Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mean cat

Bagheera growls and hisses at his toys sometimes. It's hilarious. He's a feisty one. Dont mess with bengal's toys.

YouTube Video

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  1. hahahaha!! I can't stop laughing!!!
    my dog does this too! it's so weird when you hear him...
    wish I could have a cat... they're too cute!

  2. Bagheera's growing fast too...

  3. hahah too cute! i love cats and their toys.

  4. he's very playful, pretty fun to watch :)
    my kitten's just a lazy little fatty. this is about how much she plays hahaha

  5. All animals are protective of their toys - my dog won't let his doggy friend go near his stuff without a loud growl... They are soo cute - thanks for the video!!

  6. Awwwhhhh my cats the same, she does backflips off the wall i swear... ahaha thanks for the video :)

  7. I think you would like to look at my post "my new rubber boots," I think you would find my rubber boots are cute, haha they look like bagheera:))