Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I assure you that my blog and joshs blog are real. I'm not sure how I'd prove that? Clearly my blog is real by reading my stories and personal photos that are posted. So, why would I post a fake link to
Joshs blog?
Furthermore, you wanted an explanation from Josh. Stop complaining about it. You don't have to take sides. It is what it is. The music doesn't change, and that's what fans are here for, right? Paramore is continuing on and maybe someday the Farro's will have more music too.everyone is happier this way and that's the bottom line.


  1. I think the fans are just a little confused as to whether the band they love and look up to is losing members on bad terms.
    Some people post hateful comments but true fans really love Paramore, they are important to us and it means a lot for us to just understand things a little better.

  2. Thanks for summing up the confusion. I don't see how people would think it was fake, for reasons that you stated. Personal pictures and experiences pretty much give away that it is actually you.

    You pretty much said it all in your last few statements. We are ALL here for the music, not to create controversies. Personally, I would just ignore all of the negative comments. If people are that imprudent, then their opinion shouldn't matter anyways.

    I can't wait to hear more from the Farro's! The best of luck and happy holidays!

  3. I bet your mailbox must've been spammed from those 2 Paramore posts. Haha. Well, here's to everyone continuing with their lives. God bless.

  4. It was kinda hard to believe because of the way he put the whole situation.. but like you said,It is what it is. We'll keep supporting them anyway.

  5. U go girl!
    It's all about the music.

  6. ]= Well this is depressing..i was hoping it was fake I really was cause i seems as if everything paramore was is a lie...All i want to know is dose he know how much his hurting Paramore fans..Like me for example...

    And I hope he's happier now..Buuttt Can u Tell him this...I dont know why it had to end like this but You were the best guitarist i ever heard...same with Zac he was the best drummer in the world..but that blog made me cry..that's all =[

    Now i know that it's real It's going to be hard for A LOT of fans to understand..

    Happy Hoildays..I Wish you the best

  7. Well, I believe you.
    Once again, please pass on love and support to Josh and Zac, and Hayley/Jeremy/Taylor if you see them!
    Love them all no matter what. They're all a true inspiration, whether they're all in the same band or choose to go their separate ways.
    I stand by what I said - when I met Josh, he was lovely.
    Good luck to you all in the future :)
    Please keep us updated on how you and Josh are doing, if it's not too much to ask :)

  8. Thanks again Jenna <3

  9. Jenna, I hope people aren't being too rude to you in these posts... you don't deserve any flack for the situation. I understand that people love the band and are feeling sensitive over the loss of two members, but that's no reason for them to attack you. What's done is done, and leaving harsh comments on a blog won't do any good.

    Best of luck to you and the Farro brothers. I hope you all have a great holiday and New Year!

  10. Well that's kinda the thing... You can't prove is this blog real. I don't know would people believe you if you took some pictures that'd show that this blog isn't fake.

  11. I hope you are not getting nasty comments, rude and unkind. Thank you for everything. And please thank Josh for posting, thanks for the explanation. Good luck and happy holidays! :)

  12. Well, you and Josh maybe should post a video online saying that the blog(s) are legit. It would help clear up some of that confusion about those postings being real in the media.

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  14. Lets just say the two of you are well matched....

  15. Jenna,
    thank you so much for getting this statement out there and heard. People just don't want to believe, the people who have paid proper attention recently will have to problems in knowing that it is real. Thank you for what you're doing.
    I am so proud of Josh for writing this. You can really tell his true views and feelings have finally been able to come out after all these years. I'm so glad he has finally had the freedom to speak out and tell everyone his side of the story and given us REAL reasons & explanations for their departure, which is something us fans have hardly been given, under all of the rumors etc.

    We met Josh many times on the UK tour last month, we went to the talk he did whilst he was over here and we are so grateful for him being able to tell us his story about his life and the band & HIS thoughts and opinions, it was a true insight into his life and we are so thankful that he shared it with us. We went to most of the shows on the last UK tour and we always stood in front of him at the barricade. He was always our favorite member and we wanted him to KNOW this. We really appreciated everything he put into this band and he will be truly missed.

    He wrote Sarah, Danielle and I a personal letter on our last night in Manchester, saying Thank You to us for our support, and it meant the world to us. (We were the Where's Waldo's on stage that night if he cannot remember!)

    We just want him to know that he will be truly missed and we are fully supportive in his decisions. The way he talked about you during his talk was so sweet! I hope you enjoy the rest of married life together, you are definitely perfect for each other and deserve to be the happiest!

    This is probably the closest I'll get to say thank you to Josh for all that he has done, I hope you can pass on the message :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, you both deserve the best!


  16. It's just getting really confusing for Paramore fans. In the morning, we woke up to this statement from Josh. At noon, we were told it was a fake (band representatives had contacted magazines/websites saying it was). Now, in the evening we're told it's a real, honest post. We're just confused about the entire issue. I really appreciate you trying your best to keep us informed - so thank you for that c: Oh, and pass on the message to Josh that myself and 100s of other Paramore fans will always support him, whether or not he's part of Paramore. Also, tell him I said "get well soon" c;

    Thank you <3

  17. So would you say Josh is saying Hayley is a bad person?

  18. People, if you aren't going to be pleasant, don't bother commenting.
    I think it was nice of Jenna to update everyone, and the chance of anyone who comments on here actually knowing her personally is highly unlikely, therefore no-one is in any position to make personal, rude comments.

    Jenna, again thank you for posting. Hope you and Josh have a lovely Christmas :) x

  19. Good luck to everyone and you and Josh in their lives married.
    The Brazil loves you, please pass it to him if you can.

  20. jenna você é uma vadia

  21. Jenna,

    You are probably going to get so many posts now. But can you pass something on to Josh and Zac for me? I'm so sorry this all happened. They have been such a huge part of my life for such a long time, 5 years to be exact. I never got to go to a concert or anything. I never got to thank them how they basicially saved my life when I was younger. Zac and Josh mean the world to me and when I found out this news, I was so devasted.

    I wish you and Josh so much happiness in your marriage! Good luck and stay strong.

    With so much love,

  22. Fuck you, bitch, Josh loves Hayley and Hayley loves josh. They was made for each other!!!

  23. você parece um homen. places on the google translator pt-ing

  24. Josh ama a Hayley Y ella tambien por eso se tienen tanta mala porque hay sentimientos de amor encontrados en una pelea.

  25. I was kinda hoping that the blog would be fake, even thought there is no reason why it would be. It was very upsetting reading it and realising how unhappy Zac and Josh have been in the band for a while. It seemed to me that Josh was being a bit harsh towards Hayley and her family, but i guess it's his point of few and i have lost no respect towards him. All the members of paramore were very young when they started, so it must of been hard for everyone. I guess it just seems like there was so much stuff happening behind the scenes that paramore fans didn't know about, and its a bit upsetting to hear it now. I still love paramore and the farro bros and will support them no matter what, and you're right, we're all here for the music, nothing else.

    I hope you and Josh have a great christmas and a happy new year!
    Helena (UK)

  26. você é cafona e estranha. places on the google translator pt-ing

  27. Keep strong Jenna! I'm praying for your family, the Farro family and yourself.

    Proverbios 31:10-31

  28. everyone's happier-youre right. i'm glad for the farro's and for the band that they left because now everyone can be happier and do what they want to do in life.
    i know that for me personally, what was written made the past 6 years sound like a regretted miserable mistake, and the way that it was written was offensive on a certain level and just disappointing in the level of maturity.

    i hope they, and you, will be happier now and have a good life together.

  29. and that's what fans are here for, right? OBVIOUS!
    It just that is so rare all this, but it's life and things happen, inmature people just don't understand :)

    I love Paramore, josh, zac, and you i'll always do :D


    love you<3

  30. I agree with what you said about taking sides and all, but that post Josh made is bassically begging for the fans to pick sides.
    It's stupid and immature how much shit Josh talks about Hayley, and how he doesn't adress Jeremy or Taylor more than twice.

  31. Jenna, você já conseguiu o que queria.
    Conseguiu afastar o Josh das pessoas que ele realmente ama e também que amam ele.
    Aproveite, ele agora é seu. Por enquanto!
    e agora chegue de nos atormentar com essas suas estórias de esposa protetora, vai procurar algo mais interessante pra fazer e nos esqueça. Melhor pra você e pra gente!
    Um beijo no nariz.

    e eu não vou perder meu tempo passando isso pra ingês, quer entender? google tradutor querida.

    vaquinha estupida.

