Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bagheera at 11 weeks

Here are some updated pictures of the little tiger man. He grew so much while we were in Montana. Make him stop!! I am excited to experience him as an adult cat, but this kittenhood is a precious time. I'll miss his eyes being too big for his head, his cry baby meow, and his lack of coordination.
He loves his cat "tree", sitting by the fire, jumping from couch to couch, and his feather sticks. He is a joy!

Napping in my lap. He crashes hard

Pumped about being at the top of his tree

Discovering the windowsill

Leaping for a banana peel. Look at that white belly

Killin' me with them eyes

Being cutesy

He loves the fire. He sits realllll close:/

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  1. SO precious! seeing these pictures has made me want another kitten soo bad haha.
    thanks for sharing. Bagheera is a beautiful cat.
    oh! and the sixth picture, him with those eyes! ahh. i love it.

  2. Obviously you dont have a life or anything better to do if your talking about a cat..hopefully jesus makes josh find someone else I will pray for that.

  3. OMG HE IS SO CUTE!! I adore cats and gosh he has grown so much - it's amazing how quickly they leave the kitty-life behind... Thanks for updating us on your cute kitty!!

  4. whoa,he is sooooo cute! i love cats too., :) i have mine and her name is kring,she's as white as snow with tantalizing blue eyes :) God bless you & josh.,I love the two of you :) <3

  5. OMG! 6th & 7th picture!! *_*
    this makes me want to get rid of my dog and have a kitten!
    hahaha just kidding... I love my dog! but I'd like to have a cat too :)
    thanks for the update!

    ps. tell josh to blog again, please! :)

  6. He's SO cute! Those huge eyes... Awwww...I love them! And he reminds me so much of my cat when she was younger...
    Does he yawn sometimes? I think it looks hilarious when cata yawn...(my cat's mouth always opens extremely wide... And she looks like she herself is surprised about it) :D

  7. Which iPhone app are you using Jenna?
    I wish I wasn't crazy allergic to cats :(

  8. I wondered if you could make a "jenna-post"... something about you... like your favorite movies, favorite music, favorite books, hobbies, do you have a job? if yes.. what is it?, what have you studied at college, a screenshot of your desktop :D and things like that... things about YOU :)

  9. cats are awesome, that person that said you need a life should probably consider the fact that they have nothing better to do than insult people for no reason.. and then go out and get a life themselves

    His eyes are massive, hes gorgeous

  10. kittens are precious. it looks like he's smiling in the first picture.

  11. aww he is so cute :)
    you can just tell from the pictures how much he's grown, just seeing him makes me want a kitten so bad but my parents won't let me :(
    our guinea pigs do the same thing when we give them banana peel haha :D

  12. awww!
    Has he tried climbing curtains yet? :P

  13. Hey Jenna, is real this account @Joshfarro87 ?

  14. hialves: probably yes... look at this

  15. what an adorable kitten!!

  16. What a sweetie!! He's too adorable for his own good <3

  17. He is SO cute!!! Thank you for showing these pictures. It makes me want to have a kitten, now!!! Bagheera is a treasure!

  18. Aaaaaw, he is so cute *-* If I didn't have Nikka, my puppy, I'd adopt a cat right now! That's a good experience for how would you and Josh be as parents, haha! I just imagine children running all over your house and catching Bagheera by his tail!

  19. OH!

  20. Please pray that my cat will be able to walk again. I found him under a car a number of houses away from mine, and was shocked to see he couldn't walk. When we took him to the vet, X-ray showed that his hip is fractured and they suspect that he was beaten. Please pray for my cat and for the individual's soul that was involved in this sick behaviour.