Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Josh and Zac's Exit Statement



  1. Joshua Neil Farro- you have blown my mind. And it's not because you're attractive. Thank you! But damn..............this is gonna start something. But I believe you! And, I'm happy that you posted this. I'll take your word for it. Thanks for telling the truth. God bless you.

  2. I don't even know what to say.

  3. Thank you!
    Have a beautiful life and fulfill your dreams and desires.
    Thankfully you two are done with all of the band things.
    Hopefully, if it's God's will, you two can join in something together that allows people to see your talents and hopefully you're treated with respect and love through everything you do.

    Thank you again.
    Merry Christmas

  4. I'm so glad Josh has you Jenna. It's so obvious at how happy you make him. I wish you both the best of luck, and all the happiness in the world.

    God bless you all

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  6. Thank you, Jenna. Sending love and support. I hope you and Josh live the happiest marriage in the entire world because you two desserve it!

    Cheers, and again, thank you so much.

  7. why isn't this on paramore.net?

  8. Not believing it until it's confirmed by the band.

  9. "softness of your smile, lies you want to feel"

    Fucking new something was up. Shouldn't listened to Gomez Hyatt, everyone! He was right aaall along...

    Deeply sorry for what you guys have had to go through.

  10. i agree with the anon.
    i'm so fucking confused with everything, i need someone to tell me, not a link on someones blog.
    this could be hacked for all we know.
    ...is falling in fallllllllllllllllllllllllllls.

    ok that was inappropriate but i don't get it.

  11. your as douchey as your douchebag husband.

    HAYLEY FOR LIFE. <3333

  12. hayley williams is super hot.

  13. you know what i love more than the fact that josh is not in paramore? hayley.

  14. Wow I can't believe Hayley has mesmerized so many people.
    I'm sorry you have to deal with all of these haters.
    ...oh ignorance

  15. Seriously, Anon that keeps calling Josh a "douchebag"
    Grow up and back off!
    I respect Josh for telling us the truth as it seem there hasn't been much of that from Paramore and if you were a true Paramore fan, you'd accept it too.
    Get over your "hayley is hot" crap and start acting like a person that actually has a brain.

  16. ALright. I really hate writing about this, but hey. Someone practical has to say something before Matt gets here and before people really start to bitch and whine about it.

    I'm warning you, it's extremely hard to read.


    Here are some points I'm going to make. I just want to let you know that I support every member equally. I'm dissecting the points made in this so it's easier to understand.

    1. The Hayley Show

    People talk about Paramore being "all about Hayley" all the time. I find it hard to listen to because we love every band member equally, but here's the facts from the statement.

    - I'm sure that the record label did try and get Hayley alone. She's extremely talented. But you have to realize first that Front Women rock bands were pretty uncommon at the time they were signing. The record label probably didn't see any potential for Paramore as a full out band, it's a miracle Hayley stuck to her guns and decided not to just quit on everybody. Even when the record label tried to fire all of the guys but keep Hayley they came back with stronger music. I think it would have been easy for Hayley to decide that she should just go solo, but she didn't.

    - Hayley's family. I don't think Hayley's family wanting her to go solo is nessesarily her fault. Sure, her Dad might have been mean to the band members, but that doesn't make Hayley herself some sort of evil person.

    2. The breakups

    - I wasn't surprised that Jeremy had been kicked out before RIOT was recorded, really. He did quit once before, after all. I love Jeremy, I really do, but if you looked at it through the band's eyes I'm sure it must have caused some controversy to let him back in TWICE. It's pretty obvious something big like that had to happen for Paramore to consider breaking up, even on top of Hayley and Josh's breakup.

    - Hayley and Josh's breakup. I'll admit, it pissed me off a tad bit to see Josh talk about Hayley so awfully when he DID date her, once. Surely he didn't hate her so furociously for 7 years, he must have really liked her at SOME point for them to have been dating for so long.

    3. Brand New Eyes

    - The bible stuff made me a little bit upset. Christianity is a religion, it's not your entire life. To be upset because a song was "against" a bible verse just doesn't register as something that's logical in my mind. However, I do understand that for someone as religious as Josh it would be considered upsetting.

    4. All the years

    I think that the entire blog is really dark and upsetting. It seems like they ignored the fact that they MUST have been happy at some point, why else would they do this for 7 years? From the way things are written it seems like they were never happy. So why would they stay if they were never happy? It seems a bit biased to me, I'm sure it was because they're obviously upset.

    In the end, I'm sure Hayley taylor and Jeremy will have something to say about this. I'm a little worried that there may be some "war" so to speak, and I sincerely doubt that the Farros will ever be really true friends with the other band members as well.

    In the final analysis, I think that because this IS one side of the story, it IS biased. Don't get your knickers in a twist yet, okay? I agree with some of the things that were said and disagree with others. Is it hard to read and is it difficult to think that all this could have happened? Yes. Is Hayley suddenly evil? No.

    Don't judge the full story until you hear both sides. Don't send hate mail. Don't quit the fan base. Do, however, send eternal support to Paramore, past, future, and present.

  17. anon's read this GET A LIFE! and start by acting like you have a brain C:
    if you dont like what it says, don't put your hate here. NO ONE NEEDS YOU
    and if you really care about this people as a group, you'll keep your opinion for yourselves.

    we dont need people who only love hayley of paramore or knows 1 song of them.

    jenna, you and josh are adorable keep going on being happy, and please give my regards to Zac and to anyone involves in this whole thing. i know you'll always have the support of true paramore fans C:


  18. i'm glad he finally let everybody know the truth even if it was hard to hear. it was probably even harder to write... tell him thanks for sharing

  19. y'all are psycho josh is a douche and so are all of you skanks. did i mention hayleys hot?

  20. good riddance, ass.
    real mature to post on blogspot too, troll

  21. people should stop being ignorant and be respectful.what has Jenna or Josh or Zac done to you except tell the truth?sure it was a little harsh but it's the truth.it's hard to accept sometimes but that's the way it is.Jenna,I honestly wish you and Josh the best on your marriage and in the future.may God bless you.

  22. Thankyou so much Jenna. Gonna read it now!

  23. Jenna please ignore all these negative people. All you are doing is trying to pass on a message on Zac and Josh's behalf. People are silly.

  24. Team Farro.

    Don't be so surprised, anon, that your angel Hayley-cakes isn't all she's cracked up to be.

    What was Josh supposed to do, post it on paramore.net, the website to a band that he is no longer a part of?

    Five bucks says that this is either
    a.) ignored by the lovely Williams
    b.) blown off with one of her many dumbass comments she's prone to make or
    c.) reported to be fake.

    Of course the statement is negative; could you expect him to be a ray of sunshine? Really?

