Friday, December 31, 2010

Lazy J

To any followers,
My apologies for not blogging for a few days! You know how the holidays can get crazy busy. Not to mention having Bagheera is like having a newborn. I'm constantly attending to his kitten needs. I will get some exciting posts going again in the next few days. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. By the way, Happy New Years eve! Got any resolutions? I don't!
Off to eat with a dear friend,Gracie, and check out Nashville's first Forever 21. YEESSSSSS

Ps - pretty pretty please no Paramore related comments on here.
This is a personal blog, and while you're welcome to read and comment, just don't comment about the band! Thanks so much :)


  1. i know what it feels like. i got for christmas a new puppy and is adorable <3 but he needs much attention ahah is like a little baby. hope you have en amazing new year. the best wishes and God bless you Jenna :)

  2. Congrats on the kitten i bet it is super cute

  3. My New Years resolution is to find a husband! haha. Hope you have a great NYE! My plans are to eat Chinese Food and play Mario Tennis.

  4. kittens are a nightmare arent they, i got one just before xmas to keep the one i got last xmas company
    he never stops eating!!!

  5. Happy New Years! Hope you ring in the new year with a bang. I give up on resolutions since I never stick with them lol.

  6. well, my new years reloution is usually to finally see jimmy eat world, but this year it's happening feb. 18th at the cannery ballroom! so stoked! Hope you guys have a great & SAFE NYE! all this crazy TN weather...gotta love it ;)

  7. Nashville doesn't have a Forever 21? What?!!
    The whole of UK, England just got their first ever store!!!
    Have fun!

  8. Jenna, your wedding gown was stunning and you looked beautiful :)
    Your blogs always cheer me up, they're always so exciting and different!

  9. My New Year's resolution is to not have any New Year's resolutions. >< lol

    my family and i had to dogsit my aunties puppy Nori (as in 'seaweed' in Japanese..random i know) and he's definitely a baby. he loved to be carried, and would only eat if you gave him his food from your hand :) he's cute though

    Happy New Years! *sucks that this is the last year we can pop fireworks here in Hawaii* :(

  10. I love your blog Jenna! you should do more blogs about fashion/maybe makeup? you always look great!

  11. My 2011 resolutions doesnt involve earthquakes, or trapped miners. I'd really like to get a Verified acc to follow me or get a tweet from someone famous. I want to get better Marks at highschool, and I'll do my best to concentrate on my future plans. Also I'm receiving an exchange student during spring break and I cant wait :D

  12. Happy new years eve hope you and have a great year!!!!!!!!

  13. awwwhhh Bagheera! i love newborns. and kittens. hahaha. Does he claw?? i bet he does. when i got my kitten Milo, his nails seemed to ALWAYS be intact with my skin...
    New years resolutions....umm, I really want to get more into photography. I also want to learn how to play the that song "Linus and Lucy" from the Charlie Brown Christmas. i know it's weird, but i'm gonna learn how to play it this year!
    Happy New Years to you and the family!
    - Sky

  14. 1.) Update my blog more. When I'm bored, I always think up my entire post, but then I never actually sit down at a computer and do it.
    2.) I will not add extra salt to anything I order. If it comes with it, fine, but no extra. Step toward health?
    3.) Work out at least three times a week. Right, I know that's not going to happen, but it seems appropriate for the list, right??

    Happy holidays to you&fam!

    PS: Could we get more pics of the adorable Bagheera? <3

  15. haapppyyyy nnneeeewwww yeeeaaaarararararar

  16. I don't have new years resolutions, I have new years "goals" instead haha. Bagheera seems so adorable, you MUST post photos soon.

  17. Happy New Year, Jenna♥, hope that you & josh have a great 2011

  18. Your probably wanted josh to quit Paramore. I hate you with a passion.

  19. hey jasmin lol get da fuq out gurrrl

    also maybe you should de sex it because the kitten usually calms down A LOT more
    welp mine did anyway

  20. Im just trying to be more helpful toward people for my resolution. and be time efficient...boring resolutions really!

    I so wish we had a forever 21 over here (Rotorua, New Zealand!!) I dont think we even have one in our country (gasp!)

    xox Stella
    p.s. I dont have any specified accounts. hence me being Anon :)

  21. What's the use of such dumb comments as from Jasmin?
    Jenna didn't do anything.. I'm so tired of hearing/ reading that all the time. Just leave her alone!

    To Jenna:
    I really hope you're not listening to any of those stupid comments, you don't deserve this!
    I really think you're a great person, even if I don't know you, but if you're just nearly as gorgeous, beautiful and nice on the inside as you are on the outside, you have to be an amazing and wonderful person.
    I wish you and Josh all the best for the new year, may God bless you and everything you do! :)
    Sending you some Love from Germany, Alex.