  32. Just saying I do not understand why people think your blog is a fake. It is painfully obvious that it is not. I guess people don't want to accept that "squeaky clean" Hayley is what can only be interpreted as a total cow. To be honest what do you expect from a girl who tweets a picture of her tits for some attention.
    The Farro brothers were always my favorite members anyway (guy crush on Josh but don't worry, I have a gf :p)

    You both look so happy in your blog picture and all the best in your marriage

  33. I'm sad that Josh is leaving, even after reading his blog. please tell him that he was always real and I respect him for that. He never let the fame change him as a person and that is a hard thing to do.

    Best of luck to both of you.

    -Babymoondrop (Twitter)

  34. Eu nao estou feliz assim :/ , mas eu só quero que o Josh e o Zac sejam felizes por isso eu vou apoia-los apesar de eu estar muito triste e de ser muito dificil agora. E eu sei tambem que foi dificil para eles largarem a banda e é por isso que com o tempo eu vou me acostumar com o fato deles nao estarem mais no Paramore e vou até ficar feliz com o caminho que eles escolherem, pois eu amo muito eles e independente de banda eu ainda vou ama-los e apoia-los e para falar a verdade o Josh era o meu favorito na banda :/

  35. THANKS YOU for posting it !!!!!

    understand it , your small children.

    we want a statement and here it is

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  38. I haven't lost one ounce of respect for any of you guys... Stuff happens and thats life... if everything was supposed to be so perfect then this would not be life...
    The truth is the truth... it doesn't matter to me because I support all you guys no matter what happens..
    God Bless!

  39. i believe you. i know this is your real blog, and the josh's also is...
    it's just the fans are kinda sad, confused and a little bit anger about everyhing.
    but well, we can't do anything to make them come back so...
    it would be too much if i ask you that you say them that we're gonna miss them, they rule my world and i wish them the best?
    i'd apreciate it :)
    thanks :) you're great

  40. so hey! i just remember...
    did you pick up Bagheera? God i swear that cat is beautiful!!!
    i want some photos of when he grow up! haha

  41. That was pretty upsetting news to hear.
    I just hope everyone's happier this way.
    It's kinda sinister..:(

  42. With the good comes the bad.
    It's expected.

    On that note, I wish the best for you and Josh as well as Zac and the rest of Paramore! God bless. <3

    I am sad that things are happening this way though. I think we all just wanted the break to end on good terms. Which is obviously not the case. But you are just the messenger, so don't worry I won't shoot you :)

  43. Anonymous said...
    Fuck you, bitch, Josh loves Hayley and Hayley loves josh.
    They was made for each other!!!

    REALLY ?!! how can you say that!!! you don't know to
    anybody here.

    Everyone is taking this so far. Josh and Zac have chosen take
    a different ways and for me is ok.
    Even when I think that Jeremy, Hayley and Taylor made a
    mistake posting that announcement and now Josh and Zac post this other thing, is making to fans take sides, want it or not.
    I'm really sad that ends like this, but I will still love
    to every member of the band and Josh and Zac were part of
    Wish you the best, Jenna to you and your husband ^^

  44. Thank you Jenna! That was sweet of you, Josh, and Zac to clear things up. People need to stop hating on you, I mean, you and Josh were nice enough to post a letter to us about why things happened the way they did. I just want Josh to know that I wish him best of luck with anything he does and that he is a great guy. Same to Zac.

    Merry Christmas! Hope it's great!

  45. I hope no more drama comes out of this. like you said, it is what it is and nothing can really be changed by it.
    I've been a fan of the band since 2006, and I've grown up and watched the band grow up as the years progressed. At some point it was obvious that Josh and Zac weren't happy anymore. I hope you can let Josh and Zac know that at least the fans who've been around since the beginning support their decision and definitely appreciate that the truth was told by both sides. I hope that you and Josh and Zac have new and wonderful adventures in the next chapter of your lives.

  46. Jenna, you are amazing.
    Thank you for being there for Josh.

    I love both of you.
    And as you said, the important thing is that everyone's happy.

  47. Team Hayley? lol
    Is not about Team, is about the true.

    If there's a team I would be with Josh and Zac.
    Cause there isn't.

    My opinion:
    I'm just saying what I'm thinking, as the internet allows.
    I'm not saying anything with proofs, I'm just using the words that Josh writed and then, I'm creating this text.
    If Josh Is wrong, I'm sorry for this text, but I really feel that Josh is NOT LIEING!


    Hayley used Josh and Zac for her own happiness, that's a shame.
    She's a fake Christian.
    She sold her soul to Media?
    Cause I can't believe she did all that for be famous and rather lost the friendship of two friends!

    I rather lose all my riches, than lose two friends as Josh and Zac.

    Hayley says the true, now only those who really want to see, can spotting the true:

    "If I'm a bad person, you don't like me"
    "The truth never set me free"
    "When you swear it's all my fault
    But you know we're not the same"
    "Honestly, can you believe
    We crossed the world while it's asleep?
    I'd never trade it in
    'Cause I've always wanted this and
    It's not a dream anymore"
    "Taken for granted
    Almost everything
    That I would have died for
    Just yesterday"
    "Call me over <
    And 'tell me how
    You got so far
    Never making a single sound'"
    "I'm not used to it but I can learn
    There's nothing to it
    I've never been happier"

    No, it is the true.

    My opinion, sorry if you dislike my text, but I wanted to share.


    Thanks Jenna for link it.

    Josh and Zac <3

    Amen God a fair one, that's all I want.

    Wish happiness for everyone of Paramore and for the fans.

    Even I'm hating Hayley more and more..

    She's just a human.

  48. Jenna BITCH!
    Fuck you, Fuck Josh, Zac!
    you're the most terrible person.
    Paramore will be better without them.

    Josh I hate you, and i hate you jenna.


  49. God bless all of you that is reading and who's not reading :)

    Also Jenna, bye.

    Happy Christmas, Happy New Year!

    Wish all the best for everyone.


  50. To the Anonymous who keeps posting abuse: go away. Do you know Josh or Jenna personally? Do you know any of Paramore personally? Probably not.
    Just stop abusing people. It's not nice, and none of them deserve it. There are no sides in this!!!

  51. You shouldn't be getting any hate for this, but Josh and Jac are being incredibly childish and unprofessional about the whole thing. All they needed to say was goodbye. Not bitch about the rest of the members. I'm sorry, but they lost my respect if it is real.

  52. WELL WE DIDN'T KNOW JOSH WAS GOING TO BE SOOOOO BITTER! HAYLEY'S REPUTATION IS RUINED! and, sense you are smart enough to bring faith into the mix, that isn't something Jesus would be particularly fond, hun.

    And I know that you are trying to set this whole mess, Jenna, but you are just making it worse. In case you havn't relaized- you are making a picture of yourself that is firmly hated by every paramore- or you simply are annoyance.

    This is just a petty argument between your husband and his ex. STAY OUT OF IT.

    I quite enjoy it.

  53. I think that Josh's blog was a kind of shame!
    I didn't believe in anything!

    If he wasn't happy in paramore, it's a problem, but He is absolutely wrong when he gave all fault to Hayley"
    She is amazing, really, they are!

    But you're the person that make this separation happens!

    I don't like you.

    I'm very sad about Josh and zac, but're a shame!

    I wish sucess for all of them, but...

    Paramore is a band..with..or without Josh and ZAc!

    And, please..FUCK YOU BITCH!

  54. edit: of

    edit: fan


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  56. i wonder why people think that it's fake.. i mean , sometimes i do think that hayley is just using them.. maybe i'm a bitch for saying that , but it's always seem that the camera keep pointing to hayley. and .. the 'fans' at youtube keep posting videos which always points to hayley.. and jenna , you're not a bitch . i really like you , you remind me of my sister who died in a car accident .. anyway , people who said josh , zac , and you bitch or fuckers.. think that the whole band is about hayley .. because they didn't support josh , zac and you.. i respect you ! it must be hard living a life when people you don't know hates you.. well , maybe there's a lot of typos.. but hey , i'm only 12 . i'm from malaysia anyway

  57. Hey calm down everyone PEACE. It's their lives and their decisions we don't have to judge. They are humans and they can make their own decisions. As long as we can share music all together it's great!But no one has to be hurt so if Josh and Zac were not happy anymore being in Paramore it's their right to leave the band.

    Oh and btw 'anonymous' why are you so rude? There's no point of being rude like that.

    And Jenna you have nothing to prove, no? For your blog or anything else just do your things and people who are not happy they leave.


    ps: sorry if i did mistakes, i'm not english.

  58. it's just hard to know what believe anymore because there's so many rumors and fake accounts.

    thanks for clearing it up though.

  59. This comments are horrible. Get a life, people. If you were a true Paramore fan you wouldn't be saying any of this crap or blaming Jenna.