  25. is it seriously true that it was written by joshua farro ? i really2 want to know the truth , please ..

  26. For everyone teaming up... Join team Paramore.

  27. this is all so crazy. Honestly, it feels as if Josh is putting all the blame on Hayley. But it's his side. If he's happy not being with the band, let him be happy. I want to hear Zac's side. The reason its not on Paramore.net is because he is no longer part of paramore. Thank you Jenna, for letting us know. I appreciate that you are passing on the word. As for Josh, try to ignore all the negative things, altough it may be difficult since all the feedback is negative. Josh, i think you should write a new statment, WITHOUT blaming Hayley so much, but if thats what you feel the statement should be, then keep it. Thank you for all your help josh.


  29. That wasn't an exit statement. Josh/Zac - exploiting kids for money is surely frowned upon by God. Which is what you did, considering you were so unhappy and lying for so long. So much of the post wasn't necessary to you guys leaving - grow up and maybe thank the remaining members of Paramore for putting up with your self righteous attitudes for so long.

  30. Jenna and Josh, I really hope you don't let the negative comments get to you. I remember when they hurt you on Twitter.
    I'm so very happy that Josh and Zac have left. I loved them in the band, yes. And they are amazing musicians. I am TRULY grateful that they stuck around even when miserable to continue making music. I don't know if it was because of a contract, passion, or if it was for us and or making money to help support their current and future families. Either way, its an amazing, selfless thing to sacrifice your happiness for others. Seeing live Paramore videos.. Or attending shows, you could just tell that they were emotionally drained. I hope the rest of their lives are filled with love and amazing memories that have not only come from making music and us fans, but you and everything else in between.
    I'm happy to know the whole story. Growing up listening to the band, it's just really nice to know. Two of the three most seemingly genuine members of the band have left the year I turned a legal adult. Which to me is kinda funny.. See, as I really started to mature and such, they left and made themselves happy.. Got married.. Did mature like things. And I'm really, really proud. Kinda feelin' mom at the moment. Hahahaha.
    Anyways, thank you Josh, thank you Zac, and thank you Jenna. Thank you for making the boy I've been crushin' on since I was 13 happy.
    Best of luck, and thank you again. To everyone.

  31. I'm still a little confused.
    But I'm just glad they made amazing music as Paramore.
    If Josh and Zac weren't happy with Paramore, its their choice if they want to leave.
    I will always support the Farro brothers.
    Because no matter what they decide, it doesn't change the fact that they are both amazing musicians, who I look forward to hearing more from in the future.
    Please don't hesitate to continue sharing your talents with the world Josh and Zac!

  32. For starters, I'm glad you left Paramore. It was so clear to me that you and Zac didn't want to be there. He seems all bummed all the time and he's really good at hiding it but not to me. Anyway, I'm not mad at Hayley or even disappointed. Maybe a little bit but Whatever. But this DOES saddens me that Paramore isn't going to be the same anymore. Or if it WAS the same in the first place.

    Go ahead and do what you want. And for the haters, douche bags, jerks and the people bitching at Josh; could you just fuck off and try to look at the situation in Josh's point of view!?

    I'm sad Paramore isn't what i thought it is the first time I heard them in '06.

    And personally, I don't think Josh blames Hayley so much on this blog post. Geez come on guys! He's just trying to tell you what happened in his perspective! You should be glad he even told us the truth!

    Hayley did a couple of mistakes cause like DUH! We're human! No ones perfect.

    Just support Josh and Zac's decision.

    Oh, and CONTINUE SUPPORTING PARAMORE!!! I still love them. Hayley, Josh,Zac, Jeremy, and Taylor opened my world to real music. haha LOL xD

  33. @Rachel

    Thank you for restoring what little hope I had in the intelligence of this generation.

    That's pretty much how I feel. Everyone is jumping from one spectrum to another based on announcements released. The thing I'm upset about is while Paramore may have released the statement without "permission", they didn't say ANYTHING negative at all about the guys. I, for one, took it as people who have grown apart. Most fans accepted it and were willing to support everyone.

    NOW, there's a shitstorm brewing. Josh claims he would like the departure from paramore to be smooth or whatever, but that entire exit statement was anything but. I'm not denying anything that was said because I was not there but I don't believe all of it. I don't believe Hayley is some self-centered diva. If she were really that horrible, the guys could have kicked her out of the band. They didn't have to put up with it.

    Either way, as fans of Paramore, quit jumping on "teams". Save that shit for Twilight. Because I do NOT believe that through all of this, Josh and Zac were poor innocent peasant boys just like I don't believe Hayley was a Saint. Let's just be realistic here.

  34. I have been a Paramore fan for a long time, and I will continue to be.
    This is obviously more serious than taking sides.
    This is more about Josh and Zac doing what they felt was right.
    If they weren't happy with Paramore, then they had every right to leave.
    And I respect the decisions of Zac and Josh because they obviously stayed longer with Paramore than they wanted, but stayed because they didn't want to disapoint their fans.
    At least that's the impression I'm under.
    I'll always support the Farro brothers, because they are super awesome drummers and guitarists.
    Don't be hating on Josh, because he's trying to be honest, and give us all an explanation as to why he's no longer a member of Paramore.
    He's only trying to give us an understanding.
    Although, I'm still confused, I appreciate that Josh has shared his reasons with us.
    I will always support you all.
    And I'll always love the music Paramore gave to the world.

  35. El no deberia haberse ido asi .. lo unico que hace con todo esto .. es dejar mal parada a Hayley .. y hacer que la banda cuelgue de un hilo .. opino que josh es bastante inmaduro y falso ..


  36. I have so much secondhand embarassment from some of the "fan" comments on Josh's post. But anyway, thank you Jenna for keeping us all updated. I hope you and Josh's marriage is full of joy and blessings.
    Josh and Zac, I'm glad yall are doing what makes you happy. Thanks for creating music and sharing a part of your lives us for as long as yall did. I really wish all of you guys nothing but happiness and hope that the friendships between Josh, Zac, Taylor, Jeremy, and Hayley can be mended someday in the future. God bless all of yall.

    2 Corinthians 4:16-18

  37. To be honest when i found out that you and zac were leaving i burst out crying and i think i started hyperventilating :/ this was only because i didn't know why you were leaving. So thank you Josh soo much for coming out with the truth. I feel so much better. Now that you've said all that, as much as I love you and zac and the rest of paramore, I really respect your reasons for you and zac leaving. You are blessed with a lovely wife and I'll support you in whatever God calls you do. You will always be one of the my role models even though I'm a 13 year old gal!! Tehe. Does that sound weird :/
    Anyways love you to bits and I look forward to what the future will bring. Much love xoxo


  38. Everyone needs to stop blaming Jenna, it's not her fault, it never was.
    The only thing shes guilty of is loving Josh, like we do.
    Jenna, Zac, Josh and their family deserve all the happiness in the world. I will always love and respect them and it will suck without them but they've made the desicion to leave Paramore. Whats done is done.

