Monday, November 22, 2010

The Nineties in One Picture

ha! Everything about this cracks me up / makes me a little nostalgic

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  1. The only way to get this message seems to be through you so here goes :)
    Josh and Zac leaving paramore has truly devastated me. I believe that josh was the brains behind paramore and it really upset me to find out he was leaving
    Zac leaving made me more upset as he is my hero and i relate alot to him. I read josh's blog post and i am shocked to find out what really happened. I will be fully supporting josh and zac in whatever they do but when i listen to the old paramore i will always count josh and zac in it. the music they helped create made me change as a person and made me want to start my own band. it helped me make friends and made me able to cope with life which i used to fnd hard :) so if by any off chance you read this please can you just pass on my thanks and love to josh and zac. they dont know me but i know them as the people who changed my life. i even cried when they left :'( but they will always stay in the hearts of all the paramore fans out there, including mine :)