  60. @allie , so hayley's reputation is ruined.. so what ? she ruined it when she took a picture of her tits

  61. post a photo of you and him holding pieces of paper with the url's.

  62. i know this blog is real but many don´t, make Josh do a video saing that his blog is real (he sais the name of the blog).
    so the video can prove thats its real and make all the press shut up about it.

  63. I simply Don't want to believe any of this is real.
    If i am honest i am really going to miss Josh and Zac
    The band will never be the same without him and i
    just want to confirm its real i am sorry if i sound
    mean or anything because you don't deserve any grief
    for the events.

    Just please confirm its true by posting a official
    video statement. please?
    i cant get my head around it.

    Happy holidays and i hope Zac and Josh
    Have a good feature

    Many thanks

  64. I'm not saying this blog is fake, but why wouldn't they post the statement on so everyone would know it was official?

  65. Agree with Gabi Besel. A video !

  66. I am grateful that you cared enough to do this for us. Disregard anything negative that people will say to you.
    Happy Holidays

  67. I knew that post was real! but there are some people that don't want to accept the reality. It hurts but it's true :/
    Anyways, i still love Paramore, i still love Hayley, i still love Josh and Zac no matter what!! I hope they have a good life without Paramore :)

    They deserve it. God bless you guys :3

  68. Jenna, don't pay attention to people's crap. Neither you or josh need to prove anything.
    I support josh and zach with their desition.
    God bless you


  70. Your right, we are fighting way to much over this. But Paramore fans have a right to be upset after finding out what they thought was true and genuine is now a lie. I hope everyone stops fighting because it is only making the problem worse.

    Hopefully Hayley and the label and anyone trying to cover up the lie will confess, it would gain them so much more respect.

    Thank you guys for standing strong, I would hate for the truth to never be revealed. I wish people didn't give you and Josh so much hate over it.

  71. Wow, it's really sad that you had to confirm the truth to the blog statement. People need to accept that this is what happened. Guys, fighting and take sides and shifting the blame will get us NOWHERE. Zac and Josh are gone, and they aren't coming back. Let them move on, let them be happy. Let the remaining members of Paramore be happy. The best we can do is to continue to support Josh, Zac, Taylor, Hayley, and Jeremy no matter what they do.

    Jenna-thank you again. I've posted a bigger thank you on your last post.

    God Bless you three.

  72. since Josh's posts are going to care about the hundreds I've decided to write to you.
    Very interested in this question. Quite simply bored with their questions, "Why did he not gone before, and did it just now?"
    If it was so bad.

  73. Aww I hope you aren't getting any rude comments of anyone, it's nothing to do with you really, your simply confirming it, thank you for doing so! Let's just move on now. However pass my regards onto Josh and Zac, and wish them good luck from me:)

  74. Jenna you say that it is not a fan of paramore and being married to josh and see him every day and it makes no difference to you may even have helped him to quit the band!

  75. Jenna! we are terribly confused! we cant undertand why josh kept in the band if he was not happy!
    he spent 6 years of his life bein unhappy?
    we cant understand that! :(
    dont get ungry with us.. we are really sad about al this.. and we stil cant believe it!
    take care of josh.. we will miss him and zac so much!
    love from argentina..!

  76. I read it and Yeah I'm kinda upset. But then I also feel bad because Josh and Zac had to go through all of that. Hopefully whatever they decide to do I'll support them no matter what and Maybe they can make music how They want to do.
    And Finally haha, Thank You Jenna for posting a link and explaining to us that the blog is real.

    Love Julie,

  77. I totally agree with you! It is like it is! Just happened and we can`t do anything about it know! I really don`t wanna the Farros out! They do a very good music! Support you from Brazil! thank you for explain all this for us!

  78. All of you people are fucking retarded.

    Jenna's blog is real, she is a real person.. go look at previous entries you fucking tools. Why would she post a link to something that WASN'T real? And if she was posting a link to something that was fake, you don't think her HUSBAND WHO WAS IN THE BAND would say something about it? Are you all so fucking childish that you don't have any fucking LOGIC?

    If it was fake you'd think her HUSBAND WHO WAS IN THE BAND would say something about it. He hasn't. Hmmm does that not make you fucking think a little bit? Everyone bashing this poor woman and everyone who believes the media are all fucking retards. I could care less what happens to the band but all you fuckers that are bullying and saying rude shit to this woman are OUT OF LINE.

    She has done NOTHING wrong to warrant ANY hatred from ANYONE. And all of you who say "Make Josh take a pic with the URL's" are fucking retarded. He hasn't said anything to contradict what Jenna has posted and he doesn't need to. I think if his own wife was posting false information he would be the first to say something about it don't you think? You all need to grow the fuck up and use YOUR FUCKING LOGIC before you post stupid shit like that. You're all just crying because someone told the truth about how a band really was.

    Now shut the fuck up all of you who are trying to persecute this woman because she did nothing wrong.

  79. congratulations, you have married a douchebag!

  80. That's kinda harsh... and that letter from Josh was kinda harsh.

    I don't think you realize, this isn't just about Josh and Zac leaving Paramore anymore.
    Now that Josh put out that statement, you're basically saying what most teenagers have turned to in their darkest times is all a lie.

    I honestly wish Josh and Zac the best, but I don't think we needed our hearts broken in the process.

  81. Hey Jenna.
    Before a couple of days I saw my favorite guitarist in this world quick his band with his brother...
    I cried for 3 days....
    He said that my hero is not the girl that I love and support for a long time!
    I am not complaining...
    You have to understand me :S

  82. unless this site doesn't belong to the real jenna...

  83. thanks for clarifying, now i can know what to believe and stuff :)

    and im just gonna add to those people taking sides, you're obviously not a good fan. put yourself in josh/hayley/zac/taylor/jeremy/jenna's
    position, stop being such bitches for crying out loud.

  84. Thank you guys for clearing that up I wrote on Josh's blog earlier but I still am in utter shock over everything that has been hiding behind close doors for so long. I hope nothing but happiness for you and Josh, hopefully he will come back to music with a fresh band that is not controlling as Paramore was. It's sad to see him and Zac go but trust me I can predict Paramore will not last too much longer, now that everything is out. I hope Josh feels better and good luck to him in everything he does.

  85. DOLL,

    YOU ARE A BITCH. You have no right to snap at us. You are messing with something really SACRED to alot of young people. FUCK OFF. kindly.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. "The truth never set me free, so I did it myself." Well guess what, girl? The truth set Josh free. And now all your little minions are tagging up on his wife for helping her husband spread around what was the closest thing to an exit statement anybody could make. He wanted closure.. And that's what he got. So you know what? Josh for the win. It's his life, and he only has it once, no? So let's let him and Jenna be happy and stop calling her a "Bitch" because you WANT Josh and wish he never left. It's not her fault. It's not his fault. What happened, happened. There is no changing anything. And no matter how rude you are to these 2/3 people, it's not going to change ANYTHING. Josh and Jenna are sick, correct? So how about we all wish them the best, hope they get better, and enjoy life.
    I am almost ashamed to be a part of this fan base. None of this is any of your business, but they're keeping you updated because Paramore is something you love. Thank them like they deserve. You deserved the truth, which is what you got. And yeah, we're all a little disappointed.. I'm sure the guys (ALL OF THEM) were, too. It wasn't what they wanted, Hayley's family, team, and maybe herself obviously didn't want these either. So relax. Let them be happy.
    Hope you guys get better and have the best first married couple Christmas ever! You're both incredibly beautiful in so many ways.
    Once again, Thanks. Don't let it bring y'all down!

    PS. Remember, fellow fans.. Paramore is not about Hayley. This here, is not about Hayley. This is about Josh being HAPPY. Zac being HAPPY. Let it be. Let Jenna go back to blogging happily about her life. It's cute to read. =)


  88. Josh, Zac, and Jenna,

    Thank you so much for sharing the truth with everyone. After reading your statement many things about paramore's history make sense(particularly group dynamics etc. . .)

    Now that the weight is off you I hope that every one of you can find the happiness that we all search for. Take comfort in knowing that during your time with paramore you positively influenced countless lives and were a great example of how to do this "band thing" right. Those same people are still supporting you and lifting you up in prayer today.

    It was God's plan that you were in paramore and it is God's plan that you now part ways. What ever happens he will be glorified in the end.

    Thank you for the memories and the unique effect paramore has had on my life. I wish y'all all the luck in the world.

    Much Love and Prayer from Greenville, South Carolina.