  39. what i'm saddest about is, IF this is real, which i hope it's not, is that for 4 years my favourite band, all the lyrics that have cheered me up, have been a lie.

  40. So you're saying that this whole time you were never happy with Hayley or with Paramore?
    You never really liked Hayley, and you still don't?
    Is that what you're saying?
    Cause it always made me so happy to know that you were always apart of the band when the members kept changing.
    Back in all the old photos it always made me so happy and think 'Josh has always been there',
    and now you won't be, and everything is changing.
    All the lyrics you and Hayley wrote?
    All the songs? The whole time you've felt this way?
    Cause is in this post, it seems as though you never wanted to be apart of Paramore.
    And you never wanted to interact with Hayley?
    I love you to death, I'm such a huge fan, but this has completely changed my view on Paramore, cause all I see throughout your whole Paramore journey is negativity and that really upsets me, cause I won't be able to listen to Paramore's music knowing you hated every moment of it.

  41. This is not an 'exit statement' at all.
    All you've done is place blame on the other band members, in particular Hayley. Where they haven't spoke one bad word about you or Zac. All if all of this is true, you are the sellout for creating and playing music with Paramore if you were truly unhappy. Also, why would they need your permission to post an announcement about your departure, seeing as you weren't part of the band anyway.

    Sincerely, Disappointed Fan.

    PS. Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy are much more of an artist than you'll ever be. They actually put passion into their performance, whereas you stood to the side of the stage with a blank facial expression on your face.

  42. What's done is done.
    I always had a weird vibe that you never really felt like you somewhat 'belonged' in that band or something.
    I don't know, I had a feeling that you didn't really get along with Hayley.
    And when I saw you guys live, I hoped that my suspisions were wrong, because you were all so compatible together when you were performing.
    It was honestly an unforgettable day, it meant a lot to me, and now it just means more to me, because I know it was one of the last shows Paramore performed as Paramore with Zac and Josh still members.
    I had a feeling, and I wasn't surprised when I discovered that you and Zac were leaving, but I was absolutely devastated, I wouldn't stop crying.
    And it's still majorly upsetting and disappointing that it turned out this way,
    because you seemed to humble when you were live all together, as a band.
    I feel so much better knowing your reasons for leaviing, because before I was so confused and so upset, even if this result sucks.
    I appreciate what Josh shared with us so much.
    Thank you Josh for being truthful with your fans. We love and appreciate you so much for it.
    Or I know I do.
    We've been there from the start, and this doesn't mean we won't still be here to support you.
    Please just promise to keep up the good work, keep showing your talents to the world, because you're an amazing musician.
    I'll always love your solo's in Paramore's songs though. Especially the "1, 2, 3, 4" in "Misguided Ghosts" :)
    Love you forever Farro's!

  43. to the person above me who said "This is not an 'exist statement' at all.....".

    it really IS an exit statement. he's explaining everything he went through which is WHY he is leaving the band. and of course Hayley and the rest wouldn't speak one bad word about Josh or Zac, considering all the things they've been hiding the whole time.

    and of course they would need permission. it was Josh and Zac's decision to leave the band so they deserve to have a say, and let their word out first.

    and are you saying Josh didn't put passion? he composed all the songs, mind you, and he stuck with the band for seven years. if that's not passion i don't know what is. you can see when they first started out he was active on stage but slowly the "blank facial expression" took its place.

  44. Thanks to Josh and Jenna so much for sharing that with us, and allowing us to see Josh and Zac's perspective.
    Please keep us updated by using your blog, so we know where you're headed with your career, I'm excited for this new chapter for you in your music career.
    And also, if you can, let us know whether you did or didn't regret your time with Paramore.
    Whatever the answer, I'd really love for it to be cleared up, before I can move on, and not be so upset about your departure from Paramore.
    Cause I was really upset, but am so glad you're not quitting music.
    Because you're truly an amazing guitarist and vocalist too.
    Please, please, please keep it up for us fans who'll always love and support you! :)

  45. Although the songs might not be as passionate and as happy and meaningful as I thought they were.
    I'm still really glad you stuck with Paramore for all that time, even though it hurts a lot to know you're leaving now.
    It still means a lot that you tried and put lots of effort in to become closer to band and reconnect.
    I, as a person, totally appreciate your efforts and passion and devotion to the band.
    I understand why you've left now, but it still means a lot that you stayed for the sake of the band and for the sake of your fans.
    Thanks so much Josh, please don't be a stranger!


  47. Sorry Jenna, I'm 'Anonymous', and a lot of these comments have been from me. So, sorry for the spam, I know you just wanted to get Josh's message out there, and aren't all that interested in the feedback, but it would mean a lot to me if you shared the supportive comments from us to him.
    There's still a lot of fans out there (like me) who care about him, and want to know how the new chapter of his life is going.

    Merry Christmas to you Jenna and the other Farro's too :)

  48. Oh, thanks Jenna!
    Did you talk about Josh here? And you (of course).
    Like this we have so new from you.

    Bye, and i'm still French so sorry for my english.

    Have a merry christmas!

  49. I found this post a little unnerving, but I respect Josh and Zac a LOT for having the courage to give their side of the story. It's extremely confusing, as I do not know who to believe, but nonetheless it's interesting to see both points of view.

    I don't mean to be horrible, or nasty, or evil, but I'm not very diplomatic:
    If Josh and Zac weren't happy in the band, then why did you stay? 'Cause I know that if I were in your position, I'd have been out a long time ago!

  50. I can't believe it. I don't believe it.

  51. Merry Christmas to both of you Jenna and Josh ! I hope u two will be happy ! Even though I really can't believe that blog, thanks for letting us know about it ! :))

  52. Hhhmmm... What sickens/pisses me off is the fact how fans are reacting to this situation. I mean siding with people?? While not even knowing this whole-true story and then bringing people down with such negative comments??

    I'm glad to acknowledge Josh&Zac's statement and point of view. I respect their decision, and really really really thankful for being a part of Paramore, sharing music to everyone (yet I still feel that it's incomplete without them). At the same time, I'm still a fan of Paramore and looking forward for more music.

    If only peace is easy to obtain in this world, but yeah well it's a harsh real world that we're living in =/
    I just hope people/fans would understand that we have already been given a chance to see and know the reason why Josh and Zac left Paramore, so why not just leave it to understanding or respecting their statement and decision because in the end they are just like us; human beings who needs privacy, love and support. (Especially that it's holidays and Christmas is near.)