    P.S: Please excuse my bad english. ;)

  22. Oh! Happy New Year!
    Have you photo of Bagheera?

  23. happy new year to you, josh and bagheera:)
    I always compare kittens to babies.. you'll see they are a lot alike... :D

    those people still commenting about paramore are completely dumb... I mean.. this is jennas blog.. not paramores... jenna is only married to an ex-member... so ... shut up if you want to insult jenna...

    best wishes from germany:)

    p.s. is forever 21 and forever 18 the same? we only have a forever 18 here... oO

  24. Enjoy them when they are kittens, as soon as they grow up all they do is sleep!

    ...forever 21? I've heard about it but never seen their stuff. Then again, Im from UK.

    And my resolution is to stop biting my nails.

  25. happy new year and many greetings to bagheera :)

  26. Hi! I hope you and Josh had a great New Year's Eve and your 2011 is off to a fabulous start :)

    My resolutions are :
    - take more pictures
    - start to play guitar again
    - learn how to knit
    - actually keep a journal (not just for the first 15 days of the year, like I always do haha)
    - be a better friend

  27. Wow, Nashville didn't have an F21 before? That surprises me! Then again, I haven't been back to TN since middle school, so what do I know? haha

    I usually don't make resolutions because I know I won't keep them. However, this morning I decided to make a resolution to take more pictures than I did in 2010. I was in an artistic funk for most of last year and I want to break it!

  28. More fashion updates pleaseeeeeee

  29. Hello!
    Happy New Year, God bless you, Josh and your family.
    I missed you post, that well you've got time for that;)
    ow! I want a kitten like yours is so beautiful, it kills me tenderness.
    Well I think that is all my best wishes for this year
    Greetings from Colombia (south america)
    Hugs and blessings, and I hope you post soon

  30. happy 2011! hope 2011 is the best for everyone.

  31. haha is like u're being a mom right now with Bagheera!

    happy new year! hope u and josh have a great 2011!!

    i'm looking forward to ur new post!

  32. Simple - too much life ahead of you both. Happy New Year.

  33. Jenna, I'm sorry for some of the hate mail you get, but don't let it faze you. Look at your beautiful life! Be happy with your husband & the beautiful family you two will make together in the coming future. God bless you! I hope you had a lovely holidays & enjoy forever 21! I warn you, it becomes addicting. (;
    lots of love!

  34. jenna, I wish you, josh and bagheera an excellent 2011, my best wishes to you in this new year.
    and do not listen to some stupid comments that make no sense.
    with love for you, Josh and Bagheera.

    Ps:Please excuse my bad Inglés

  35. I don't even know what forever 21 is, a shop, presumably. New years resolutions: Healthy eating, exercise and run the half marathon (way too unhealthy for the full one!)

  36. You know what your resolution should be?
    Well, seeing as though you probably wanted Josh to quit, and I hate you, I think your resolution should be to stop being a bitch! :'D
    Love, Paramore fan <3

  37. ...and your cat is named Bagheera because?

  38. I think all you anons should shut up and leave Jenna alone. Like she said, this is her PERSONAL blog, and if you don't like her, why are you even reading her blog? Honestly. -.-
    Happy New Year Jenna :DD It's weird that a F21 only just opened in Nashville, we already have 2 in Singapore O.O
    Anyway, wishing you, Josh and Bagheera a great 2011! :)

  39. this comment is paramore related.

  40. Some of you guys are awful!! Seriously why are you so hateful against Jenna??? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HER IN PERSON!!!
    yeah i'm a paramore fan too but i don't act like you!!! Stop saying she's a bitch just cause she's married to Josh!!
    Jenna i wish you,Josh and your family have an amazing 2011!!! :D
    P.S: i totally love Bagheera,he is ADORABLE :D


  41. seriously some people need to jsut get a life and stop being jealous bitches :L you truly are pathetic
    dont even bother listening to them jenna ( youve done a pretty good job of it so far) youre doing a lot better job than i would be with all this hate mail
    honestly i think most paramore fans like you ^ just look at all those comments :)

  42. Happy New Year Jenna! Hope to see some photos of Bagheera soon! <3

  43. My aunt just got me a Forever 21 gift card! <3 I can't live without that store, it's legit like crack!
    I think my resolution is to wake up on time and stop procrastinating.. and maybe party less. Spend more time with God and journal & read my bible more. I just got a new Student Guide NLT version, so maybe I'll understand it more and get more out of it for my daily life.
    Also please pray I wake up for my 8 AMs this semester.. I will hate myself forever if I sleep through them.



    PS... PARAMORE!!!

  45. @ peannutz...forever 21 and forever 18 are not then same thing thats why they have different names. Dumbass.
    Oh And I LOVE PARAMORE <3 !!!!!!!

  46. <----like the cat pick her name is maya :)

    wow did you here what she said this is her blog people wow!!!!

  47. I still can't believe nashville just got a forever 21 i don't know what i'd do with my fashion life if XXI did not exist in my town lol