  89. You're absolutely right!
    but... uhm... I just wanted to say that you have to understand the fans, too..
    I mean... the music HAS changed... very much... it's like everything turned upside down...the band just isn't the same without you husband and his brother... it will NEVER be the same...
    and it's very confusing for the most fans because one of their role models or better... two of the people of the band they looked up to said that the whole band was a fake... a lie... everything they looked up to... everything that helped them through the dark times in their life's...
    I'm one of this fans... so... please just try to understand this.. even IF you don't like the fact, that your husband has fans... you can't change it... I don't want to be rude I just say what I think...

  90. TwentyFourSeven ManagementDecember 22, 2010 at 12:18 PM

    OK, whether or not this blog belongs to the real jenna (which it most likely does) and whether or not josh and zac's blog posts are real. we can't have "Team Hayley" and "Team Josh". Josh and Zac left for their own personal well-beings. Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy are still continuing on as Paramore. We, the fans, need to stay supportive of Paramore. You became fans of Paramore because of their MUSIC not because of who was in it! Just because Josh and Zac left does not mean they aren't going to stop playing music! They probably already have another drummer and guitarist already since the band knew a month or so ago that josh and zac were leaving. It has been announced already that Paramore is still touring Brazil and Chile in 2011! So, like I said, remember that you're FANS of the MUSIC, thats why you love Paramore so much!
    Granted it may not seem the same with the two new members, but when the band is on stage performing you dont hear just hayley or just jeremy or just taylor; etc., you hear the BAND, all 5 members. Just because two members left the band doesn't mean you should give up on the band.

  91. josh is such a stupid douchebag

    jenna is embarrassing

  92. Maybe because they were painted to be the best of friends - and thats why people loved them. To realise that was all a lie and they all resented Hayley is a big deal to us. Who do you think you are, talking to us like that?

    I feel that statement was a petty way to get back at the band. If he hated it so much he shoulda been a man and walked away when he first had these feelings. Why wait until now, and after the comment from was so nice about the guys - it was just a douchebag attack. Pathetic.

    Im glad they left. They'll be nobodies now. Paramore is better off without that.

  93. Abby. (Sorry for posting a second comment!)December 22, 2010 at 12:28 PM

    Oh yeah! One more thing, Okay? So stop being mega douchebags. Hayley tried to take away his side to the story, and that was disrespectful. So let him say what he needs to say. Of COURSE it wont be on He's not part of the band anymore and they wouldn't let him post something like THAT.

  94. i feel like im 11 again when my parents split up in 2006 and i didnt know who to belive in my mum or dad.
    that was also the year i heard of PARAMORE there single Emergency and found my love for music and the band.

    but thank you Jenna 4 being here

  95. People PLEASE stop giving Jenna crap. She has done absolutely NOTHING wrong, it was nice enough for her to let us and Josh use her blog as a form of communication with one another. So just stop being so rude, it's getting really annoying.

  96. I now feel downright embarrassed to be lumped into the group of Paramore fans right now. I honestly cannot believe how rude people are being to you, Jenna. Saying things about his relationship with Hayley and how they were meant for each other and calling you names... completely unnecessary, uncalled for, and 100% rude.

    Guys... just shut UP. What happened in their personal lives on and off the road is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS in the first place. The fact that Josh stepped up and told his and Zac's side of the story is commendable. If you don't want to believe it, then that is YOUR problem. There is absolutely no need to be so rude.

    If you had an ounce of love or respect for Paramore or the Farro brothers, then you'd stop posting rude comments everywhere. If you're upset that the boys left... boo hoo, so are the rest of us. But there is absolutely NO need for your rudeness. Have a little respect, or did your parents never teach you anything about that?

    Have a fantastic holiday, Jenna, and I hope Josh does as well. I really hope the two of you (and Zac) don't let any of this absolute pettiness get to you.

  97. I like you, but... Why do you hate paramore so much?? that's what it looks like.

  98. Yeah yeah yeah... you claim that "Paramore" are a "band" and that it's not all about Hayley. I want to believe that also...But you ALL have to realize the truth because without Hayley they really would be nothing. I personally wouldn't want to listen to their music without her. She brings the music alive along with every other band member. There is no need to bring all of this hate on her. I am sure that Josh and Zac weren't perfect angels either!

    Jenna needs to stay OUT of this drama. She has nothing to do with the band except being married to a former member. Paramore fans need to stick up for the band as a whole and stop choosing sides. I refuse to believe that the whole time this band was a fake. If Josh had so much hatred towards Hayley as it seems in his "blog" then why would him and Zac stay in the band for so long?! I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

    Jenna's blog is probably fake too. YOU CAN GET PERSONAL PHOTOS ANYWHERE. This bitch will get the wrath of true fans.

    Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor will be better off without this drama.
    If all of this drama leads to being true then I will just have to deal with it that way. It doesn't affect the way I feel about their music. I will always stick with them as a band and will refuse to believe this bullshit until THEY make a real video explaining what is going on.

  99. what fun to read your blog!
    I have read what Josh has written, you've got all my support.

  100. why are you people still refering to paramore as a band. recently everyone, including fans has noticed it's just all about hayley and this has just proved that its not just recently it always has been. "paramore is a band" she can take her nudes & shit duets with shit rappers & fakeness and fuck off

  101. I understand you I'm christian so I get the idea of some lyrics that are wrong like "ignorance".
    I'm just sad 'cause I was excited to see you all guys in Peru but well things happen for a purpose, so God bless you & Zac in everything you want to achieve.

  102. could everyone stop blaming jenna?? what does she have to do with all of this??

    i just wanted to say that i do think that josh was kinda immature about the whole blaming only hayley about everything but i'm glad he finally got to speak up about his feelings, his thoughts and his story. i always felt a little weird that we only got to hear hayley's opinion about everything but that's partly josh's fault. you should've come out earlier even before bne cause now everything seems like a huge lie. i said it before and i'll say it again. i don't know any of you guys personally so i can't really have an opinion. i respect your decisions cause happiness is all we want in our lives and i'm totally against ruling a life that you hate. anyway, i hope all of you can work things out and stop blaming each other.

    love & peace

    ps. jenna did you get bagheera yet??

  103. For everyone saying this is all a fake.

    Thanks a lot Jenna, I never hesitated about the credibility of your blog. I really hope you live an awesome live with Josh.



    Cry fanboys, cry. And stop harassing the girl. I don't even like Paramore, but you people are ridiculous.

  105. We understand both you and Josh and thank you for telling us the real reasons for the band's troubles. Sadly yes there are always going to be people who will comment negatively to what anyone says. Paramore's fans won't here just for the music, but for the people behind this very important band too. Really I have come to terms with this situation, and like my Mum has basically quoted to me "life isn't perfect", but while life isn't the music that you guys created AS A BAND is. I thank you for that, and also for letting us into your lives and being the 'para-family' we adored, even if thing's weren't right. Please don't let this mess cause anymore harm to your departure - and I hope that after all these years you guys can leave feeling good about yourselves. Thank you Jenna for letting us know about Josh's blog and I hope both you and Josh have a happy life together. Keep in contact and keep creating that music we adore, even without Paramore... In my eyes Paramore is a BAND, and you guys will always be the founding members - who created the band we love!

  106. Jenna! I hope you're doing a good job takin care of sick Josh, haha. I'll never forget the time we met in Pomona outside the tour bus when everyone ambushed josh and the other guys and we kinda just looked at eachother with big ol' eyes like 'what is goin' on'.

    I just wanted to tell you and somehow send some encouragement to Josh about what he did by speaking out. I know a lot of people are seriously starting to name call and be really hateful about the whole situation, but I honestly respect Josh and Zac so much more because of what they did. It was really brave (not childish) to speak the truth the way they did, and while I still want to support whatever is left of Paramore I'll continue to support Josh and Zac in whatever life throws their way. I totally understand their perspective on things and just want to tell all you guys that if every "Paramore fan" turned their back on you guys, it would've been worth it--but just know this one will still have your back.

    Thanks and God Bless,

  107. Oh. Jenna. They're all crazy? So, Josh say the truth and you're not agree with him, OK, good bye. You don't have to offend Jenna. Oh, i can't believe what i just read, that make no sence to me. Josh is free, Zac too & you too Jenna.

    Jenna, i hope you read the good comment and not the worse.