    Thank you very much Jenna, Josh and Zac for sharing this to everyone, for letting us see your statement. Stay strong, there are still people who are supporting you :)

    Have an awesome Christmas, and holidays! <3

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  54. peannatz, who would you believe, Kerrang or Josh's wife?

  55. Jenna, can you tell everyone that it's not a fake? Or in case it is, can you tell us it is?!

  56. Are your husband KIDDING ME?

  57. Before more people say they're not gonna believe it until its posted on Paramore.net I have to ask are you sick in the head? Josh Farro has just confirmed exactly what I've been thinking ever since their first album came out and I read countless interviews with the band where Hayley Williams demanded to be in control. He's not painted her or her family in a nice light so obviously a mysterious representative is going to appear from nowhere and say the blog is fake. It won't be posted on Paramore.net because it shows that it always has been Hayley Williams and the Out Of Focus Boys.

  58. it's more so about Hayley for me because she's the only one who makes an effort to talk to her fans at meet and greets, whereas the farro brothers sign then go to talk to their friends or security.

  59. aAlthough Josh is telling his side and the 'truth' I think this is a real childish thing to do, I think it would have been better for him to release a more mature statement without all the bashing of other members and finally telling the 'truth'.
    This should have been told long before now if he really wanted us to know because now he just looks like a little baby having a paddy and playing the blaming game, giving paramore a bad name and most definately giving Hayley a bad name.
    At least leave the band without having to try and ruin the image of paramore that has taken time to be created for fans.

    That aside I must say, much respect for you Jenna taking all Josh's 'fans' crap over the past year though. Hope you have a happy life together <3 God bless.

  60. @ anonymous
    I don't know what to believe, to be honest... I don't want to say something against jenna.. or her blog... I just want to know what's real and what's not... So, jenna, could you PLEASE say what's true and what's not? it's really confusing!

  61. Josh makes it out like it was the 'Hayley show' but Paramore wouldnt have been as big as they are now if it wasnt for Hayleys fan interaction. The fact that Hayley is easier for fans to get ahold of and get a response from makes her much more appealing and therefore gets much more attention. Had Josh and Zac done this I believe it wouldve been completely different.

  62. Jenna,

    I wish you both all the best and I would like to thank you, from all of us, for supporting him and making him happy. Thank you so much for keeping us posted and taking care of Josh, much more than his former bandmates or fans ever could.

    Send him our love and support. He has people behind him who support him.

    All the best, Jenna. God bless.
    - Michelle from Indonesia. (@letmyheartwin)

  63. Don't think everyone should be taking this as final - not until it has been announced on paramore.net.
    if you do decide to read this and believe it, please read what @Rachel has said in a previous comment, really some food for thought.


  64. @ peanntz its obviously real because she posted earlier saying she will be posting Josh's statement. Magazines are saying its a fake and so are others because they feel it badmouths paramore and want fans to still see paramore as they did before, bascially theyre scared as to what this will do to paramore.
    also .. 'I don't want to say something against jenna.. or her blog' its nothing to do with Jenna anyway its Josh, jenna just posted it because its somewhere where it can be seen as Josh has no blogging space/site.. or doesnt want his to be known

  65. Josh, I can't believe this.
    I support you, I wish you the best, I love your musical talent and Zac's drumming skills amaze me, but I'm just angry that you would post a blog that so undermines Hayley. 'We fought her about how her lyrics misrepresented our band and what we stood for, but in the end she got her way. Instead of fighting her any longer, we decided to just roll over and let it go.'
    Could you make her sound anymore like a bitch? I guess you didn't think about how hurtful hearing you say things like that about members of the band you've stuck with for 7 years would be for your loyal fans. Well, now you know. It just feels like you blamed Hayley for everything, when you said yourself it was the label and her family, not her.
    'Her dad would constantly threaten to “pull the plug” on the whole band if we complained about anything, suggesting that we were hired guns and Hayley was the real artist, when in reality we were also part of the band. We’ve always been treated as less important than Hayley. It’s been obvious how her family views things.'

    Fair enough you putting your point across, but painting Hayley out to be a selfish, bossy, self-centred person isn't the right way to go about fans respecting your decision.
    It makes me wonder if you ever cared about all that was Paramore, your loyal fans, best friends, making music, pursuing your faith, all of that has now gone.

    I wish you the best in your next project, along with Zac, and I guess...thanks for making music for me to enjoy. Just please, end it on a good note overall, don't slag off band members, it's upsetting.

  66. hahaha.. sorry for you jenna.. how UNFORTUNATE for you to have such a HYPOCRITE husband..

    handsome but EMPTY MINDED.. er.. if he could lie all this to his fans and keep it for 7years, don't you think he couldn't lie that he loves you? =.= his life full of LIES! haha.. fans were FOOLED by JOSH FARRO and so did i! :-S

    critics hayley to get the attention? how IMMATURE.. :|

    honestly, by me!

  67. @anonymous
    I meant that I didn't want to say this whole blog is a fake or that Jenna tells lies...
    I know that it's about Josh and Jenna posts it because he's her husband...
    I have to say I'm somehow scared right now... I thought they ( hayley, jeremy, taylor and josh, zac) might stay friends... if it's really true... that won't happen.. I hope it's somehow fake.. just as I hoped the ANNOUNCEMENT was a fake -.-

  68. I really do think this is true? have you watched their final riot dvd? They said something about almost breaking up and other things that you can link on this blog.

  69. "Anonymous said...
    there are things in this i KNOW are contradicting what josh and zac have said themselves.even silly things are wrong in this for instance,josh said himself they started in his and jeremys house NOT taylors"
    help me! I'm extremely confused!

  70. Well at this point in time i have no idea on what to believe. But I do think that Paramore might be a manufactured band, I mean there a loads of talented musicians who are just shoved together in order for a record label to make money out of them. I disagree however over how Josh is making out the band is all about Hayley... I do get it how lead singers are mostly recognized by the public, but as a fan of Paramore for 4 years i have loved all the band members equally and always will!
    I do agree with what some people had said about Josh&Zac being in paramore for 7 years... well i think they did enjoy most of it. I know this says nothing but when you do look at videos recorded off them just talking naturally you can see that they're happy. I understand that there would of been some conflict, living on the road can be hard, but there was no need for Josh to write such bad things about Hayley especially to the fans. I get he was angered over Hayley making that post, and to me it sounded quit bratty of Hayley, but there was completely no need.
    When i first heard that Josh&Zac were leaving i was angry with them, paramore are my favourite band and it just won't be the same with them, but now i know that being in a band can be tough.

