Friday, May 6, 2011

Gobble gobble

Well ever since Josh went on a turkey hunt with our friend Brandon, things have never been the same. He shot a turkey and two nights later we were cooking it up. It may seem redneck or barbaric to you, but I believe hunting is a lot more humane than the way animals are housed and slaughtered by the food industries nowadays. I am an animal lover, so please spare me the animal rights comments. Anyways, Josh is now addicted to putting on his camo, heading out into the woods, and calling in some gobblers. He was spending hours a day out there. I quickly realized if I wanted to hang out with him I'd just have to participate. Turkey season ends soon, but here's to the next few weeks!

Josh and his first turkey

Camo lovers

I got a litttllleee bored in the woods

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  1. I loved how Ryan called Josh Elmer Fudd for his exploits with the gun! Good on you for joining in - maybe Alma Fudd!

  2. ya'll are so cute. love this. hope you had fun.

  3. haha it's kind of funny how Josh decided to take up hunting turkeys and Hayley has decided to stop eating meat.

  4. I don't think you should get any animal rights comments. There's a difference between shooting something you eat and giving it a quick death, and injuring an animal and leaving it to die slowly. Besides, these turkeys probably lived a happy life and now can be delicious, healthy, chemical-free food. I wouldn't really be comfortable with eating something I killed, but then again, there isn't much difference between a turkey and a fish. Happy turkey season!

  5. I don't think you can call yourself a true animal lover if you kill animals.. that's like saying you love children but have no problem killing them. Aren't all of god's creations worth equally as much?

    No, hate, just thought i'd say...
    I have a question about your kitty though! do you let him run around freely outside? or do you take him outside and keep him on a leach? since he's bigger than most cats (or he will be some day) couldn't he severely injure them if they got in a fight? i'm just curious.

    (PS i love your hair!)

  6. And the only way to end abuse and murder of millions of animals on factory farms is by not eating meat...

    Animals are my friends-and I don't eat my friends.

  7. "God put animals on this earth as food and gave man dominion over those animals"