    Im steel French sorry for my english. :)

    Camille (France)

  108. Please let Josh know we're going to miss him, and most of us do respect his decision and understand how difficult it must be for him :)

  109. Oh please.
    Things concerning the band don't concern YOU.
    Sure, you've got a wonderful husband, it's quite obvious you're trying to "defend" him, but this doesn't concern you. Or am I wrong?
    This situation concerns Paramore (and its ex members are included)! But if you want to write, then PLEASE, I'm really begging you, explain us!
    Explain me, and every fan, WHY.
    If Josh and Zac didn't fit in the band, why putting on a show for all these years? I've always thought of Paramore as a great, happy family. I thought the guys really loved each other. And now what do I, and everyone else, find out?
    Everything was fake.
    What's the problem with Josh? Is it Hayley's fault she's the lead singer? It's quite obvious she had every eye on her. Maybe how the others from the band were treated initially was wrong, but in the end you got to be a band, and if Josh got its fame, its money and its adoring fans it's thanks to Hayley.
    Now, don't misunderstand me, please.
    I'm not trying to say Hayley's a saint. Nobody is. But I really can't see her as a betrayer, as a...faker. What's with Josh? Jealous? You got success, and now you've got a career in front of you, so why on Earth are you complaining? And WHAT are you complaining about?

    "God knows the world doesn't need another band", sounds pathetic and meaningless now.
    Everything was fake. And I, as a big, big (ex) fan, am hurt.
    When I was sad, I always turned to Paramore. They were the example, the line to follow, they were true friendship. Oh, right, they never were. Bitter.
    I really liked Josh and Zac, but now I can't help but look at them as two cowards...
    Please forgive any grammar mistakes, I'm not English.

    Greetings from Italy.

  110. why are the most comments on your blog about paramore? you are jenna not paramore... can't they discuss things elsewhere... I think it's weird when there are comments totally not referring to you or your blog...
    keep your smile, girl.. and let josh know that his real fans, and this aren't just a few. that we are very thankful for telling the truth, that we respect his decision and will support him whatever he decides to do...
    and that we love him... and that will never change...

  111. We asked for a statement and we got it. It is what it is lets just move on. Wish everyone the best of luck in everything they do. I just wish everyone would stop being so negative.



  113. you guys are fucking idiots. the poor girl had nothing to do with this and some of the shit you're posting is downright immature to her.

    shut up, for real. she's giving the confirmation everybody wanted and you're giving her shit for it. i barely know anything about paramore besides their songs, so i'm not gonna pretend i know her, but you were all: "omg we need proof", she's giving you your "closure" and some of you call her a bitch, say that she has nothing to do with anything about paramore, and had no right to do this, and say he was happier with his ex? SHE DIDN'T WRITE THE ORIGINAL BLOG, SHE'S CONFIRMING IT SO YOU PEOPLE DON'T WONDER LIKE YOU WERE.

    grow up and get out of your happy little world of fanfiction, this is real life and shit happens like this. jenna did nothing wrong.

    you mad? oh you real mad.

  114. anyone who has doubts, watch this:

    i know loads of people blame you but DONT listen!!! please dont listen because its all trash!! and tell josh not to listen he must be feeling pretty down :( well let him know that i will always look up to him not matter what :D

  116. People blaming you are pathetic and people saying its not any of your buisness are just stupid, of course it is!!
    Paramore was one of my favourite bands but i do wish Josh and Zac all the best, theres no point in them staying if they arent happy.
    After reading that blog and having Josh and Zac leave, -cause Zac was my favourite :(- i cant really see myself being as big a fan as i was.

    Anywho thanks for postin and good luck :)
    oh and Merry Christmas :)

  117. For someone that has post containing God and God bless this you sure do sound really rude and like a spoiled brat right now...sorry ,but it is what it is.

  118. Thanks for the post(s) Jenna. You may want to turn off anonymous posting, or turn on screening, or something, to avoid the spammers and/or haters :)

  119. I agree, you really don't have proof to prove that these blogs are actually yours and Josh's, but I believe that they are yours and his 100%.

    You're right about the other thing too -- no matter what happens with the band the fans are here to say. I was sad at first to admit, but I'm really happy now for Josh....and Zac, happy that they'll be really enjoying their lives from now on. I'll never forget Josh and Zac, Paramore's such a big part of my life, I' don't know what I'd do without them.

    Oh, and Jenna, I hope everyone stops being so negative about the news. I'd truthfully be annoyed if I were you. :\ Life goes on, right?

  120. okay guys, this is really starting to get to me.
    1. maybe he didnt leave before because HE TRIED for your sakes to keep you happy, but after a while trying to help people while your upset just makes you crumble. And plus most of you are taking this like personal attacks. Why?? I mean wouldnt you rather him being happy while pleasing you? Why is it so hard to listen to the stuff they did as a band.

    2. yes he may of said nasty things but doesnt everybody? hes human ffs dont expect him not to fuck up, probably the only reason why hayley hasnt...oh wait she posted nudes... scratch that. so hayley can post nudes and josh cant have some resentment? i think he actually handled it quite well, nastier things could of been said.

    3 HE NEVER TOLD YOU TO PICK TEAMS so dont. you all just assumed you had to but whats the point in the long run, do you know them personally and what happened behind closed doors? no? then stay out of it, its not gonna make anything better if your just firing more shit into the fan.

    4. i get your upset but theres nothing wrong with the old stuff i mean there are other bands out there that you must listen to so whats wrong with listening to the stuff already released and who knows what Paramore is going to sound like in the future?

    5. (sounding like chris crocker but fuck it) leave jenna alone. shes sticking by the man she loves and shes getting hounded for it thats just bullshit.

    6. Please for the love of anything dont relate this to your parents divorce. This is nothing like mine and many others, again do you know them personally? then how can you possibly relate that to your parents divorce?? Divorces can screw peoples lives up and from experience i wish i had never gone through it as it caused a shit load of problems in my life. Paramore is a band, there are many other bands and its not like they are deleting all the songs they have ever made.

    Look, im not on either team, hell im only a semi fan so thats probably why these little tirades of comments are pissing me off. Theres no point in kicking people over it because you cant change whats happened, it was their choice so stop being selfish and think how much nastier it would of got if this had been delayed. This is between the Boys and the Band, Jenna unfortunately got caught in the crossfire for being part of the messanger team and supporting her husband. It sickens me all the hatred towards her as she has done nothing wrong especially when they are attacks about Josh & Hayley. If they did love eachother then they would be together and not fighting. This is really their business so continue on with your life and let them sort it out instead of firing shit and both ends.

    Merry Christmas Jenna & Josh from NZ, i am so sorry that among the Paramore fans are ignorant and outright rude people who just need to grow up. However i am pleased to say that your true fans are supporting you. I am sorry im not the major fan trying to steal your shoes but i do appreciate the music (: xx

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year and i hope you two get better and your kitten is as adorable as you hoped (: Please dont get upset by the idiots x


  121. YEA!!!! YOU TELL THEM!! :P dont u dare listen to all those haters, everyone wanted an explanation and he gives everyone one and they bite his head off >.< makes me sooo angry i just wanna explode >.< i hope everyone isnt being to mean to you :( give josh my love and i hope he gets well soon :)

  122. Hi Jenna!
    I love your blog and I instantly thought of this post of yours when I saw how much hate people have been spamming!

    I hope you, Josh and Zac have an amazing holiday and a great new year. I'm so excited for the Farro's, they deserve to be happy. and you don't deserve any of this please just disregard the hate msgs and disable anonymous maybe like someone above me suggested.

  123. wait Josh said he didn't like the songs because they go against what he believed..but didn't he co-write them..odd...wait and he says that it from the beginning it was tension(just summing it up),but didn't he date Hayley for 3 years? oh wait there is more He stayed for 6 years in a band that he was unhappy with....odd...


  125. We wanted an explanation from them, but his explanation was basically a post calling out hayley for every single mistake the band had. Whether that is WHY the band had mistakes or not, it was really harsh and I can't believe he could put up with himself when he wrote that. Yeah, a couple of the songs Hayley had written were harsh, but it's better than writing about rainbows and ponies, unlike mainstream music nowadays, what paramore (and hayley) wrote for brand new eyes was something that came from what hayley was feeling. I can't imagine someone saying all of this, about something that she truly felt. Maybe it was best that Josh left, it seems like once he married you, he's changed.

  126. I can't believe some of the crap people are posting. Don't listen to any of it. Take it with a grain of salt since none of them know you.

    I'll be honest with you though; I just know Paramore is no longer Paramore with out Josh and Zac.

  127. How funny it is for those to post all that stupid crap and insulting you as if it was your fault.

    People really need to grow up and leave you alone.

    Wish you both the best.

  128. Jenna just say it to Josh Please, is realy important to me =(

    No, I'm not ok. I'm from Brazil and really hoped to see you in February, because YOU WERE ALWAYS MY FAVORITE! I'm a guitarist and one day when my dreams were gone, when I had no expectations, when I was about to give up everything I could find a way out with your musics, especially 'plane crash dreams' and I remember how I wanted to be like , playing as well as you, start a band as paramore. I just hoped to see my biggest idol once(because I can't go to the other concert.), try to get an autograph, a souvenir. But more importantly hear you play. See the way you play. But now I have an empty. But I always will support you in everything, in all your works, and you'll always be my favorite. I hope to see you soon in Brazil, with Paramore or with any other band.
    I always love you Josh, and I always will support you ok?