    To Josh and Jenna i hope you have an awesome marriage with amazing luck in your future, and don't let these negative comments bring you down kay?

    To Zac have the best of luck man, you are an AMAZING drummer. :)

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Kerrang and Rock Sound are saying the post is fake, all the fans have suddenly gone "oh thank god!"
    I still believe it's real and it'd be really awesome if that could be proved. :)

  73. Então, Jenna, eu teria achado melhor, se o Josh tivesse calado a boca. Mas, acho que ele não foi capaz de fazer isso. E os fãs do PARAMORE ficaram com raiva dele.

  74. VOOOOO.... FALA EM PORTUGUÊS MESMO, FODA-SE. enfim, seria melhor se ele tivesse caldo a boca mesmoou enfiado essas ótimas palavrinhas, que só serviram para melhorara ainda mais a minha semana, no orifício circular rugoso dele. Seria bem mais prático. Avisa ele ai, se é que você vai ler isso ou vai partir pra ignorância e deletar, que os fãs não estão mais calmos com isso, e muito menos estão 'felizes' com ele. Enfim, avisa que ele fudeu com tudo, SE É QUE ESSA MERDA NÃO É UM FAKE. PORQUE PARECE QUE CERTAS PESSOAS SE DESGASTAM SE ESCREVEREM SEQUER UMA SÓ PALAVRA NUM POST DE UM BLOG.
    enfim, toca o foda-se que é mais prático.

  75. Folks please, for a start, it's noone's business but the band's, the Farro's, and those surrounding them.

    I like paramore as much as the next person but i'm not gonna go on a tyrade about how Hayley's evil or how the Farro's are douches. Grow up all of you. At the end of the day they're all human beings and noone is seeming to take anyone's feelings into consideration here. If it's true, then okay Hayley and her management have made a fair few wrong choices in the past. If it's not, then some troll has far too much time on their hands.

    At the end of the day, the poster said himself "The intention of this statement was not to belittle or disgrace the rest of the band." That's the proper Christian way to do things. They're not trying to hurt anyone, just getting their own feelings and opinion across. Slagging off anyone is not the way to go about it.
    End things on a positive note. God has a plan for everyone, there are always better things on the horizon.

    I'll miss the Paramore group as they were previous to this, but if this is what was going on behind the scenes, then they're better off apart.

  76. Why is everyone actually believing this crap when ALL of the magazines are saying that it's true!? And why would Josh make a blog account to post that one thing when he still has access to Paramore.net?

    This is pathetic. I refuse to believe what was written. (@doomsdayheather)

  77. Oh heather aren't you smart. Of course he's not gonna post on paramore.net, they'd just delete it. And of course the magazines are gonna say the post is crap they don't want to shine bad light onto paramore. Paramore are a massive money maker. They can't do anything to jeopardise that now can they :')

  78. I'm so GLAD that Josh has left the band
    You're a spectacular woman. You DON'T deserve the insults from anyone. Thanks for making happy Josh.

    God Bless You :)

  79. I am a Paramore fan...a true 1!
    That doesn't mean that I won't follow and support 100% both the Farro bros. Besides, if they are happy I will be happy 2!
    I want you to tell to Josh and Zac that I will stop loving them the moment I will close my eyes 4 ever!

    You know, I will miss them being in the band. Because each of them made the band special.
    I am sure that Hayles, Jerm and Tay will find an amazing guitarist and drummer...but I am sure that Josh and Zac are IRREPLACEABLE!
    take care...and I hope Josh gets better.
    -lots of love and kisses

  80. @ heather. I can't believe it either but... jenna is his wife! she should know best-.-

  81. Look at this: http://www.kerrang.com/blog/2010/12/ex-paramore_guitarists_blog_is.html

  82. http://www.facebook.com/notes/josh-farro/explanation/132790453447107

    Apparently this is Josh's personal facebook. It's posted there too.

  83. They've got a point about Hayley though. Everything 'Paramore' in the media is Hayley, the interviews, the Kerrang posters the lot. It's not just this band though, Kerrang especially do this with Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil, you never hear or see anything about the other members, including Andrea the other vocalist. Even with Bleeding Through, the keyboardist Marta got more attention than Brandon the vocalist or Ryan, Jona when he was in it, Brian or Dave. The media and record label are to blame mostly.

  84. @ anonymous apparently this is one in a million of "josh's personal facebook"

  85. right this team hayley team farro shit has to stop cause paramore wouldent be who they are without the farro bros and hayley. what i want to know is whos replacing them why did hayley lie? why has this just happend now? why cant hayley and and the farro bros sort out their problams and not just bottle them up?

  86. is just too hard to believe this...


  88. wait on josh's "facebook" it says it was posted wednesday. This is all very confusing, If its true then danm, If its not idk..

  89. Jenna and Josh Farro- (and Zac, if he ever reads this.)
    Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to Jenna. Thank you for being strong and being there for Josh during these tough times. Thank you for caring about us fans, despite the fact that you weren't in Paramore. It means the world to me to think that you care. Don't ever believe things that mean and ignorant people say to you. We are all hurting about the whole situation, and a whole lot of people try to blame their pain on somebody else to make them feel better. You are not a whore, nor a bitch, or anything else people call you. You're wonderful and amazing and beautiful. Thank you again! I hope you and Josh have a wonderful marriage and that you two find happiness through the direction your lives take you.

    Josh, thank you for posting this. Thank you for being apart of Paramore for the time that you were. Thank you for telling us the truth. Thank you for being there for every Paramore fan out there. Whether you know it or not, you've helped me, personally, through a ton of tough times. Thank you. You inspire me every single day of my life. I do not, and will not ever, blame you for any of this. Don't let the name-callers and blame-shifters bother you at all. It's not worth your trouble. You are the most amazing guitarist in the whole universe. You've accomplished so many things in your life that somebody like me could only hope to accomplish. You have restored my faith in Christ, when I've been going through dark times in my life. I will pray every night and day that you find what you're looking for in life. I honestly really do love you. (You're a lot like the older brother I wish I had.)

    Zac, thank you so much for just being you. Zac Farro: the best drummer that has ever (and will ever) existed. I heard your new project, Tunnels, by the way. It's amazing! Thank you for being in Paramore as long as you were and blessing us with your music. You are so, so talented. Thank you for being honest and for following God's will for you. It probably takes a whole lot of guts to do something like this. I just want you to know that I'll never blame you for anything, and any person in their right mind won't blame you, either. You rock (literally)! I hope and will pray every day that you find something that you love to do in life. I thank you for inspiring me to be myself and to not be afraid of what anybody thinks. I love you so much, as creepy as that sounds. I wish you and Josh could be my brothers.

