Monday, December 20, 2010

the jungle book- Bagheera!!!!!!!!!


  1. love it!!

    by the way... somthg totally random! everytime i watch a new glee's episode i think "this girl Quinn looks like Jenna :S" hahaha just saying!
    u both rock!!!

  2. This movie reminds me of the good times.

  3. My favorite movie when I was a kid! :D

  4. This brings back so many memories!

    And what a cute name to have for your cat! Judging from the pictures you posted, it fits him perfectly!

    sorry i dont wanna be rude or anything, but I'm a huge fan of josh (although i dont like the name 'fan') i admire his skills with guitars, and he seems like a really great person. I would love if you passed this on ): and I do support him and zac in their decisions. whatever makes them happy! :) i'm so glad I got to see them in sweden june 20th before the "break-up". he didnt smile very often or looked particularly happy, but ONCE he looked up at the crowd, and it felt like he looked at me :O but i may have imaginaried that... lol!! and he smiled. that made my whole summer, and still, it makes me so happy. in the end, he threw his guitar pic to me. but becuz of the air it didnt reach, so I was sad. but still. please pass this on to him.. I dont know if he knows how much his fans appreciate him.. anyway.
    best of luck to BOTH of you :)
    /A.S from sweden

    would love if you could write in the end of a blog that u told him.. and if he answered lol. my b-day is on friday (yeaa 24-th i know.. i'm unlucky hah) but it would make my day :'))

  6. AH! I'm obsessed with your bengal kittenness. make a fan page for Bagheera lol
    yal should get a seahorse as well :)


  7. Jenna, I love your blog! I hope you, your husband and new kitten have a lovely Christmas!

    God bless!

    - Amber

  8. Ahahahha, this is the best ever, and of course a childhood favorite movie :) God bless you and your little kitty!