  129. First of all: thank you Jenna for confirming the post was truly written by Josh.
    Then I must say: Josh you are a coward. Now that you aren't in Pmore anymore you're trowing shit to Hayley(but also to Jeremy). You're so childish. (sorry if I'm making some grammatical mistakes but I'm not english)
    You depicted Hayley like an egocentric person... But we know she isn't. She proved that several times when she tried to put attention on the band and not to herself.
    And then nobody forced you to stay in the band in these 6-7 years so in that post you showed your victimhood.
    And then again: Hayley is talented(well you, Zac, Taylor and Jeremy as well) so if she wanted to be the star(like you said)she could choose a solo career but she didn't. and also I think that in taht case she could have more succes than with Paramore(well I would have liked her less). This proves that what you said isn't true.
    If someone will delete my post, that will prove as well that you're a coward.
    But I must say a thing: I will always love you as a musician because you really are talented.

  130. Well, my comment isnt posting on his for some reason.
    but yeah i agree it isn't really our business but here is my comment.
    it's a nice one dont worry.. lol..
    Jenna, i would love if you relayed this info to Josh.

    Alright here :
    Thank you, Josh and Zac.

    I appreciate this post. it means a lot. this was hard for me to understand at first, but now i feel enlightened.
    im just an 18 year old girl. i played your guitar during the new orleans show in september. i just want to let you know that no memory will every replace that one, and you brought a lot of joy into my heart. i had been preparing for that moment for months in advance. like really :) and your character really inspires me, not just your music, but the way you have seemed to handle things. thanks for that also.
    Well, i wish you the best of luck in the future, and I'll be praying for you.
    Thanks for everything again.
    Have a great Christmas! (FIRST of forever Christmasses together with your wife, how amazing is that?! :D) and Get well soon.
    Alexis Vega
    New Orleans, LA

  131. " and maybe someday the Farro's will have more music too" PLEASE YEEES!!

    yeah as u sai, the music is the important thing... ay least withou it Paramore wouldn't exist!

  132. i'm not complaining, i'm just angry/sad/confused that the music that made me happy and inspired was all a fucking lie.

  133. Hi Jenna,
    I'm just yet another random Paramore fan, albeit somewhat older than most. I just was looking at some of the comments on your husband's blog and thought I'd come here and let you know I'll keep you guys in my prayers. All of this going on must be taking it's toll on you both - I'm not surprised to hear Josh has been unwell recently. I hope that over Christmas you both have time to disconnect and just relax with friends and family being yourselves rather than part of this controversy.

    God bless you guys. All the best.


  134. Thinking of you two... must be heartbreaking to have to go through all this. Have a beautiful Christmas, Farros. Break free - be yourselves. It's the only way to be true to yourselves.

    Love from Oz. xo

  135. Hey Jenna,
    Thanks for speaking out to clarify that this post is real. It's just really hard for us as fans to accept that two beloved members from a really awesome band depart on bad terms. Even I couldn't accept this when I first read it; I'd thought it was a fake, although the words were laced with honesty and pain.

    It's just really mind blowing to wake up to see that the perfect imago of Paramore I'd painted, shatter just like that. I always thought Paramore was built up based on really tight knit friends who had to work really hard to gain success and it truly inspired me to do so with my friends. The statement just shook me up really bad. I guess I didn't know what was really going on, I suppose now, too.

    I was so inspired by the music that came outta Paramore; I loved the songs Hayley and Josh had written and was really inspired by that. It made me write more songs and made me improve myself more.

    I love Zac on the drums and how he was so nice to a fan, teaching her to play the drums when they were recording We Were Born For This - I saw a video on Youtube.

    It just saddens me that I will never see Paramore (with Zac and Josh) live, ever. I had to skip two of Paramore's concerts in Singapore and KL, Malaysia coz of school trips. But I will be keeping Josh and Zac in my prayers and will always be supportive of whatever music they'll come up with.

    God bless y'all.


  136. whatever the other fans had might said, i do believe what josh had stated. it must been really hard taking years to finally speak the truth. be strong and dont let anyone brings you down! all of these experiences had taught josh to be stronger and wiser. good luck in the future! if its meant to be, its meant to be. dont give up. you will always have support from this fan. :)

  137. Jenna,

    Thank you for keeping us up to date this past week. While I don't agree with how Josh portrayed his message, I appreciate all you have done. Thank you so much. Ignore the hate messages. Jealousy is what is fueling most of them, and jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins. You have done nothing but good deeds to us. Have a blessed holiday season! Wish Josh and Zac the same.

  138. Make a video and prove it please, so this whole thing will be over with

  139. Hi Jenna! Thanks for clearing that up. I also agree with what you say. :) Take Care!

  140. he already made a video -___- there.

  141. wow, i sincerely apologize on behalf of the people who posted all the hateful and immature comments towards josh, zac and yourself.
    thank-you for clearing everything up.

    keep on, keepin' on.
    Merry Christmas to you all and all the best for the future.

  142. Do you have any idea how much reading this hurts your fans? Did you have to be so bitter? Honestly?

  143. he is adult, he knows what to do, Josh I support you in any decision that you make, I'll be your fan forever *-*

  144. Directed towards the hate comments.
    It's pissing me off that a lot of the people posting comments are all "Hayley can do no wrong omg why would you say that she is so amazing"
    well what about Josh and Zac?
    clearly they weren't happy and left. It's their decision, their lives. Don't make this all about Hayley. and it obviously hasn't ruined her reputation.. it seems like you just want it to ruin her reputation by saying so.

  145. I think everyone will always support Paramore, and even though they left, they were still in Paramore for 7 years. They'll always have the fans support I think people were just shocked that all this had happened and no one was even slightly aware. Its sad that they're gone and everyone will miss the amazing music they made. I dont know if the band will be the same but its sad that they seem to be leaving on bad terms. I always felt more of a connection to Paramore than the music, may be stupid, but I did, I think now it'll just be about the music, if it stays strong. I'll continue supporting both parts no matter what, they're all amazing. Josh and Zac will be missed for their talent and personality. I never saw Paramore for just Hayley, it was a band made up of unreal musicians. So to Josh and Zac congratulations on all your success, past and whats sure to come in the future, we'll miss your contribution to Paramore but God Bless for the future, the real fans and I will always be faithful :) Bye for now.

  146. Hey Jenna, I am so sorry you had to receive all these hateful comments. I don't see why they're targeting you, out of all the people. The fans asked for an explanation and Josh gave them one. How is that bitter? I hope you and Josh live a happy life together :)

  147. I'm glad this all came out. I've met Hayley several times, and everytime she was a COMPLETE asshole. I have friends in Nashville that have told me about her horrible attitude when she's home. She's a waste of everyone's attention. Hopefully, she'll try to go solo now and fail. Then we don't have to look at her ugly mug anymore. She's fake. You could always tell she was fake. The B.O.B. song was her "trial period" as a solo artist. She did alright, so now they're gonna put the heat on for her to break off and do a solo record. It's the same way they got Nicki Minaj out there. Put her dumb ass on a few songs and EVERYONE WANTS TO BUY THE NEW RECORD. I sincerely hope she fails and falls off the face of the planet.

    To Josh and Zac,
    Thank you for telling the truth and not worrying about how it would effect her "image". I'm sure you'll both be getting a lot of angry phone calls, and could've probably made more money by threatening them with the release of this information, but the fact that you chose to tell the truth is commendable. All of these naysayers and all of the negativity you are getting now will be gone soon. Tweens grow up. And I'm sure they'll see through her bullshit soon enough. In the meantime, could one of you PLEASE convince her to get a stylist? She dresses/looks like a prepubescent transvestite. And she doesn't even have nice tits :(

    Josh and Zac FTW. All of you emotional pre teens need to stop being angry and go listen to your beloved Never Shout Never. Shoot me.


  149. I believe you 100% He gave us fans an explanation and I'm gonna love him and Paramore no matter what happens. I'm glad that Josh and Zac were brave enough to have the guts to tell the real truth. I'm really frustrated at Hayley right now. Josh and Zac, don't let anyone bring you down. It's your life do what you please. Of course I cried when I read the announcment but them I imagined myself in your shoes and realized I'd probably do the same if I was you. Jenna I pray for you. Josh and Zac I pray for you every day. If Hayley thought that Paramore was a real band then she should have stood up to her father and let him know it wasn't all about her. But it is. Jenna I think it'd be amazing if you did something with music as well. I hope you and Josh have a wonderful Christmas with your family. You could make a video like Josh did do prove yourself to the non-believers. I'll support Paramore as always but I'm mad at Hayley. Right now I like Jenna more than Hayley just because I'm so frustrated with her. Of course I'll end up loving Hayley again some day. Paramore WAS a band. But now people think Paramore is Hayley. It's not. Jenna I hope you pass on to Zac and Josh that I'll always love them no matter what they decide to do with their lives. Happy Holidays Jenna. <3

  150. Hi there!

    I agree with your words.