    Thanks for reading! God bless you and everything you do!

    Felicity Martin

  90. Jenna, thank you so much for posting this. I can finally move on now that I know their side of the story. I've never felt so conflicted in my life, and Paramore will never be the same for me again. I wish you, Josh, and Zac the best of luck, and hope you find happiness wherever you go. We will love you guys always.

  91. Jenna,
    thank you so much for getting this statement out there and heard.
    I am so proud of Josh for writing this. You can really tell his true views and feelings have finally been able to come out after all these years. I'm so glad he has finally had the freedom to speak out and tell everyone his side of the story and given us REAL reasons & explanations for their departure, which is something us fans have hardly been given, under all of the rumors etc.

    We met Josh many times on the UK tour last month, we went to the talk he did whilst he was over here and we are so grateful for him being able to tell us his story about his life and the band & HIS thoughts and opinions, it was a true insight into his life and we are so thankful that he shared it with us. We went to most of the shows on the last UK tour and we always stood in front of him at the barricade. He was always our favorite member and we wanted him to KNOW this. We really appreciated everything he put into this band and he will be truly missed.

    He wrote Sarah, Danielle and I a personal letter on our last night in Manchester, saying Thank You to us for our support, and it meant the world to us. (We were the Where's Waldo's on stage that night if he cannot remember!)

    We just want him to know that he will be truly missed and we are fully supportive in his decisions. The way he talked about you during his talk was so sweet! I hope you enjoy the rest of married life together, you are definitely perfect for each other and deserve to be the happiest!

    This is probably the closest I'll get to say thank you to Josh for all that he has done, I hope you can pass on the message :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, you both deserve the best!


  92. I have been shocked since the first day I knew The Farro Brothers left Paramore.

    But now, I all accept it in.

    All I want to say to Josh is thank you for the great music and your great contribution to Paramore. Paramore is never PARAMORE without you. And your brother.

    Time Heals all wounds so I hope Paramore and you Farro brothers would settle this out in the future.

    As for Jenna, I admire you so much now ! You are there for Josh all the time! Have a great and happy married life.

    PS: Josh, I know you are married. And yeah, love your wife as much as you can. But I still love you.!!!

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Allyssa Dizon from the Philippines

  93. Everyone needs to stop posting rude comments on Jenna's blog. She does not deserve to hear any of the nasty things that have been said here.

    I've been a paramore supporter from the beginning, so I really do feel for everyone in this situation, each member of the band and especially fellow fans. We're all really upset to see what's been taking place in these last few days.

    Josh and Zac, you truly will be missed. Although you may have felt under appreciated by your management/label, you were highly thought of by many fans. The music of paramore won't ever be the same.

    God Bless

  94. Jenna, You are very strong. Don't listen to these people who call you names or say how Josh does not love you.
    Well people make me mad because they are saying Hayley is not like that, when really do any of you know her like they knew her......just saying

  95. I'm writing out a msg here to the Farros, as I think it's highly likely they will come round to reading this.

    Thank you for the music, for the joy and enjoyment they brought. They were awesome. Coming from a fellow Christian, I too felt they was some things off about the Brand New Eyes songs. Especially words used like God and judge. And the music videos too. I also felt it funny, as I knew many of the members were strong Christians and all.

    You HAVE to continue doing music, Josh & Zac. All those years in the band must mean something. Pray, and see where God's hands lead you. Karma does work, but pray for forgiveness and grace. And blessings :)

    You gotta give credit to Hayley too? For sticking out with the band all these years. Some part of her must have really loved the music and the band. I feel in my heart, when I saw her perform once early this year in Singapore. You can read my Paramore adventure here: http://mizcowellsg.blogspot.com/2010/03/paramore-adventure-day-2.html

    I think...sometimes if you believe in something so strongly, you have to fight harder. You can't back down. Don't tell me after so many years, all those record label people could still mess with your minds? There WAS good in Paramore. You and I both know that. Maybe, a break, to take time out, figure things out, is good for you guys, for now. Pray to see where this leads. The major label reps are probably scrambling to see how they could work things out with you guys, and the next move would be yours, and for us fans to wait for. Whatever your decision, know that your fans will still respect and support you two. But remember, do things prudently and with a purpose. With prayer and reason, and not emotion.

    Just giving my two cents' worth alright.

    -From Uni a fan from Singapore

  96. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. now I have another perspective. God bless Jenna, Josh & Zac, thanks for everything.

  97. Team Hayley? Team Farro?
    grow up!

    don't star a fight in Jenna's blog!!
    oh God!

  98. Jenna, this should be a relief for you, too: maybe now those lame "fans" will stop blaming you for Josh leaving.

  99. If you guys were feeling all of that why in all the interviews look very happy, spoke about wonders? Why in the making of Brand New Eyes you looked so pleased? You were being hypocritical.

  100. I understand this is huge news and all but it was a few days ago now, so why are there still arguments going on? It's not like it was a sudden decision nor is it like they have left Paramore in a hole with no way out. Sure there's a few things in the blog that may be a bit unfair but hey 6 years of keeping it quiet must take it's toll. Josh and Zac deserve praise for what they have achieved and how far they have come. They deserve a break. I have looked up to Josh since I started listening to Paramore and regardless of this blog, I respect him the same and I'm not gonna think differently of him because of it, nor am I Zac. Good luck in the future guys whether it be inside or outside the music industry you'll see in time that no Paramore fan will ever hate you, they are just on the defensive to stick up for the band, they'll always love you really

  101. don't believe in anything till I see it at paramore.net
    but seriously? if this is true, zac and josh would already left the band.

  102. This statement by no means makes one or the other wrong or right; because let's be honest here, who are we to judge who's wrong or who's right? We're humans after all, we make mistakes.

    It's just a statement to tell people their side of the story, because every story in life has multiple points of views. So lay easy on them, on everyone involved really.

    And let's just focus on what matters now. The fact that the band and the brothers can continue in their own preferred directions and continue to do what makes them happy in life.

    And before you make a mean comment on anyone involved in their situation, try putting yourselves in their shoes. Would you want yourself to get the negative/derogative comments they've been getting? I bet not.

  103. I do think that most of this is true. HOWEVER! I do think that Josh is exaggerating. Like, alot. If he hated it that much, WHY NOT LEAVE?!?!

    Seeing as the comments on Paramore.net wished Josh + Zac well, they could've at least said something nice in return. And mentioned something about the fans. That seems a bit off to me.

  104. I assure you that my blog and joshs blog are real. I'm not sure how I'd prove that? Clearly my blog is real by reading my stories and personal photos that are posted. So, why would I post a fake link to
    Joshs blog?
    Furthermore, you wanted an explanation from Josh. Stop complaining about it. You don't have to take sides. It is what it is. The music doesn't change, and that's what fans are her for, right?

