Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MTV exclusive article on Josh's new band

Here is the link


  1. that's great news, it made my day :D
    aww that brief video warmed my heart. it's so cool seeing him happy and excited about this new project. he deserves all the best.
    thanks God he didn't lose his passion to make music, i would have missed him soooo bad. with his talent and creativity i'm sure we can expect great things :) he's a true musician. i have so much respect for him ♥

  2. ahhhhhhhh honestly I am so excited for him right now. I've missed Josh so much and I and Im so glad that his back making music again. Its great to hear his voice after so long and know that he isn't gonna put his talent to waste. I have so much respect for him <3
    arrhgggggghh you really don't know how stoked I am right now, can't wait to start hearing some music!!!!
    much love xoxoxoxox <3

  3. Kudos on the name Jenna!!! Can't wait to hear hubby's new stuff!

  4. So the White Stripes broke up today... but at least Josh announced his new band. Fair trade?

  5. I was so sad this day. I have a big problem...
    But this news made me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy.

    If you only knew Jenna. I freaked out in front of the computer. Good luck to both of you. I'm one of Josh's big fans and I have been waiting so long for him to make music again. I'm so excited!

    Hugs and Kisses for you, Josh, and Bagheera

    PS: Please let us know ASAP if they have new songs. This made my day, really.

    - Allyssa. <3

  6. Great News :-)

    Germany is Happy about thaaaaaaaaat :-)


  7. Guys, for updates on Josh's new band, Novel American, follow our twitter page:!/NvlAmericanfans
    Jenna follows it too!
    Thanks a lot :)

  8. I love the name - it has such a deep, sweet sound to it... awesome!!
    Glad to see Josh out there jamming and enjoying his new life with another band - will definitely check them out... Keep giving us updates on them please!!