    Of course I'm sad...I never thought this could happen with Paramore and I was kinda chocked with Josh statment but of, at the end, we fans don't have nothing to do with you said, music is what really matters right?!

    Unfortunatly not everybody agrees with that and I'm tired to read bad things about Farro brothers or's really unnecessary...

    I think they were all too young to realize what really was going on... And if josh and zac thought that would be better break up with the band we just have to support them and wish them all the luck in the world =)
    At least, that's my oppinion.

    Oh well, just wish all the luck in the world to EVERYONE!!

    Jenna, good luck to you both and just want you to know that not every fans of paramore are bitches and not every fans talk bad things about you =)

    xoxo from Portugal

  151. Great sum up!
    Nothing more to add (:


  152. Hi!

    I´ve seen Paramore twice here in Sweden and on both concerts av have too say that both josh and zac did not look happy. Josh was definetly the one that looked really unhappy, and it really broke my heart. I think both josh and zac are grat mucisians and i really, really hope i´ll see them in a new band in the future. But i really want them to be happy and i hope that they take a break and the things they want to do.
    And seriousley, dont listen to the bullshit they are writing about Josh and Hayley. Thats soooo childish. I dont know if some people totaly missed that you and josh got marry wich means he loves YOU! And anyone can tell on the pictures on this blog that he only have his eyes on you. Please tell josh and zac that they did the right thing and that i hope they dont feel bad or anything, they did what they had to do. Their happiness is the most important thing. I wish bot you, josh and zac a great future and happy holiday!

    (i´m really, really sorry for my spelling. Since i finished school my spelling in terrible in english. Haha!)

    Take care!

  153. Of course the fans love the music but it's more than just that. The friendship/family 'ties' that Paramore had made them more than just a band. The music was/is what the fans love, but their friendship and genuineness made them even more special.

    We want what's best for the brothers, as well as the remaining members, but the whole situation has a huge emotional impact on the fan base. It's saddening and it's scary to know that Josh and Zac are no longer part of Paramore.

    That being said, Paramore (all members included), have helped us (there's 3 of us writing this) through a bunch of difficult times. Now it's our turn to be supportive and understanding of the choices that have been made.


  155. I believe you!

  156. Yeah! Make a video and prove it! It's the day before Christmas Eve, and I've got nothing to do for the next 24 hours. Entertain me!

    Oh, by the way, could you put me in your blogroll. My Google AdSense account could totally benefit from some overflow traffic from your site.

  157. I´m sure there were a lot of good reasons for Zac and Josh to leave Paramore and i hope they will make music in the future . I have to say that i was shocked when i read the announcement and i was so sad about it but i´m looking forward how the music of paramore will be in the future! Unfortunately i wasnt lucky enough to see paramore live because i live in Austria -.- but I only want to thank Zac and Josh for such a great music in the last years and you and your music enriched my life and i wish you all good luck for the future.

    To all the others who are writing so mean comments just get it that they arent members of paramore anymore, if you are REAL paramore fans then you wouldnt be like that!

    I hope my english isnt to bad =)
    Greets from Austria.

  158. Well, yes, we're in it for the music. We love the music. But all this is just making some of us feel as if the music was never real.
    I mean look at me, I'm second guessing all their lyrics now. Who does that? Not me. But now I am.
    So. Yes. That's why we're "complaining."

  159. The music doesn't change, and that's what fans are here for, right?

    Hey girl, that's so true!

  160. Ok to all of you people that are calling Jenna a bitch I have a few things to say to you.
    1. If you are going to act stupidly and insult people you know NOTHING about, the least you could do is learn to spell and type correctly. You are making yourselves sound like morons when your post doesn't even make sense.
    2. Like I said, you don't know any of the members of Paramore or their familys except for what you see in photos or videos. Don't ramble on like you know who they really are and what kind of personalities they really have. There is the public persona celebrities put on for show and then the real persona. Unless you are close friends with Josh or Jenna, do us all a favour and go away.
    3. To all those people saying Josh and Hayley belong together.... GET A LIFE! Clearly they aren't meant for each other because if they were, they would be together, and surprise surprise, they're NOT. Half of you talking this crap are probably teenagers who have no idea about love or life for that matter, so you have no right to comment on who loves who.
    4. Finally, I don't understand why you are even commenting on Josh and/or Jenna's posts if you don't like them. If you think Jenna is a bitch or whore, and Josh is a douchebag, why are you taking the time to find, read and comment on these blogs? How much of a loser must you be. Get off the blogs, and go out and get your own life, and then maybe you will realise that the real world isn't all about 1 band and what those band members do in their private lives.

    To Jenna, i really hope you don't pay attention to the people that are only on here to insult you using an anonymous log in. they are cowards.
    Just live your life, be with Josh and both your families, and be happy. You, Josh and Zac deserve nothing more than to be happy.

    Love Nat

  161. the hate you are getting on here is not only completely untrue but so disrespectful! being a Paramore fan since the beginning this is obviously sad news but for you to get hate over it? No one can call themselves a a Paramore fan and slate the lead guitarists wife over a blog he posted to give the fans a TRUE overview of the situation. Truth hurts but I have the greatest respect for Josh for posting it and for you Jenna for confirming its him.

  162. You are so sweet and your blog is so awesome. Love all your beautiful pics. Keep up posting and ignore rude comments.

    Wish you (your family and Josh) a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

    And people may say that you are lucky to have Josh. But honestly, Josh is lucky to have YOU!
    Merry merry christmas.
    I hope all you dreams come true.
    Love and happiness always..

  164. Does anyone realize the guts it took for josh to write that blog and record that video comfirming it?

    I'm sure he loves everyone that's supported him, paramore, his dreams, etc.

    And do you ever stop and think why he did it so long was when you're living your dream, you want to do everything you can to keep it going, but do we ever put ourselves in his shoes and think for a second that us (the fans) are what kept him going for so long?

    And then I see all the belligerent comments directed to where they shouldn't be directed to.

    He finally had such an emotional toil on him and his brother that he wanted to let the truth set him free.

    / that is all

  165. Thankyou for this! Though I will never look at Paramore the same, I will at least look forward to the fact that people like Zac and Josh exist- those of whom are willing to stand by what's right and God's word! :)

    Yes, no more Paramore for me! But anyway, there's always Anberlin! XD

    Nic from the Philippines

  166. i'm pretty sure there is a way for people to voice their opions without all the negative language...
    i'm a huge paramore fan and i couldn't help but to feel slightly disappointed and betrayed when i read Josh's post but you know what Hayley made mistakes... over and over again Josh and Zac were fed up with it and they left...
    I still love the music of paramore and i wish Josh and Zac the best of luck where ever they are headed in life
    On a brighter note
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!

    PS thanks Jenna.... i think we all owe you that

  167. Hi, i bet u check ur blog more often then Josh so please would yo say this to him...
    I'm a huge fan from Paramore I'm from El Salvador and i love all the members in the band for me it was that a Band i wasn't focus just on Hayley i love Josh i think his an amazing guitarist i love playing guitar an he's one on my inspirations as a writer too and as a singer i love his screamo :), about Zac i feel the same i want to learn to play drums cuz of him sometimes i sit hearing paramore's sond but i focus just on the instruments just to hear them forgetting the lyrics just to hear the music, now im sad cuz they decide to leave the band :'( really sad (crying) it would not be the same but from the bottom of my heart i wish them the best WE REAL Paramore fans support them in everything they decide to do.
    I'm crying again cuz i'll never meet Paramore as they were i live in El Salvador never had the chance to go to a concert a see them live and now never will but i wish them the best.
    I Hope Josh is fine :) I send him a hug and Blesses i know God has something huge for them wherever they are and for you too.
    God Bless you all. <3

  168. hayleyjeremytaylorforlifeDecember 23, 2010 at 8:58 PM

    stupid bitch

  169. ive a little bit angry with Josh statement. but,all the best for Josh & Zac even they leave with "super dramatic" ending.

    Paramore will survive with Hayley,Taylor & Jeremy. PEACE!


  171. Hey Jenna,

    Have fun being married to a vindictive "man". Let's hope he doesn't take up drinking, all of the muscles he's built up over the years would leave a nasty bruise or two.