  105. A band not is judged by people who are in it,, but by their labor. is what I always say, if paramore continue to do good songs like these, I remain a fan .. I do not care with what they do.

  106. Agreed with Jenna. I personally think this post needs to die now, it's getting out of hand. We've heard paramore's side, we've heard Josh's side, just give it a rest. They're all humans and tbh we don't know any of them personally. Just leave them to it.

  107. to be honest, i am heart broken. but i will always look up to you and respect you, and you need to know that no matter what, you will always have support behind you. thank you for this.

    "somehow everything's gonna fall, right in to place"

  108. his post hurts me more than the two of them actually leaving the band. it just ruins everything for us, the past years, everything. as much as I understand that he wanted to get this out I wished he would have kept it to himself. I wished he'd just said that it became too much for him and that the band isn't taking the direction he wanted. I get that he's hurt but it wasn't necessary to make Hayley look bad. is that all he wanted? of course she was going to be the center of attention. she is the singer for God's sake. was everyone talking about Krist Novoselic when Nirvana got big? I don't think so. become the singer of your next band and everything is going to be about you. what do you want? ruin it for the rest of Paramore? I don't think this post was a smart move. anyway, I hope it doesn't go more downhill from here.

  109. UPDATE: 11:56 a.m.
    Our research has confirmed that the blog post is legitimate and was written by Josh and Zac Farro.


  110. such bull. If your husband hated her this much why did he date her for 3 years. Not trying to be rude but just honest.

    I'm sure my comment will get deleted so that you only have positive ones but just wanted to say that.



  113. Delete this Fake account now!!!!!

  114. Jenna , you're really strong and you still stay strong for josh <§
    Don't look at these brainless hate-mails

    God bless♥

  115. Claire said...

    Okay! Okay!
    I need to confess!
    This all is a game I made! I really feel guilty and I'm sorry: (
    I create a blog using the name of Josh's wife. I would not think that this will make things this bad!
    the blog is all fake, I got pictures of Jenna from her own friend (I'm not going to tell what's his name) I apologize profusely.
    and one more, I want to emphasize that Josh was a fake blogs as well, the blog made by my friend.
    My friend still has not confirmed a blog that he made, but surely it will tell you all.
    Once again I say sorry all!
    and btw I already delete my account but that account can be deleted for the next 24 hours

  116. Jenna,
    I am so sorry for all the negative feedback that you and Josh have been receiving. Nobody likes hearing things that turn their world over, but that's no excuse.
    Thanks to you both for standing up for something in this world that doesn't seem to know how to do that anymore. As a lead singer in a Christian rock band, it bothers me that people could be so disrespectful to any member of the band. Everyone contributes a part, without which the project/band as a whole would be entirely different. Thank you for being a great supporter to him, and thank him for encouragement to stand up for God in a confused world. It will change things he may never even know about.
    My prayers are with you both through this transition in life!
    <3 Sarah
    Proverbs 4:23

  117. Jenna, thanks for this! I ALWAYS wanted the true!
    i like paramore since 2006! and i understand Josh. i like Hayley, she is a very good singer and has a great perfomance on the stage, but a lot of people just see her.and i hate this..well, that happens with a lot of bands, everybody just see the vocalist, but when I started to like this band, was different! different because of Josh and Zac.. i never see two brothers with such talented and so young! and its kind sad, because I probaly saw every paramore's video. and they always seems to be great friends and very happy. i hope Josh keep doing music and you be happy with him. he is such a nice guy. but well, i'm sad, because i live in são paulo, brazil and i bought my ticket for their show and i wanted to josh again! God bless you both! sorry for the bad english..

  118. I've never been in love with a band. But then Paramore came into my life and changed everything that I knew about music. For the past year Paramore has been my obsession. From listening to every song they ever sang (including demos and covers), to even watching every interview and performance on Youtube... I've been obsessed with Paramore. The music they've produced will forever be in my heart. Thank you for that!

    When I heard that Josh and Zac left the band a few days ago, I couldn't believe it. I thought the band was doing so well. Hayley had left us under the impression that Brand New Eyes practically saved the band, so I was confused. Then the statement was released on Paramore.net. Honestly, I don't think it cleared anything up. It seemed to be written mostly by Hayley and was short and didn't explain EXACTLY why Josh and Zac left. So, not only was I confused but sad and angry as well.

    Then, this comes out and it's like I've finally seen the sun. After spending the whole night watching old Youtube videos and performances, it seems like Hayley always got this spotlight. The press was always talking to HER, wanting to know what SHE thought; it seemed as if everything was about Hayley. Well, what about the others? Personally, Hayley isn't everything. There's other people who make the music, too.

    My eyes have just been opened, and I'm glad they were. I'll always admire Paramore as being the band that showed me music, but I no longer have any respect for Hayley Williams. I doubt that I will even be keeping up with all the new Paramore stuff. Paramore won't be PARAMORE with neither Josh nor Zac.

    I wish the best of luck to both of you, Josh and Zac. You both have so much talent. I would just like you both to know that any new projects you take on, I'll be right there as a fan. Whatever it is.

    Thank you so much for all that you've done for Paramore. And thank you for this statement. It's really opened my eyes to what I've been missing.


  119. dear josh
    is good to know both statements, and despite the fact that I love hayley, I believe in you so I saw that I was all about hayley ... I hope you find a good road with your other band ... I confess I would have liked to continue in paramore but it does not matter ...
    I wish you the best of luck from Colombia

  120. "Anonymous said...

    Claire said...

    Okay! Okay!
    I need to confess!
    This all is a game I made! I really feel guilty and I'm sorry: (
    I create a blog using the name of Josh's wife. I would not think that this will make things this bad!
    the blog is all fake, I got pictures of Jenna from her own friend (I'm not going to tell what's his name) I apologize profusely.
    and one more, I want to emphasize that Josh was a fake blogs as well, the blog made by my friend.
    My friend still has not confirmed a blog that he made, but surely it will tell you all.
    Once again I say sorry all!
    and btw I already delete my account but that account can be deleted for the next 24 hours"

    I said nothing of the sort anon. Get a life.

  121. I don't know why everyone's yelling at you, Jenna. You're just passing on information to us, as no one from Paramore/management has the guts to speak up yet.

    The people that believe this blog is a fake, well. If it was fake, someone obviously has too much time on their hands.

    I wish you both (and the new kitten!) a Merry Christmas, don't let any of this ruin this holiday period for you.

  122. @Rachel Christianity is a life.. not a religion. A true Christian is someone who has a personal relationship with God, not someone who follows Catholicism, or the Baptist church, or any other denomination.

