Friday, January 14, 2011


  1. AWW! that's just to cute! (especially if you imagine the cloud speaking with a little child voice :D)

  2. Hey, Jenna!

    So I was driving home a few minutes ago and a song came on my iPod & I instantly thought of you and Josh. Wow, that's a lot of "and"'s. Anyway, after reading your post about y'all's relationship, I thought you might be interested in listening to it. It's country, mind you, but it's worth it.

    The Band Perry -- Walk me Down the Middle

    Kk, later gator.

  3. hey jenna, i see you like a lot of glammy-fashion-DIY stuff so i saw this on tumblr and i think you'd like it, it's called newspaper nails c:

    it's really great, i just tried it. although it works better if you just put on a light/clear nailpolish, wait for it to dry, dip the newspaper in for about 3 seconds, take it out and put it on your nail (with pressure) for about a minute then peel it off.
    after you've finished apply a quick coat of clear nail polish/hardener.

    uum yeah i just thought you'd like it :) plus it looks so damn cool.

  4. Hey
    I love hearing about your life, its quite fascinating, maybe a little more about your life as a teenager? Things you've done in life, things you want to do before a certain age, you favorite things like color, movies etc :)