ever seen :P you like mainly the same stuff as me *high 5* :P

  4. Hey jenna,

    i dont know you, nor your husband, nor am i too familiar with the band he was in..(my friends twitter lead me here) but your blog is too cute to not comment on.

    I hope you continue blogging. It is one of the best things i ever did :)

  5. The only way to get this message seems to be through you so here goes :)
    Josh and Zac leaving paramore has truly devastated me. I believe that josh was the brains behind paramore and it really upset me to find out he was leaving
    Zac leaving made me more upset as he is my hero and i relate alot to him. I read josh's blog post and i am shocked to find out what really happened. I will be fully supporting josh and zac in whatever they do but when i listen to the old paramore i will always count josh and zac in it. the music they helped create made me change as a person and made me want to start my own band. it helped me make friends and made me able to cope with life which i used to fnd hard :) so if by any off chance you read this please can you just pass on my thanks and love to josh and zac. they dont know me but i know them as the people who changed my life. i even cried when they left :'( but they will always stay in the hearts of all the paramore fans out there, including mine :)

  6. I guess I'll say what everyone says, "I'm a paramore fan" and I love josh.... no no no, I'm not about that stuff. Two or three days ago I decided officially to disband myself from the band paramore ( I think they should change their name ) because of your boyfriends and zac's departure. Ever since I read some disturbing stuff about paramore (illuminati stuff) I've kinda not liked them. Maybe this is only a sympton of why they have changed and "hayley's personal agenda". I'm not here to bash hayley or the sorts. All I know is that it's not the same. Having said that, I hear it's teamhayley or team farro? I go with the second team.

    Originally, what I wanted to post here is that the same day you started this blog is the same day, I officially started my first "romantic relationship" with ma blonde ( means girlfriend in french). We're both Christians ( our parents don't really approve of dating so young (she's 16 ,almost 17 and Im 18, almost 19). The day after we "told each other" we talked for two hours on the phone and decided that our priority is to obey God and in doing so respecting what our parents would prefer for our lives whether it be not spending so much time together or not spending a bunch of money on each other. Anyway, I think it's grand you guys genuinely want to obey God ( at least it seems like it). I think it might seem like an "indie" act to be praying for you both now "life after paramore" but hey, like your friend said, "If music is what God calls us to in the future, we hope that you all will be a part of it."

    takes cojones to do what they did. cheers.

  7. I love Paramore. But Josh is like a hero to me. So...