Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Josh and Jenna's favorite place to eat


Joe Natural’s Farm Store & Cafe is in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.  The food they sell and serve is farm grown and locally raised.  Joe's believes " organic, high quality, homemade and hand raised cuisine  is the best way to eat."

Some of my favorites off the menu : the chicken salad sandwich, anything off the RAW foods menu, the red quinoa, and any soup of the day. There are always homemade cakes, pies, and cookies too. Oh, and Joe's infused water (oranges, cucumber, lemons, limes, mint leaves soaking in ice cold water- REFRESHING!)

Josh loves the burgers, chicken salad, the chocolate chip cookies, veggie chips, and aloe water!

Say hi to Paul the owner for us (he'll go by the name Joe  too, haha) if you see a yankee with glasses ! We eat here when we want something healthy and fresh. The prices are a bit high, but good food is like an investment in good health. Currently sipping on some infused water ....

PS- closed on Tuesdays, and only open for lunch!


  1. why thank you for the recommendation! perhaps next time chris and i find ourselves in Leipers Fork. you're too cute. see you in a few weeks i hope!

  2. This reminds me of a place in my town called Adrift. They do pretty much all organic, local foods. Their burgers are amazing...locally raised cattle. They do baked fries with cloves of garlic. So good!