Friday, December 3, 2010


After connecting in Dallas and eating some Red Mango froyo, we landed in Sacramento. Of course the first thing on our mind was dinner. California has much better Thai restaurants than Tennessee, so we opted for that. The Josiah Ronco (friend & guitar tech) joined us in our hotel room from some delicious curry! This morning Josh and I woke up, had a little devo, then of course my thoughts drifted to food again. Zac met up with us and we walked to a trendy sushi joint that wasn't half bad. With hours to kill before lobby call, the three of us decided to take a cab (our driver's name was Sing) to a local mall. shocker! What else is there to do on the road but dinning & shopping? May or may not have purchased some "much needed" wintery items at Urban Outiftters and Forever 21... Hehe. Then we absolutely had to get Coldstone Creamery. Cab back to the hotel, now just waiting for lobby call to the venue. Maybe something super exciting will happen tonight to blog about, doubtful though. Otherwise, be prepared for more about food. On to Seattle tomorrow! Gonna be chillllllly!


  1. i love that you and your husband do a devotional together. is there a devotional book you recomend? i would love to do find one that my husband and i could do before going to bed.

  2. Wow you guys went to ALOT of places in Sac, glad you enjoyed my town.