  172. Wow. That girl (tearusdown) isn't a cunt or anything is she? DUMBFUCK ALERT!!!!

  173. paramore are shit im glad josh and zac they had way too much talent to be over shadowed by that ginger bitch hayley. Haha all you fans need your head testing why are you bitching over people leaving a band get over it life goes on you immature little brats if i knew you all in real life punch you in the face for be whining little babies. Waaaaa i'm gonna cry now because josh and zac left paramore :'(

  174. A unica coisa que tenho a dizer é : EU ODEIO TUDO ISSO,e odeio ainda mais o Josh, pois ele fez com que as "pessoas" acharem que a Hayley é um MONSTRO EGOISTA, mas ela NÃO É ! Ela é mil vezes melhor que você (josh), pois quem acabou sendo um MONSTRO EGOISTA é VOCÊ JOSH ! E EU, não quero que você volte pro PARAMORE u.u, nós merecemos algo melhor, e tem mais, acho que você saiu da banda não foi por que só a Hayley que aparecia não, foi por dor de cutovelo ! Simplesmente, espero que vocês (Josh e Jenna Vaca) sejam Felizes,e para o Zac, EU O AMO MUITO é o unico que sentirei falta .

    Assinado: Uma EX-Fã sua .
    obs: Se quiser saber realmente o que escrevi use o tradutor do Google ou outra merda qualquer que traduza. U.U

  175. Hi Jenna,
    sorry ive to say this.. i though Josh was the cool person but im wrong.. :(

    (Josh,zac please comeback)

  176. People who are not supportive and are picking sides and making rude comments at either or both or even ON THIS BLOG are total and utterly tween. You obviously lack any maturity and might as well complain and cry your eyes out in the corner of your bedroom to the merchandise you splurged on the Paramore webstore that you've been demanding from your parents. Once you ALL SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR WHINING life will be better for all of them.

  177. All drama aside, I hope that all you Farros have an freaking awesome Christmas and that God may bless your future!!!

  178. Blah, blah, blah, your not apart of Paramore. So stay out of there business, Josh is wrong...and I hate to say it, but christians don't act like the way he did in his blog.

  179. I just have to say this...
    Some of the comments are friggin funnny XD
    and yeah..very mean too. No common sense but uh hey, THEY'RE ALL HUMAN. I mean, I'm upset about the split too but what can they do? They have a life and all the liberties to be happy and do as they please. You know, like the freedom of speech u guys are using when u're calling his wife bitch and stuff. Anyways, just chill the f**k out. The world isn't going to end even with the absence of the Farro brothers in Paramore. Josh has his points and so is Hayley. Jesus.

  180. Well of course fair enough guys, the band didn't work out for the farros and i guess it must have been kinda annoying always being in Hayley's shadow, but the lead singer of a band (whether rightly or wrongly) is bound to get the most attention, 'tis not really her fault. I don't really see your problem with the lyrics, they aren't always happy and joyful, but then neither is life. Also without her, her parents or manager there would be no PARAMORE as we know it right?
    We are all sad to see the farros go but if that makes them happy that is fine. Support and respect.

    I still so love Paramore!!! let us all continue to support them :D

  181. Ok everyone needs to calem down , yes this is hard to read becuz this was one of my favortie bands,
    But Hayley was right in her Fan Blog
    " we want Josh and Zac to be happy"
    Josh and Zac are amzaing musicians
    Josh and Hayley were beatiful together , sounds that made you feel something in them

    I say Jenna you are jelous u will never be anything like hayley! FANS are importet to paramore that the true thing that showed! It like you want to control his music life.
    Paramore shall live
    Maybe Josh and Zac might think about the funny moments in the band.
    Becuz once u hold on to something deep , it always STAYS DEEP!

    Hayley+JOsh = pure love
    but things change .
    Hayley+Zac+Josh+Taylor+Jermamy= PARAMORE!

  182. Hayley

  183. It absolutely breaks my heart to see Josh and Zac leave Paramore, because I've been a big fan almost since they started.

    Josh has been a major influence on me over the past few years, and he's the reason I started playing guitar - I wanted to be just like him someday.

    I know that Josh and Zac have done what they feel is best for them, and everyone needs to screw off and leave them alone. Jenna is not the one we should be attacking, she is simply the messenger, and none of this is her fault. No one is to blame for what has happened. Josh and Zac felt that they weren't welcome in the band anymore, so they left.

    There is also the fact that it is possible that this isn't Hayley's fault as well. As Josh stated, Hayley's FATHER was the one saying that Hayley was the real star, and that the rest of them were pretty much just along for the ride. It was her father, not Hayley. So you can't say it was all just Hayley's idea - maybe she had it drilled into her head from her own father that it was all about her.

    I'm not siding with Hayley, nor am I siding with Josh, as most of you seem to be doing, I'm merely showing things that one or both sides seem to be missing.

    Jenna, I wish you and Josh the best of luck with whatever may come your way. And please let Josh know that he is my idol, and I will look up to him no matter what. (:


  184. This comment has been removed by the author.

  185. To Josh & Zac.
    Ok, I have the most respect for you and for your choices and I hope that music will be part of your life. But honestly, if this band is all and only what you say, I just can't believe: only you could play so well together and produce music so beautiful. Was it all a lie? The music never lies ... So if the problem was the image, remember that the world knows you as "Paramore" and not as "Hayley's band" and if you were a band, why don't you have solved all these problems together (all the band members)? Anyway, Josh and Zac, thank you for all you have done and for all best experiences with Paramore. I hope you can find every happiness. Thank U guys.
    P.s. Jenna&Josh I hope you can have everything that you want in your life together.
    xoxo A Paramore fan

  186. If it was really like then why did they leave now. Answer that. don't know why your getting involved. And enough with the jesus shit its annoying. Hope you and josh break up. WISH you guys the WORST.

  187. This comment has been removed by the author.

  188. Aw, Jenna and Josh you two are so beautiful together. Jenna I adore you. Josh, you and Zac will obviously be missed making music in a band that we've grown to love, but we have noticed that you guys didn't seem as happy as the rest of the band. I definately see why you guys made the decision to leave Paramore. It's just harder to do now than maybe 6 years ago. Glad though that you aren't giving up on music. And as for Zac, you won me over with your amazing beat. I haven't found a better drummer.
    I will be checking up on you guys and I want to see more smiles ;) Bye everyone!

  189. I'm soooo glad I made it to the Honda Civic Tour, in retrospect, knowing that such a chance will likely never come again is a weird feeling. And I'd rather not take sides, because we can't possibly know the full truth, but I will say that no, the music DOES change. Since Josh was credited as a co-writer, things are definately going to change in regards to style and lyrical content without the brothers.

    The original Paramore was an amazing ride. Thank you, Farro bros.

  190. jenna i respect ur trying to help but i have a feeling its making things worse for u i dont mind u at all its just how josh lied to us wich makes me angry and the way he hated on hayley it wasnt her fault if her manager thought she could do better things then be in a small band she probably could i mean.. she collabarated with b.o.b and she got too nom1 with no problem maybe it is forthe best .. :/im sad too see the real paramore break up as i was looking forward too seeing the original line up but owell .. good luck for all farro and to paramore i salute you!<3

  191. I love the songs on Brand New Eyes but after hearing that Hayley wrote many of them about the Josh/Hayley relationship, I find it a bit disingenuous for her to say that she thought the album had brought the band closer together. Yeah right!
    Hayley has the right to write about what she wants and about her feelings, but she also has a responsibility, no matter how much she might want to hurt back. to take into account Josh & Zac's feelings. To have Josh write the music for these stinging criticisms of him, then for him to have to record/ perform them and sing background vocals as well - I personally think that is pretty horrible, whatever he/she may have done/whatever happened between them. There are two sides to every story but Hayley now needs to change the subject. I hope "The Mournng" isn't a continuation of the saga. That is not "Just for Fun" - that's sticking the knife in and twisting it.

  192. Okaay this is what I feel, I just feel like this shits dumb . I understand yhuur married to him but dont be so bitchy about . yhuur like saying "Oh stop with this hate" Well duh everybodys gonna hate . It broke our hearts to see Josh get married . Yhuu are just retarded and dont see why were pissed . yhuu probably might delete my comment but I'm just telling yhuu . If yhuu read what yhuu put on this blogpost yhuu might see gow mean yhuu were being . I could care less about but I'm not . Sincerley- Rheamae R .

  193. Ugh, Rheame R, shut up.

    Jenna, gorgeous blog!

  194. Jenna please keep blogging!
    its nice to read your posts.
    *thumbs up*