    Just so you know.

  123. "Anonymous said...

    @Rachel Christianity is a life.. not a religion. A true Christian is someone who has a personal relationship with God, not someone who follows Catholicism, or the Baptist church, or any other denomination.

    Just so you know.
    December 22, 2010 1:37 PM"


  124. Wish the two of you the best of life. :)

  125. Thx Josh and Zack for posting, and jenna for sharing. Always wanted to hear your version, cuz all we knew about paramore always came from Hayley's eyes: her lyrics, interviews, twits, etc. I really understand you and the reason why you left and now I do it even more. Cuz it kind of surprised me and made suspect the way they reacted to your leaving, they didn't seem to care. Why they didn't allow us to hear the truth from you or just post a statment on your own webside? Cuz you've been and YOU STILL ARE PARAMORE! All I can say is that you don't have any idea how happy you made people with your music, your lyrics, your guitar, your drums, how did you inspire kids with your talent and passion. That's the beauty of the music! And I hope you dont let it go!
    Thank you again for speaking the truth. I think there is more than one kid out there that needs to open their eyes and stop idealizing people who are just humans and make mistakes.
    I wish I could see you guys live but I guess I was asking for too much. Hope to hear soon about new projects. Love and respect from Barcelona.

  126. so you're sayin this all true ??
    why this would happen to ex or paramore member ??
    they shouldn't do this ..

  127. Josh, all I want to know now is if you were ever happy with Hayley or Paramore?
    Because I don't want the music from the band I once loved to be all negative.
    I really want you to be honest like you were with this blog.
    I appreciate you so much for sharing the truth with us fans. Who still love, respect and support you.
    Don't stop sharing your talents and honesty with us.
    We appreciate it more than you could ever understand.

  128. i just don't understand why taylor would stay if this was all true and also why zac and josh would stay for seven years if this was true. if its true then i makes josh and zac look bad for staying and going along with the "lie" about how they're band started and everything. also he's trying to blame hayley but she was young and that's his excuse for staying with it because he didn't know better. he's trying to make hayley look bad and that's not very christian like for someone who wants to act all high and mighty. i don't blame you guys for leaving but you could have gone out with grace. have a good life.

  129. I'm really glad that Josh chose to speak out about this. I do not believe that it is egocentric at all. It's really great to hear a perspective other than Hayley's regarding Paramore.

    Even though I do not personally know the band, I feel as though Hayley has changed over time. She is not the same girl as when the band started, which is very disappointing.

    I wish Josh & Zac the best of everything in life. They are very talented musicians and I am sure they will continue to impress in the future.

  130. i just wanna say: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! josh and zac for bring us the good music you make and for inspire me to believe in my dreams.

  131. I certainly liked that Josh so sensibly treated post, but tell everyone what happened in the group several years ago while still so insulting Haley. I did not like it. why this year, rather than a few years ago when you were not so popular, once you are almost at the outset did not like?
    Jenna and Josh good luck and happiness to you in family life.

    With love fan from Russia, Dasha

  132. sorry to mistake out with a translator named Hayley.

    fan from Russia, Dasha

  133. The true is you guys had been "friends" for a While and from a Huge Fan like me that even had travelled overseas to watch you guys play is so sad to read this I think they are all talented people deserve the best but for sure, they do need to talk and stop this comments.... everything is so unreal, hard to believe from both sides... even more after being at Orlando last show and everything "look" so great



    some brazilian copied the video and uploaded with captions!:D

    im sad because of all whats happening... im in both sides of the fence!
    but just hoping the better for everyone! kisses :) :*

  135. i find it awful you guys have gone through all of this rubbish because josh and zac has left the band.
    Personally i respect their decision and i hope you are all happy in the future
    much love!

  136. Jenna: Iam sorry if any of the statements made you feel angry, sad or upset. Don't Pay attention to people who's just being hurtful...

    Thanks for passing the word on Josh's statement.

    People: It is hard to read what Josh had to say, but there is no need to be hurtful or rude to Jenna, Josh, or anybody just because you don't like what you read... Just take it, think about Zac and Josh's side of the story, and make your conclusions

  137. Dearest Jenna.

    I'm awfully sorry to say this but.. GO JUMP IN A HOLE!!

    i really think that if you weren't on the scene that there wouldnt be any of this shit going on between Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor and the Farros. Yes they might be still together too.

    Your an evil conniving bitch. Why do you even have a blog? You're not even bloody famous. Why write a "statement" when your not even in Paramore?

    Also, may i add... it's obvious you don't like Hayley since her and Josh have a past and you're scared that she'll steal him back off you. #TeamHayley kthanks. But yes, you dislike her yet you followed her first on twitter, even before your own brother-in-law... Shame she doesn't follow you back isnt it? :/ BURN!

    As well, if you dye your hair: red, blonde, orange, pink or anything like Hayley's... i shall come to your house and gorge out your eyes with a pencil soaked in acid.



  138. Josh thank you for letting us hear your side!! And thank for the most seven best years of my life!! Don't listen to all these stupid comment's because i always thought of paramore as a band not all about Hayley!! I'm going to miss the both of you alot!! I hope you, your wife, and your bother Zac a happy life!!!
    P.S. "Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity."

  139. I have just one question for josh: why did he have to go about it the way he did? if they knew months ago that they wanted to leave, why didnt they announce it then? i would have definitly gone to a show if i knew it was going to be the last opportunity i would ever have to see all of paramore. was he afraid to say that in such a public place? or was he afraid to post that on parmore.net, where hayley visits frequenly and would see that? i think it was very selfish of him to talk about hayley in such a manner, he has seriously confused almost all of paramore's fans. was he too greedy, wanting attention he didnt get? if it was attention he wanted he should have done more things with the fans. i have noticed his absence at many events and it just doesnt make sense. was he jealous? selfishness and greed are going to ruin the world.

  140. You people are hilarious. No one cares about this band but their corporate investors and the manipulated pubescent public.

  141. #teamjoshandjenna :)

    i know its love when I see the way josh looking u in the eye. . :)

  142. I know I don't know you, and all

    Just want to say, That I am encouraged by the decision Josh and Zac made. I've been to their concert when they came by, and I know I never met them but somehow I've felt that there was a division between the band, and that division was that Hayley seemed to be fame hungry, and Josh and Zac's heart were longing to be giving God glory instead.
    I guess it's the Holy spirit.

    Their decision is one not many in fact, few have made. MAy they press on and finish the race as well.God Bless them!



  143. I was upset and confused when I first heard the news, but after reading that I fully support Josh and Zacs decision to leave. People, just focus on the amazing music, and the impact they made on the band when they were a part of it ♥