Friday, May 6, 2011

He's getting bigger...

Y'all have asked for Bagheera updates, so here you go! He has probably quadrupled in size, especially length. He still talks non-stop. He loves water, hates balloons & will do just about anything for a treat. He loves to be spun around in circles while he sits in a laundry basket. He is also a huge cuddle bunny. Weird, I know! He loves to visit his grandparents house (aka my parents) and play with their massive cat, Kooper.

When he hears a sink running anywhere in the house, he runs to it!

He loves being outdoors, but he hates the fact that I overly supervise him.



Josh, Bagheera, Kooper


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  1. awwh. little guy! getting so BIG!!
    and the other cat, Kooper IS rather large. my cat (Kitty) is faaaaatt. we joke that he needs to go on a diet. haha
    i love that first picture. so odd. hahaha but adorable.

  2. He's so sweet!
    Although I don't envy you when he starts hunting! My cat's terrible for bringing smaller creatures into the house...dead or alive!